If you think you cannot afford to get involved in the Bitcoin revolution – or are worried about the price volatility?  Please think again…

How to beat the banksters….

Have you ever thought about taking advantage of the current Bitcoin boom?  I had been considering getting involved in Bitcoin for a long time, but was worried about the price volatility and also was not sure of the best way to go about investing.  The Bitcoin price can swing wildly and movements of +/- 50/60% in a single day are not unheard of.

With more and more evidence of financial system corruption appearing weekly, it is time to investigate new alternatives of monetary protection.

Are you concerned with what the monetary experts – Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and almost everyone else paying attention – are saying about the inevitable crash of the system?  We all should be, but what can we do about it?

Ron Paul’s Final Warning: “My most dire prediction is about to come true. And there’s not much time left for you to prepare.”



However, in October 2017, someone I know and trust put me onto a company called USI-Tech………    based in Dubai.  They specialise in Forex and Bitcoin investments as a 3rd party management company.

I spent a few weeks researching the company until I had satisfied myself that it was all ‘above aboard’ and genuine.  Happily it certainly is!

The way it works is that USI-Tech invests your money in Bitcoin and pays you a guaranteed average 1% per day interest, no matter whether the Bitcoin price rises or falls.  By the way, Bitcoin is now £8500 per coin – having been £5900 when I joined this a few weeks ago.  This is extremely reassuring!

I have personally put in £10K (the minimum is only £60!) and with the guaranteed average of 1% per day interest, plus compounding since then, this means that I am now receiving around £180 per day (£3600 per month) INTEREST, (at least) but that obviously continues to grow exponentially.  You have the choice of just letting it grow until you decide to withdraw at some point in the future, or downloading the interest on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis (or indeed whatever time period you choose – ad hoc if you prefer).   You may also withdraw your capital sum by switching off the automatic interest accrual process.

Once the account is set up and funded, you can select either auto-buy which means it just continues accruing on the capital sum (until you switch that option off) or leave the interest in the account which can be withdrawn any time you choose (as above).

Adding and withdrawing money is a fairly simple process and there is no restriction on adding or withdrawing money on an ad hoc or regular basis.

As an example of how you would benefit from putting money into USI-Tech, starting with £5000 and topping up by £200 per month (you don’t have to top up if you do not want to) – you would be able to start withdrawing £1600 per month in 9 months time and this would increase progressively month on month until you will be withdrawing £7300 per month after 3 years, whilst leaving the capital continuing to grow exponentially.  Obviously the more you put in, the more lucrative it is.

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Let me know if you are interested in learning more about joining the banking revolution, and contact me at: for further details.

Just owning some Bitcoin (however small an amount) may well be your financial redemption.

We have good reason to believe that Bitcoin is now positioned to become the worldwide banking system and reserve currency of the very near future.

businessmansuccessstairsmi600-resize-600x338In 2016 the fraud of the manipulated stock and commodities markets was exposed again and finally explained. In a nutshell, J. P. Morgan (and Chase and others) used FEDERAL RESERVE-created credit ‘dollars’ to sell the market short, and when the price dropped because of it, went back in and bought-up at the deflated price.

They’ve been doing it for decades.

For instance, in April 2016, the Shanghai Exchange announced that it no longer wanted any US (paper, corrupted, make-believe) ‘dollars’ and that they were going to be operating with gold and silver. That was on a Tuesday, and by Wednesday afternoon in New York, the price of silver had jumped nearly three dollars to $17.80.

At precisely, 8:50 am on the Thursday, someone in New York shorted the gold market with 16,500 contracts (5,000 oz. each) and 7,500 silver contracts (5,000 also). If your calculator will hold the answer, key in 16,500 and multiply it by 5,000 and multiply it again by $1,300 (approximate price per oz.) and you will see that more than $100 billion was wrapped up in the gold contracts.

Next, do the same with silver. 7,500 contracts X 5,000 oz. equals 37,000.000 X $16 (a guess at what the short price might have been) brings us to well over another half billion.

Binaryoptions-pictureAnd guess what happened? Yes, the gold and silver markets were suppressed by a few dollars again.

Who is strong enough to do this? Certainly no individual can keep this up every month or so. (The silver price recovered in only a week due to the natural forces of supply and demand.) Not Soros, not Buffett not Gates. There can be only one source with unlimited funds: the Federal Reserve, because it was the first only to ever offer ‘Print on Demand.’ And it is with this tool that the international banksters are stealing the wealth of the world.

Each incident throws a little more water into the milk, diluting it further and further until the paper currency becomes totally worthless. (Younger generations cannot believe that in 1964 a bottle of Coca-Cola cost 6d (2.5p) for which they now pay £1 or more today.)  – Its called inflation and is nothing more than a stealth (hidden) tax on us all.

The Federal Reserve System in America, the Bank of England and all central banks worldwide were crooked from the day they opened their doors.  From the beginning, it was all based on a lie – proven by the written promise that their vaults would always hold 100% gold backing for all the paper currency they created, yet by the unbridled creation of credit and paper, reflects 0% today,

….By the way, please do not believe the nonsense on the Internet stating that Bitcoin is all some elaborate scam.  This is all disinformation spread by and on behalf of the banking cartel – who are running scared.


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