The Inexorable Descent into Extreme Consumerism

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the mid to late 18th century with the invention and subsequent widespread utilisation of the steam engine, which enabled the automation of many previously, exclusively manual tasks and facilitated the invention of new labour-saving devices such as the power-loom. Within fifty years the country had changed dramatically. The quiet, serene, rural landscape had been replaced by noise, smoke and pollution and the living and working practices of the masses had changed forever from a relatively healthy, albeit physically-demanding life of fresh air and exercise, tending the fields and livestock, into a life of complete, utter slavery and drudgery in countless mills and factories breathing-in the acrid smoke and filth under the yoke of the new age of the machines.

The lot of the poor, the weak and the working classes has always been one of slavery and exploitation by the wealthy, but by this point in time it was being practiced literally on a global, ‘industrial’ scale, as the Elite spread their new economic culture throughout the world. The formerly rural-based economy was now almost abandoned as the millions of former farmworkers and their long-suffering families descended on the now overcrowded, squalid conurbations into which most rural townships were being transformed, in a desperate attempt to improve their standard of living. People spilled into these new towns and cities from the countryside in search of an escape route from the grinding poverty they had endured on the land only to encounter even worse, utter desperation in the filthy, rat and disease-infested slums in which they were now forced to reside. They were made to work cripplingly long hours in inhuman conditions for starvation-level wages as the new spirit of industrialisation took over the world with its philosophy of raping the world’s natural resources and turning them into consumer goods before discarding them and starting the cycle over again.

The great ‘god’ of ‘economic growth to the detriment of all else’ had arrived, producing and consuming more and more raw materials to manufacture goods, constantly improving them and then discarding their previous, perfectly usable forerunners to make repeat sales, all in the name of boosting the bank balances of those who own the means of production (the Elite) plus of course the Elite-owned banks. The fact that they were destroying the only home we have and/or are ever likely to have in the process is of course of no consequence to these psychopathic people of zero-conscience.

To facilitate these huge technical advances taking place at breath-taking speed, a new religion was born and foisted upon the world, ‘modern science’ or ‘scientism.’ Christianity still held sway, especially in Europe and North America, but its influence was now in almost terminal decline as science began to take-over its mantle. Science was the instigator of the ‘brave new world’ of the machine-age and as the 19th century gave way eventually to the 20th century, the twin gods of science and profit had now taken over much of human consciousness. Indeed science had by now determined that life after death was a complete myth and that everything could be explained by its cold logic, in the process decreeing that we are all a ‘cosmic accident,’ a chance occurrence, the mere product of complex chemical interaction in the primordial soup of the infant Earth. Of course this obviously proved to be a problem for mainstream religion, but it proved to be a greater one for humanity as life then, according to scientism, the new religion, was utterly pointless. One was born, lived in poverty, in abject misery and wage-slavery to one’s masters and then died.   Indeed the lives people were now being forced to endure in the slums and filthy, dangerous, prison-like factories, seemed to bear-out this rationale, which overall was yet another nail in the coffin of the human spirit and spirituality, crushed as it was then and still is now, by the Elite’s relentless drive for profits to the detriment of all else.

In one sense, Christianity was now beginning to ‘reap what it had sown’ in terms of refusing to deviate from all its dogma and contentions that the Bible was one hundred percent the undeniable truth in the precise format that had been decided at Nicaea in 325AD (The Nicene Creed) and brutally enforced in the succeeding centuries by the Roman Catholic Church. The ‘real’ view of creation, life and re-birth had been suppressed for millennia by religious leaders and their predecessors, but now this view was also being suppressed by science too. Religion and science therefore formed a deadly, two-pronged assault on reality, despite the outward illusion of them being each other’s sworn enemies. This indeed, is a classical Hegelian trap – as favoured by the Elite. Provide two alternatives, both of them false, to enable the masses to choose their favourite and then spend the rest of their pointless lives arguing the merits or otherwise of two entirely false premises, whilst the real truth goes by un-noticed or ignored completely.

Religion and science therefore enjoyed a mutual interest which was essential to the survival of both and the suppression of reality. This then ensured that as few people as possible understood the fundamental truths of eternal human consciousness and the reincarnation of the soul into new bodies after each death on its long, long journey to perfection. The widespread realisation of this fact would no doubt end the power of mainstream religion forever as well as precipitate the demise of cold scientific logic, both of which contribute greatly to the Elite’s control system imposed upon the world and by which method it rules over us all with its iron fist in a velvet glove.

The overall result of this ascent of science is the emergence of a different world to that known and understood by our ancient ancestors. This is a world of ‘five sense’ reality, propounded by our masters and their shills and ‘useful idiots’ such as Professor Richard Dawkins, who decrees in effect, that anything that cannot be detected by human senses and/or explained by current scientific knowledge simply does not exist or at best has no value. It has been mooted however by the more free-thinking of those among the scientific community that the five human senses can only detect something like 0.05% of the entire ‘spectrum of reality’ but that does not deter Dawkins and his ilk from publicly ‘rubbishing’ everything that falls outside their narrow little world-view. According to mainstream science, God does not exist because it is not ‘provable’ and spirituality is all a fantasy of the ‘ignorant’ ancients, a primitive superstition. This view is frankly hypocrisy of the highest degree. Science would appear to have no problem accepting and expounding other unproven myths such as the Big Bang theory, the dinosaurs-extinction-by-meteorite-impact theory and the theory of evolution and also ridiculous assumptions about ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ which exist simply to conveniently fill a gap in scientific knowledge and which are all disingenuously taught to our children and students, amongst other myths, as absolute fact with no room for argument or debate. Newtonian and Einstein-ian physics are simply guesses at best and dis-information of the most sinister kind at worst and nothing else.   Additionally, does mainstream science ever actually attempt to use its methods to prove or disprove the existence of the other 99.95% of reality we are unable to detect with our human senses? No and nor will it, ever, as long as science is dominated by the Elite, whose very tenuous position is wholly dependent upon you and I believing their dis-information, lies and distortions. I submit that indeed science as we know it today is simply just another religion, populated, controlled and expounded by ‘believers of the faith’ just like any other.

“This time it is the creed of scientism and the pseudo-religion of the big bang that stands in the way of progress. In truth, we have no real understanding of matter, light, magnetism, gravity, quantum behavior, subatomic particles, stars, galaxies, or… need I go on? Stories of creation and what did and did not happen in the universe over the past 13.7 billion years are crackpot schemes by celebrities of less talent than many in the Natural Philosophy Alliance but of greater prestige. We have too much information and too little real understanding. Many of the things we are taught ‘just ain’t so’. This realization frees the mind to view everything afresh. It is the spark required to rekindle enthusiasm for science and drive progress. There is so much to be discovered.” Wal Thornhill, September 2011.

The Elite themselves know that their five-sense universe is a complete fabrication. The universe, one suspects, is infinite; not merely in terms of the three dimensions plus time, as science tells us, but also in infinite numbers of inter-relating dimensions, pervading all. There is however still a spiritual vacuum which is only now beginning to be filled, as an understanding of who and what we really are begins slowly to emerge in our collective consciousness and the ‘hundredth monkey syndrome’ begins to take effect in earnest.

When ‘scientism’ originally began to emerge as a dominant force and a few members of the profession attempted to challenge some of its dogma, they were ruthlessly ridiculed or simply destroyed, as they still are today. The Elite do not want some inconveniently free-thinking, independent-minded scientist challenging their decreed ‘truths,’ even less them being able to prove them as untrue. Notice the common theme here between the way this system operates and the way of extremist mainstream religion in previous centuries? Organisations such as the Spanish Inquisition existed to root-out and destroy those who were either ‘unbelievers’ or simply propounded a different view, no matter how innocuous and this is also the method of the scientific religion. To succeed in science one must toe the Elite-decreed party line, no independently-minded persons need apply. The way forward has thus been very slow and ponderous as it is obsessed with the purely physical whilst making little or no attempt at exploring the spiritual, the direction wherein most significant, valuable and life-enriching knowledge lies. Science serves the Elite ‘system’ by suppressing true knowledge and imprisoning humanity and not co-incidentally, this is almost exactly the same role fulfilled by religion in past centuries.

Exploitation is the key to all this. Exploitation underpins the whole control system we have in place as our reality today; exploitation of the planet and its resources and also the entire human population outside of the thirteen bloodline families.

This then was also the real reason for the huge expansion of the British Empire from the eighteenth century onwards, to gain control of and suppress the indigenous populations and take control of a country’s natural resources and its peoples with a view to appropriating them for and on behalf of the British Elite families in their pursuit of profits. Britain and other dominant European countries literally stole these resources, turned the inanimate variety into consumables and simply used them and/or sold them back whence they had originated for enormous profits. And as for the animate variety, they were kidnapped and sold into a life of slavery on the other side of the world, to work in the plantations and fledgling factories of the rich. This indeed is exactly what still happens today on a much larger scale and predominantly by the American military-industrial empire, except today’s slaves are now paid starvation wages and forced to feed and clothe themselves on the relative pittances they are paid, instead of their every need being provided by their owners. One could reasonably debate the idea that in many ways 18th and 19th century slaves were better-off than their modern counterparts. This looting of the world’s resources has also had the unfortunate side-effect of destroying weaker, third-world countries’ ability to feed themselves effectively and so they are now utterly dependent on their conquerors’ benevolence in providing them with the resources they need to subsist, obviously at a price.

“I have heard that people are dependent upon us for food. I know that was not supposed to be good news. To me that was good news, because before people can do anything else, they have to eat. And if you are looking for a way to get people to lean on you and to be dependent on you, in terms of their co-operation with you, it seems to me that food dependency would be terrific.”   Former US Senator, Hubert Humphrey.

This policy leads directly to the famines and starvation existing in the world today, compounded by the exploitation of land for the production of cash-crops in ways which destroy soil fertility in the name of maximisation of short-term profit and also by the political and internal strife within these countries, caused by the overthrow of regimes which do not suit the Elite’s geo-political interests. The USA leads the world in this respect today, changing political regimes at will where those in ‘power’ threaten any aspect of the Elite corporations’ ongoing profit streams, often using the excuse of defending democracy by removing unelected ‘dictators’ using its armed forces, who despite outward appearances are nothing more than the mercenaries of those corporations.   Unsurprisingly, these dictators have often been previously installed by the USA in the first place to further its own ends in the past, but have outlived their usefulness to the Elites. This is all disguised and misrepresented of course by the mainstream media at the behest of the rich and powerful families who currently own the Earth.

The speed at which the world has become ‘industrialised’ is absolutely staggering. Only just over one hundred years ago, we were still largely dependent on horse-power for transport and steam engines powered by coal and water were the only machines in existence capable of challenging the horse’s superiority in this regard. Indeed, as a species we progressed from steam-power and horses to jet engines and space-travel in around 60 years. A monumental technological feat that had it been used for the benefit of humanity as a whole instead of a tiny minority, would have led to a world of peace and plenty for all instead of the truly appalling state of affairs we see today.

The last two hundred years have seen us shift from being the servants of Mother Nature to being its masters. We have behaved in the past, and are still today behaving in ways that seriously threaten the very existence of the Earth upon which we depend, whilst over 100,000 people die of starvation each day. Starvation caused directly by Elite profiteering.

Our so-called economic system depends wholly on the fact that we need to consume the Earth’s resources at an ever-increasing rate simply to maintain and increase the profits and margins of the corporations. Economic growth, we are constantly told by the Elite-controlled economists, media pundits and financial analysts, is the only meaningful measure of a strong economy and as such is portrayed forcibly to be inherently desirable despite the fact that it is this very ‘economic growth’ that results in the wholesale destruction of the planet we see today and the constant widening of the gap between those who ‘have’ and those who do not.

“Somehow, we have come to think the whole purpose of the economy is to grow, yet growth is not a goal or purpose. The pursuit of endless growth is suicidal.” David Suzuki

If a country has to produce and consume more and more to effect this growth, then a point is soon reached whereby that cannot be sustained within that country’s own borders. It becomes necessary to sell abroad and export goods and technology and in order to do this effectively, often means converting other cultures and societies to the ethics (and I use the term loosely) of extremist capitalist consumerism. This can only be achieved by making them dependent upon the consumer goods and designer, junk foodstuffs of the originating country, through the use of thoroughly misleading, manipulative and often subliminal advertising. This then in turn has the long-term effect of destroying that country’s self-sufficiency in food and further increasing its dependency upon the imports of the goods and food-types now newly in demand. The need to expand and increase production year on year means that everyone has to compete or die – literally in the case of many third world nations. The obvious exception to this rule being the banking cartels which never lose, whichever way the dice may fall.

We hear much idle talk and empty rhetoric about ‘economic co-operation’ and ‘pulling in the same direction’ in order to cure the ills of the world but the very basis of our corrupt economic system is to turn people against people and country against country as they fight among themselves for the metaphorical crumbs from the banksters’ tables. ‘Every man for himself’, ‘greed is good’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ are the watchwords by which we are all really forced to live in order to survive in this artificially engineered world of utterly brutal, dog-eat-dog competitiveness.

“In order to give the Goyim* no time to think and take note, their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade. Thus, all the nations will be swallowed-up in the pursuit of gain and in the race for it will not take note of their common foe. But, again, in order that freedom may once and for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of the Goyim, we must put industry on a speculative basis; the result of this will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through the hands and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes.” Protocol 4. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

*Hebrew word for ‘cattle’ and a derogatory term for a non-Jew, ie. ‘the masses’.

The impetus for expansion is then promulgated by scientific research into new inventions and improvements of existing technology. Little by little we have been propagandised into the belief that we simply must have the latest technologies, gizmos and gadgets and that it is desirable to be seen as one who wears the most expensive clothing, jewellery and shoes or the person who buys the most expensive cars, watches, perfumes, colognes and visits the world’s most desirable locations – all in the name of expanding the bank accounts and boosting the ‘bottom lines’ of the Elite corporations in catastrophic expense to the quality of our environment. But still, who cares eh? As long as the already filthy-rich continue to get richer and richer by enticing us to give them all our money plus some that we do not even have, to buy things that we do not even want or need and as a result remain in an almost permanent state of poverty and therefore slavery, as a result – that’s OK.

Indeed, shopping and buying things – anything – seems to be a modern-day ‘hobby’. Visit a shopping mall in any town anywhere in the Western world and people-watch for a while to see what I mean. These places are usually thronged with people at all hours of the day and night – buying consumer goods they do not need with money they do not even possess (credit granted by the banksters) and this, more often than not is stuff that we would not miss if we were not ‘sold’ it at every given opportunity by subtly persuasive and invasive marketing and advertising. Most of it anyway is used for a short time only and then when the updated version is released three months hence; it will be thrown away, even though it still more than adequately fulfils the function for which it was originally intended. We are made to feel worthless or like pariahs by both our masters and peers if we do not own the latest and ‘best’ versions of any given technology or possession.

It is exactly the same with clothes. How many suits, dresses, shirts, sweaters and t-shirts does one really need? How many pairs of shoes can one reasonably wear in a week or a month? I would even admit that I have myself on occasions, bought an item of clothing that I never got around to wearing even once, before deciding to dispose of it. Our forebears would probably have had one suit of clothes, perhaps two shirts, two pairs of underwear and socks and one pair of shoes (more likely, boots) to their name, two if they were very lucky and whilst I am not advocating that we return to this opposite extreme, surely there is a happy medium? We do not realise it, but we are being constantly enticed though subtle and subliminal advertising techniques to part with most of the money we earn as soon as it hits our bank accounts and the ongoing damage that this philosophy is wreaking, not only upon the environment, but to our own psychological well-being, beggars belief. The prevailing system ensures that we are given money with one hand, in exchange for our hard labours month on month and then have it taken from us with the other, whilst the Elites take ownership of and control the entire process and reap the vast profits to be had from this circular-process methodology. This is the ‘religion’ of extreme consumerism – criticise it only at your peril – you will very quickly be put in your place by your masters and peers, should you do so!

“An enormous, dictatorial corporate cartel is ruling the world through its proxies in government, banking, academia and media. Our entire Western culture has become an insidious farce with the sole purpose of maintaining the enslaved masses in their conjured up democracies, religions and histories”. Robert Bonomo, 13th October 2011

The car licence/registration system in Britain is one good example of how consumers are subtly enticed to spend money unnecessarily by being peer-pressured into replacing their cars more often than they would under normal circumstances. Within the licence plate number is a code which tells everyone exactly the age of any car, to within 6 months. For example, a car may have a registration mark of RK09ZDP. ‘RK’ is the area code for the town of Reading, so that is the place of registration of the vehicle, ‘ZDP’ is the 3 digit unique identifier consisting of any combination of three letters from AAA to ZZZ and finally, the ‘09’ is the giveaway. This denotes to everyone that the car was first registered between the 1st March 2009 and 31st August 2009, which has given rise to a ‘keeping-up with the Joneses’ mentality amongst British car buyers. When the neighbours suddenly appear with a brand new ‘17’ (the code for March to September 2017) registered car, to many people an ‘09’ car will begin to look a little dated and mark them down as inferior, such is the power of ostentation and peer pressure. Of course this system was lobbyed for and ‘paid’ for by the car manufacturers’ lobbyists, probably in the form of party donations, or even covert bribery, making a mockery of so-called democracy in the process. What other possible reason could there be for devising such a system in the first place?

According to government it is in order that people cannot easily fake the age of their cars when selling them, but that is abject nonsense. To get around this problem is simple – buy a cheap private, dateless plate from pre-1963 or even a dated plate from say the 1980s that is obviously not the year of manufacture of the car and yet in any case, the vehicle’s registration document will tell a potential buyer the age of the car in an instant. One more small example of how governments are dictated to by the mega-corporations at the expense of the people and in this case, the environment.

We are also bombarded with propaganda in the form of advertising, trying to convince us at every opportunity that banks and other large corporations are really quite benevolent entities who are here to serve you, care about the welfare of you and your family and cater for your every need – all at a price, of course. How often do we see TV and billboard ads proclaiming such things as ‘… the bank that cares’ or ‘…let us look after you and your family’, ‘…you deserve only the best…’ or ‘…we are here to help’? All absolute lies and extremely subtle psycho-babble of course, designed to lull you into a false sense of security, convince you of the benevolence of Elite corporations and generally make you believe that the world is a completely different place to the one you know is real, deep-down.

“The more money most people earn, the more they want and expect. In fact, for some it becomes a pathetic, obsessive way of life. Their version of God becomes the accumulation of worthless Federal Reserve notes stuffed in their pocket. Or running up insane balances for credit card junk purchases, for which greedy banks freely extend more and more credit until the person is buried too deep to get out. It proves the old expression – ‘give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves’.”   Ted Twietmeyer, ‘Are People Really Stupid or is it Something Else?’ 2007

But, we always hear the cry… ‘What is the alternative?’ A ridiculous question if ever I heard one, because there are so many alternatives. The reason that this question never gets a sensible, coherent answer, in my opinion is three-fold. This is firstly, because any alternative would probably destroy the current status-quo to the detriment of the Elite powers-that-be and their fat bank accounts. Secondly we are falsely encouraged to believe that no alternative is feasible because of the inherent human traits of greed and selfishness. However, anthropological science has long suggested that unbridled greed is not in fact a universal attribute of humanity, merely a personality blemish – usually applicable only to the psychopaths who freely walk among us and dictate our every movement and thought. And the third reason is, simply because it is the kind of question that is not possible to answer in an instant, succinct sound-bite. It is almost akin to abruptly asking someone in the street or a bar, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ and expecting a precise, scientific and concise assessment of the issue.

The neatest answer to this largely rhetorical question I ever heard was this;

“What’s the alternative to a world in which the few control the many for the benefit of the few? Where billions get up every day to go to some joyless, soulless job that they hate – just to survive? Where every month is a daily challenge to pay the bills and there is no time for living, just survival? Where millions die of hunger in a world of plenty and millions more die in manufactured wars? Where billionaires run a system that makes them ever-richer while staggering numbers of people live on less than a dollar a day? Where people suffer and die from illnesses that could be cured if the means were not suppressed? Where children are conditioned from birth to serve the system that controls them their entire lives?   What’s the alternative to that? I don’t know – you got me.” David Icke, political researcher

Although it does not, strictly speaking, answer the question, it at least illustrates the futility of asking it in the first place whilst also emphasising in what a crazy, upside-down world we all live. The system itself is almost a caricature, a mockery of how things ought to be. It is so utterly self-defeating and unsustainable and only by simply stepping-back a pace or two, ‘outside the box’ as it were, for a moment and observing it critically is it possible to recognise the sheer ludicrousness of it all. Only when we do this is it possible to perceive the fact that we are being fooled on a huge scale. The only reason that this system was propagated in the first place is simply to make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer and to maintain and enhance that status quo at all costs. It is absolutely not the result of an accidental evolution of society or the natural ‘way of things’ as we are led to believe by the liars and charlatans of all forms of the media whenever this philosophy is questioned.

We are subjected to ‘education’, and I use the term loosely, which is little more than outright indoctrination and propaganda designed to perpetuate the system at whatever detriment to people and the environment. The result of this has been to render the masses ignorant of what is really happening to them on a daily basis, thus securing the Elite few, virtually a free run-through to their perverted goals.

In third world countries, where people live on the land and by their wits and have not been subjected to our western ‘education’, we take away their lands and their forests by force and coercion and thus, their culture and way-of-life destroyed, they are then forced to embrace our own insidious consumer-culture and ‘educational’ programmes, perpetuating and extended the corrupt system exponentially. This is just another way that the system devours more and more until eventually there will be nothing left to consume.

With each passing decade, the technology used to further the system becomes ever more efficient and produces more and more ‘things’ with less and less reliance on people. This then has the effect of dramatically increasing unemployment and thus conversely increasing the lust for consumer goods and services. The more that people can be artificially induced to want (desire or even covet), the easier it is to ultimately control them by manipulating the symbols of human success to relate to material possessions. The word ‘want’ in itself is an interesting example of this subtle manipulation. Until around 150 years ago, to ‘want’ something was to lack or be in need of something, whereas now it has been construed to mean that you ‘desire’ something. For example; in 1850, the statement, ‘I want a warm coat’ simply meant that you did not have one. Now it actually means that you strongly desire to possess one. Although the change is subtle, it is I believe highly significant and symptomatic of on-going social engineering.

So, in order to control the masses, the Elite needed to develop a system whereby when people are dissatisfied with their lot, they are induced to seek happiness by buying and owning ‘things’ – anything at all, it does not really matter just so long as the money that the people have been given in wages finds its way back to the Elite’s bank accounts as quickly as possible, usually in exchange for some intrinsically worthless yet over-priced bauble, in order that this cycle can continue.

Below is an excerpt from a book, which succinctly describes the way we are manipulated by the system and despite the fact that it was written over one hundred years ago, is still pertinent to the world of today:

“’Money is the real cause of poverty’, said Owen.

 ‘Prove it’, said Crass.

‘Money is the cause of poverty because it is the device by which those who are too lazy to work are enabled to rob the workers of the fruits of their labours’.

‘Prove it’, repeated Crass.

Owen slowly folded up the piece of newspaper he had been reading and put it into his pocket. ‘All right’, he replied. ‘I’ll show you how the Great Money Trick is worked’.

 Owen opened his dinner basket and took from it two slices of bread but as those were not sufficient, he requested that anyone who had some bread left would give it to him. They gave him several pieces, which he placed in a heap on a clean piece of paper and, having borrowed the pocket knives they used to cut and eat their dinners with, from Harlow, Easton and Philpot, he addressed them as follows;

‘These pieces of bread represent the raw materials which exist naturally in and on the Earth for the use of mankind; they were not made by any human being, but created by the Great Spirit for the benefit and sustenance of all, the same as were the air and the light of the sun.’

‘You’re about as fair-speakin’ a man as I’ve met for some time’, said Harlow, winking at the others.

‘Yes, mate’, said Philpot. ‘Anyone would agree to that much, it’s as clear as mud.’

‘Now’, continued Owen. ‘I am a capitalist; or rather, I represent the landlord and capitalist class. That is to say, all these raw materials belong to me. It does not matter for our present argument how I claimed possession of them, or whether I have any real right to them; the only thing that matters now is the admitted fact that all the raw materials which are necessary for the production of the necessities of life are now the property of the Landlord and Capitalist class. I am that class; all these raw materials belong to me.’

‘Good enough’, agreed Philpot.

‘Now you three represent the Working Class; you have nothing – and for my part, although I have all these raw materials, they are of no use to me – what I need is – the things that can be made out of these raw materials by work; but as I am too lazy to work myself, I have invented the Money Trick to make you work for me. But first I must explain that I possess something beside the raw materials. These three knives represent – all the machinery of production; the factories, tools, railways and so forth, without which the necessaries of life cannot be produced in abundance. And these three coins…’ – taking three halfpennies from his pocket – ‘…represent my Money Capital’. ‘But before we go any further…’, said Owen interrupting himself, ‘…it is most important that you remember that I am not supposed to be merely a capitalist, I represent the whole of the Capitalist Class. You are not supposed to be just three workers – you represent the whole Working Class’.

‘All right, all right’, said Crass, impatiently. ‘We all understand that. Git on with it’.

Owen proceeded to cut up one of the slices of bread into a number of little square blocks. ‘These represent the things which are produced by labour, aided by machinery, from the raw materials. We will suppose that three of these blocks represent a week’s work. We will suppose that a week’s work is worth one pound and we will suppose that each of these halfpennies is a sovereign [a gold coin worth one pound – a significant sum 100 years ago – JH]. We’d be able to do the trick better if I had real sovereigns but I forgot to bring any with me’.

‘I’d lend you some…’ said Philpot regretfully ‘…but I left me purse on our grand pianner’.

As by a strange coincidence, nobody happened to have any gold with them, it was decided to make shift with the halfpennies.

‘Now this is the way the trick works…’

‘Before you goes on with it…’ interrupted Philpot, apprehensively, ‘…don’t you think we’d better ‘ave someone to keep watch at the gate in case a slop [police officer] comes along? We don’t want to get runned-in, you know’.

‘I don’t think there’s any need for that’, replied Owen. ‘There’s only one slop who’d interfere with us for playing this game and that’s police constable Socialism’.

‘Never mind about Socialism…’ said Crass irritably. ‘…git along with the bloody trick’.

Owen now addressed himself to the working classes as represented by Philpot, Harlow and Easton.

‘You say that you are all in need of employment and as I am the kind-hearted Capitalist Class, I am going to invest all my money in various industries, so as to give you Plenty of Work. I shall pay each one of you, one pound per week and a week’s work is that you must all produce three of these square blocks. For doing this work you will each receive your wages; the money will be your own, to do as you like with and the things you produce will of course be mine, to do as I like with. You will each take one of these machines and as soon as you have done your week’s work, you shall have your money’.

The Working Classes accordingly set to work and the Capitalist Class sat down and watched them. As soon as they had finished they passed the nine little blocks to Owen, who placed them on a piece of paper by his side and paid the workers their wages.

‘These blocks represent the necessaries of life. You can’t live without some of these things, but as they belong to me, you’ll have to buy them from me. My price for these blocks is – one pound each.’

As the Working Classes were in need of the necessaries of life and as they could not eat, drink or wear the useless money, they were compelled to agree to the kind Capitalist’s terms. They each bought back and consumed one third of the produce of their labour. The Capitalist Class also devoured two of the square blocks and so the net result of the week’s work was that the kind Capitalist had consumed two pounds worth of the things produced by the labour of others and reckoning the squares at their market value of one pound each, he had more than doubled his capital, for he still possessed the three pounds in money and in addition, four pounds-worth of goods. As for the Working Classes, Philpot, Harlow and Easton, having each consumed the pound’s worth of necessaries they had bought with their wages, they were then in precisely the same condition as when they started work – they had nothing.

This process was repeated several times. For each week’s work the producers were paid their wages. They kept on working and spending all their earnings. The kind-hearted Capitalist consumed twice as much as any one of them and his pile of wealth continually increased. In a little while – reckoning the little squares at their market value of one pound each – he was worth one hundred pounds and the Working Classes were still in the same condition as when they began and were still tearing into their work as though their lives depended upon it.

After a while the rest of the crowd began to laugh and their merriment increased when the kind-hearted Capitalist, just after having sold a pound’s worth of necessaries to each of his workers, suddenly took their tools – the machinery of production – the knives, away from them and informed them that owing to over-production, all his store-houses were now glutted with the necessaries of life, he had decided to close down the works.

‘Well and wot the bloody ‘ell are we to do now?’ demanded Philpot.

‘That’s not my business’, replied the kind-hearted Capitalist. ‘I’ve paid you your wages and provided you with Plenty of Work for a long time. I have no more work for you to do at present. Come round again in a few months and I’ll see what I can do for you’.

‘But what about the necessaries of life?’ demanded Harlow. ‘We must have something to eat’.

‘Of course you must…’, replied the Capitalist affably. ‘…and I shall be pleased to sell you some’.

‘But we ain’t got no bloody money!’

‘Well, you can’t expect me to give you my goods for nothing! You didn’t work for nothing, you know. I paid you for your work and you should have saved something. You should have been thrifty like me. Look how I have got on by being thrifty’.

The unemployed looked blankly at each other, but the rest of the crowd only laughed. And then the unemployed began to abuse the kind-hearted Capitalist, demanding that he should give them some of the necessaries of life that he had piled-up in his warehouses or; to be allowed to work again and produce some more for their own needs; and even threatened to take some of the things by force if he did not comply with their demands. But the kind-hearted Capitalist told them not to be insolent and spoke to them about honesty and said if they were not careful, he would have their faces battered-in for them by the police or if necessary he would call out the military and have them shot down like dogs, the same as he had done before at Featherstone and Belfast.

‘Of course…’, continued the kind-hearted Capitalist, ‘…if it were not for foreign competition I should be able to sell these things that you have made and then I should be able to give you Plenty of Work again, but until I have sold them to somebody or other or used them all myself, you will have to remain idle’.

…Philpot held out his cap for [charitable] subscriptions… and the kind-hearted Capitalist was so affected by the sight of their misery that he gave them one of the Sovereigns he had in his pocket; but as this was no use to them, they immediately returned it to him in exchange for one of the small squares of the necessaries of life, which they divided and greedily devoured. And when they had finished eating, they gathered around the philanthropist and sang, ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’ and afterwards Harlow suggested that they should ask him if he would allow them to elect him to Parliament.”   ‘The Great Money Trick’ from ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’ by Robert Tressell, 1910

It is this very system that leads to those who ‘have’ living in greater and greater opulence whilst those who ‘have not’ are consigned, at best, to being wage-slaves for their entire lives. A small percentage thus benefits from every possession they could possibly ever want or need whilst a rapidly increasing under-class of the permanently deprived, live in tent-villages or even in their cars and in cardboard boxes on the filthy streets of our cities. In America it has recently been reported that of the one million homes currently being repossessed each year, and growing, the banks that now ‘own’ them are literally burning and demolishing tens of thousands of them each month in order to maintain the balance of supply and demand in their favour and thus artificially fix house prices at grossly-inflated levels. Yet another example of how twisted and sick the system has become.

And what is the world’s greatest consumer feeding-frenzy now inflicted upon us by those who enslave us? None other than Christmas, that wonderful festival of love, warmth and family bliss. Christianity commandeered an originally pagan festival, ‘Yuletide’ and imposed its own version of events upon it and slowly by degrees, this supposed festival of ‘love one another’, has been manipulated into becoming an orgy of consumerism. Originally, Christmas was a time for families, a time of quiet contemplation, celebration and rest and a time to think about and where possible, help those less fortunate than ourselves. Now it is a living nightmare for millions. Bombarded for weeks on end by ruthless and incessant advertising and coerced and harried into buying ridiculously expensive gifts and toys by the huge propaganda mill that usually starts turning around early October, many parents borrow money at extortionate interest rates simply to buy their children throw-away consumables and soon-to-be-obsolete electronic gadgets. The result of this action usually results in their struggling all through most of the following year paying-off their debts to banks and corporate interests. The only alternative to this for many is a feeling of extreme guilt throughout what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, because they have been unable to buy what their children most wanted. This is emotional blackmail of the highest degree and engineered solely for the purpose of making huge, obscene amounts of money for the Elite few.

“How can we, as a nation, wrestle our economy from the grip of greedy corporations when we play into their hands every year? Why do we buy their lies this time of year while rejecting them the rest of the year? How can we stop the cycle of debt? How about this: a nationwide boycott of Christmas purchases. Boy, wouldn’t that put a crimp in corporate profits.” Barbara H. Peterson,, November 2011

Significantly, this huge spend-fest every November / December becomes more and more desperate and frenzied with each passing year as more and more corporations become utterly dependent on Christmas-time profits and as their desperation increases, the effects of this are felt by us all in the shape of their concerted assault on all five of our senses in an attempt to convince us to spend, spend, spend.

The main waste-product of all this craziness is humanity itself. When people are forced to live and work in an utterly destructive, soulless system, it causes extreme distress and misery. As humans our potential is limitless, bounded only by the extent of our own imaginations, but under the present regime we are little more than manufacturing and consuming machines, slaves to the system and as demonstrated in the excerpt from The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists above, a medium by which those who ‘own’ us body and soul, can perpetuate their ‘cycle of profitability’ by using we humans as the manufacturers and then in turn, the consumers of those manufactured goods.

This cycle has been responsible for the destruction of the human spirit and the cause of most illnesses, which are, despite all the propaganda to the contrary, mainly psychologically induced and I include in this all the so-called physical ailments, which are exacerbated by poor, destructive western diets, high in fat and sugar and low in essential vitamins and nutrients. Thus, ‘the system’ in conjunction with science and religion has combined to ensure that billions are tired of living and yet terrified of dying.

Another serious by-product of extreme consumerism is the huge increase in crime. We are all programmed from birth to see our success or failure as people, in terms of the abundance or lack of material possessions we have accumulated.   She lives in a tiny, rundown house, therefore she is a failure. He has a high-powered job, holding the power of life and death over hundreds, with a huge salary and therefore he is a success. Is it surprising therefore when more and more people turn to crime to further their own Elite-seeded ambitions of self-aggrandisement, by taking things that are not theirs and even worse, by actually killing people to acquire more money or possessions?

In early August 2011 England was rocked by violent rioting and looting in many of its major cities. The large-scale riots fuelled by a combination of a corrupt, broken society and disaffected youth broke-out countrywide and thus threatened the well-being of us all. Not through fear of being physically attacked or being actually caught-up in the mindless violence, but simply due to the fact that this is exactly what the government wants as an excuse to further curb our freedoms in the guise of ‘security,’ in effect, to enslave us for our own protection. This is borne out by many independently corroborated reports of both police and fire-services actually being ordered to ‘stand-down’ and let the mayhem continue unhindered. There was also talk of military intervention and curfews, but fortunately these did not come to pass, at least on this occasion but whether or not they will in future, only time will tell. In any event, they have certainly now been ‘set-up’ in the public’s minds as a future possibility by the actions of the mob in conjunction with the policy of police non-intervention. These are classic ‘problem–reaction–solution’ tactics as usual, of course.

The looting, thievery and lawlessness that the British PM, David Cameron condemned at the time is simply the reflection at street-level of British society of what is taking place on a much greater scale in the upper echelons of government, commerce and the economy. Despite their pinstripe suits and upper-class accents, we have been subjected to decades of looting and thievery of economic and financial resources by the corporate and banking Elite, aided and abetted by a long succession of alternating, corrupt Labour and Conservative governments. The taxpayer bailout of corrupt, failed banks initiated by the former Labour PM, Gordon Brown and now overseen by Cameron, paid for in large part by austerity from public spending cuts, is but the latest manifestation of the official theft from the majority, to further enhance the already outrageous wealth of the Elite.

Cameron and his gang of super-rich criminals are currently advocating £100 billion in public spending cuts to pay for the criminal enterprise known as British banking. This is racketeering on a scale of which looters in our inner cities could only stand in-awe, and indeed, as we see, only attempt to emulate it on a much smaller, albeit far more visible scale. Where is the mainstream media condemnation of all this upper-class, ‘white-collar’ crime? They are certainly not slow in condemning the ‘mindless violence’ perpetrated by the ‘have-nots’ in our society and calling, almost in unison for totally disproportionate sentences for those found guilty and this attitude is now unsurprisingly reflected in the attitude now prevailing amongst the unthinking ‘sheeple’.

“The cause of this mayhem cannot be traced to any legitimate political grievance; it is almost entirely the product of a diseased culture, fostered by multinational corporations and the celebrity-obsessed entertainment industry that brainwashes young people to aspire to lifestyles they can never possibly attain. The social decline of young people becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as a result of constant media fascination with demonising youngsters and presenting them with a putrid diet of ‘heroes’, vacuous footballers and drug-addled musicians, whose behaviour makes impressionable kids think that life revolves around being constantly trashed, engaging in amoral sexual conquests and proving their manhood by pointless displays of animal-like aggression. MTV-manufactured rap icons, movies and video games have trained an entire generation of disadvantaged kids to grow up as wannabe gangsters, marauding around town with their jeans half-way down their thighs in huge mobs intimidating the public. Rampant consumerism is also to blame. Deprived kids on benefits cannot afford the iPods and laptops they are told they must own to be accepted by their peers, so an opportunity like this cannot be wasted. Where we used to be defined by what we did, now we are defined by what we buy.” Paul Joseph Watson,, 10th August 2011, commenting upon the British riots of August 2011

This prevailing system of extreme consumerism, conditions us all and especially the more impressionable among us, to believe that we need to indulge in regular, ongoing ‘spending sprees’ in order to be accepted and to ‘feel good’ about ourselves. But in times of high unemployment and economic depressions, more people are denied the opportunity to ‘succeed’ through their own efforts and even to be able to feed their families adequately, let alone partake in the so-called luxuries of life. Is it such a shock then that in this situation the dispossessed turn to crime to satisfy those artificially engendered wants or needs? Resentment at being cast-aside by the system is rife today and this then leads to resentment of anything and anyone. In this state of mind, people have murdered defenceless old ladies for the few pounds in their purse, their inherent reasoning being that the state and society has no respect for me so therefore why should I have any respect for anyone else?

This attitude is becoming more and more prevalent today and I refuse to believe that is because these people are inherently evil, as is strongly suggested and portrayed by the media in all its forms. In my view, it is simply a natural consequence of the way society is strongly biased towards those who have more than their fair share of power, influence and money. Maybe you or I would not commit murder for a few pounds, but we are all a product of a combination of our genes and upbringing and it is I believe, hypocritical to assume that had our own personal circumstances been the same as those disaffected, that we would not have followed exactly the same course, as we can never know for sure.

Living as we all do in a quasi-police-state-cum-dictatorship, what do the powers-that-be need to further pursue their agenda of greater security and control of populations? I would strongly suggest that they need a crime-ridden society very much like the one we have today. How convenient, not to mention coincidental. This is just what is needed to sway public opinion in their favour; ‘the streets are not safe to walk at night’ = ‘more police and security surveillance cameras please’ and yet again, these are classic ‘problem–reaction–solution’ strategies.

Each year the system is faced with ever-growing bills for crime, medical services, policing and social benefits etc. This is an inevitable consequence of ultra-consumerism and all its many side-issues. And the solution to this as proposed by those who believe they ‘know best’ is simply to propagate and facilitate a greater expansion of consumption and production to generate more money by ‘growth’ of the economy and thus the cycle continues, ever onwards to its own inevitable destruction.

In order to disguise the shortcomings of and protect this system-from-hell, the Elite need strong police and security forces and other such abominations as ‘secret services’ like MI5, MI6, CIA and the Mossad. These are there ostensibly to ‘protect’ us all from foreign powers who covet our country, our ‘freedoms’, our ‘wealth’ and lifestyles and also to guard against the extreme terrorism that we are told exists and is a great threat to our lives and freedom. In reality, these secret-service organisations actually exist to hide the truth of what is really going on in the world from their own citizens and to protect the Elite from those who would dispossess them. These so-called security services actually spend far more time spying on us, who their masters fear may be challenging the status quo, than they do protecting the country from outside attacks from so-called terrorist groups, who are usually infiltrated and controlled, if not actually created in the first place by these very same security organisations themselves, anyway.

There are a multitude of tactics that they use to further these ends, such as phone-tapping, the bugging of rooms, hidden cameras, agents provocateurs, computer-hacking, framing suspects and assassinations. These tactics are all used by the wonderfully benevolent country in which you live – against its own citizens – yes, that means you too.

I have often heard it said that ‘if you are not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to fear’. This glib, oft-quoted statement is misguided in the extreme on so many levels. Firstly, who decides what is wrong or right? One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Is it wrong for example to peacefully challenge the government if you believe that it is acting illegally or against the best interests of its citizens?   Is it wrong to write articles such as this that challenge the status quo and expose what is really happening throughout the world?

You may say ‘yes’ and you may well be right, I do not have a personal monopoly on the truth, but I do believe that it is everyone’s right to peacefully challenge any form of injustice or suppression, as I am attempting to do through my writings. But would my own (or any other) government agree with those sentiments that challenge its very authority to dictate to its citizens what is and is not acceptable? I doubt that very much. In fact the publication of this article probably would expose me to covert surveillance and may already have done so, but I do not believe I am doing wrong by writing such a piece as this and nor I suspect do most free-thinking, fair-minded individuals, whether or not they agree with the bulk of what I have written, per se.

Also, do we actually trust the entity that has the power to suppress us if we deviate from their decrees? According to the above quote, I would have nothing to fear unless I was doing wrong. But do we trust our government to decide whether I am doing wrong or not? What if it was decided by them arbitrarily that you or I were doing something wrong when we patently were not, by any standards? Do we trust the government to always act in the best interest of its individual citizens? I think not. No. I am afraid that that statement is at best misguided and at worst, a deceit of great magnitude. All governments will do ‘whatever it takes’ to maintain control and stay in power, without exception and are far from being the benevolent yet bumbling, monolithic institutions that they overtly appear to be and are portrayed to be by the compliant media. Any one of their own citizens who is perceived either as an actual physical or even a passive threat to their supreme power will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely, either overtly or covertly. This is the very embodiment of fascism/communism/socialism (communitarianism) and is precisely what we have in place today in our so-called but grossly mis-named ‘democratic’ societies.

Also, if politicians believe that they have the right to impose any ‘law’ they wish and police and security forces maintain the attitude that as long as anything is deemed ‘legal,’ they will enforce it rightly or wrongly, what is there to prevent complete tyranny? Not the consciences of the ‘law-makers’ or their legal enforcers obviously and not even peaceful petitions to the politicians will be effective. Politely asking oppressors not to be oppressive has a very poor track-record of success, historically. When tyrants define what constitutes ‘law,’ then by definition it is up to the ‘law-breakers’ to combat tyranny and sometimes the end will justify the means.

Those who are proud to be ‘law-abiding’ would not agree and may even decline to think rationally about this, but what is the alternative? If we do not have the right to resist injustice, even if that injustice is called ‘law,’ that logically implies that we have an obligation to allow governments to do to us whatsoever they may choose and also to our homes and families. Realistically, there are only two alternatives; we are either slaves, the property of the Elite, the politicians and their lackeys, with no rights at all or we have the right to resist government or Elite attempts to oppress us. There can logically be no other options.

“When the law has deviated from common sense and become an evil tool used for the robbery of others, do you obey it?” John Kaminski, researcher

So is the terrible state of affairs and of the planet in which we find ourselves living, simply the consequence of human nature as we are always led to believe? We are constantly fed the tired old line of ‘…well, its human nature to behave this way, nothing can ever change that’. The Elite cabal that rules our every moment are themselves clinical psychopaths. They exhibit every psychopathic trait known to man and indeed it is only by being psychopathic that they can possibly perpetuate this most unnatural state in which we all live. Psychopaths have no conscience; feel no remorse for their actions and no empathy for their fellow beings. They are ultra-manipulative and habitually lie whilst convincing themselves that they are in the right at all times. In short, for a psychopath, the end always justifies the means, no exceptions.

Now please think about your family, your neighbours, your friends and indeed most people that you know. Think about those people from other cultures or countries that you may have briefly met whilst travelling through life. What is your overall impression of 90% of the people with whom you come into contact and socialise? Although none of them may be perfect, are they not for the most part, decent, honest, caring, compassionate people who share other’s joys and sadnesses alike? Would they not offer their help to you in a crisis, and vice versa? What about the so-called foreigners and immigrants who live in this country and with whom you may have occasionally had cause to interact? Are they the monsters that our wholly-engendered prejudices are induced to paint them to be or would you say that deep down we are all really the same?

The truth is that we are a social animal, we are naturally programmed to co-operate and co-exist in peace and harmony, but the divisions between sex, races, religions, colours and cultures are constantly emphasised and exaggerated by the psychopathic Elite to cause dis-harmony and conflict. It is by this very methodology that they generate all of the unease and unrest, wars and conflicts in the world, partly as a means of controlling us through fear and of course in order to make their utterly obscene profits, usually by arming (and controlling) both sides.

It does not have to be like this. Humanity is by nature, decent, caring and good and not inherently evil as we are made to believe. We are all capable of expressing that goodness and by doing so, can change the world.

When the time is right, the transformation that is imminent will free us all from the current state of economic slavery in which we all reside and it will not come a moment too soon.

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