The Covid Psy-Op and How to Fight Back

Perhaps the only weapon that ‘we, the people’ have at our disposal in the face of the totalitarian system being forced upon us in these dark times, is absolute and total non-compliance and non-violent defiance of the current rules on mask wearing, movements and social interaction.

These ‘rules’ (significantly not laws, although they are presented as such) are allegedly there for our protection and to curb the spread of an alleged, yet non-existent virus
Dr Lorraine Day – The Germ & Virus Theory & The inversion of truth ( which we are falsely led to believe will result in many, many deaths unless we consent to obey their draconian lockdowns and severe restriction of our inalienable right to freedom of movement.

But what do I mean by ‘non-compliance’ precisely?

Peaceful non-compliance is simply:

Refusing to wear masks where designated as compulsory.

Driving to wherever you choose, whenever you choose.

Visiting friends or relatives whenever you choose.

Congregating in whatever numbers you choose.

Opening your own businesses whenever you wish.

This of course will necessitate some of us dealing with the spectre of false arrest by the police or a government enforcement officer of some description.

To guard against this eventuality it would be wise to be fully prepared.  To this end it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with the process outlined below.  You may still be unlawfully arrested in the very worst case scenario, but this is usually sufficient to deter that outcome.

Common Law is the ‘real’ law of the land and not the fake ‘maritime’ and corporate law that they use against us to further their own nefarious ends and to control us illegally.

They are only able to make an arrest without a warrant if there is evidence you have committed a Common Law offence.  This in effect therefore means that we cannot be arrested for breaking Covid ‘rules.’

So, record all encounters with enforcers (police or others purporting to have the authority to order you to comply with their wishes).

Always answer any question with another question. DO NOT give your name or any form of ID or directly answer any question.  If the enforcer does not answer, simply say; “with respect, please answer the question” and then ask it again.  Example below…

You – “Do you need any assistance, officer?”

Them – “Where are you going?” / “What is your reason for being here?” / “What is your name?” / “Can I see some ID?” etc.

You “With the upmost respect officer, am I obliged to contract with you today?”

The answer is actually ‘no!’ although they may not fully comprehend what you are asking or flatly refuse to answer.

If they say ‘no you are not,’ then great!   Reply; “That is correct, and I don’t wish to contract with you today, so am I free to go?” and leave if they allow it.

If they will not answer, try this questioning tactic three times after which you can answer for them, explaining that you are not obliged to contract with them and you do not wish to contract with them so you will be leaving now!

If they then attempt to entrap you by suggesting you are obstructing them, or if they cite any supposed law you are in breach of such as Covid regulations (which are Acts, statutes, legislations etc., NOT laws) or that they have reason to believe that you may have committed a crime and you must identify yourself etc., simply state:

You – “OFFICER(S) PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: I am NOT refusing your request to contract/disclose my private information – I simply require proof of Claim.  Your offer to do business is returned and any attempt to create joinder, construe consent through performance or lack thereof is refuted and denied – no permission is granted.”

“You are now being SERVED and put on NOTICE with this lawful and binding NOTICE of Conditional Acceptance of your offer.”

“Please now provide me with your name(s), number(s) and indemnity insurance number(s) as you are lawfully required to do.”

In the very unlikely event that you are arrested, make the arresting officer aware that you do not comply or consent and that you are submitting under duress, and state they will be presented with a formal complaint and claims for damages, effected in their private capacity as an individual and not as a police officer. 

At the station, do not comply, do not consent to any of the procedures such as fingerprinting, but if they are forced upon you state, “I am submitting under duress” and say nothing else.

They will likely attempt to coerce and scare you into complying with their requests, DO NOT acquiesce!  They can only hold you for up to 24 hours without charge and they have no-one to charge as you have not provided them with a legal fiction/name and accompanying trust account to attach charges to/extort currency from, to pay for your lodgings while they hold you in custody.  They will have no choice other than to release you without charge and your stay has just cost them money, so thank them for it and leave knowing that you can now pursue the arresting officers within their private capacity for the damages, harm, and loss you have endured. Likely assault, battery, kidnapping, potentially forced commercial intercourse, your time, emotional distress and so on. 

You may wish to state that… “Under the protection of Magna Carta 2020, you are hereby notified that everything you say or do will be used as evidence against you in a Common Law court, where you will be charged with crimes ancillary to fraud, treason and genocide, should you choose not to immediately cease and desist in your unlawful aggression against the people.”

REMEMBER!  Police officers are simply glorified bailiffs. Commercial agents extorting for, and enforcing the commercial policies of, corporations.  The crown, the government, the police force, courts etc. are all private corporations and their laws are only applicable between corporations, (NOT living men and women) and should be treated as such. Without standing surety to, or identifying as, the legal fiction (your legal name/ID) they cannot interact with you and their ‘laws’ therefore DO NOT apply to you!

However, I do believe that against all the odds, real resistance is now rising, and I have no doubt that the people will prevail, no matter how long we have to fight to restore our freedoms.

Remember that if we all stand together in peaceful, mass non-compliance, they cannot arrest us all and the futures of all our children and grandchildren depend upon our willingness to be brave and stand up to these bullies before the forces of evil begin eliminating those that they deem to be ‘a national security risk.’

Fuck the New World Order, fuck covid, and fuck the banksters’ ‘Great Reset.’

And… above all else, do not be afraid.  We will prevail.  Long live the resistance!! 


  1. Steve Smith

    Thanks John. That spells out good appropriate response to the “spell” the police etc try put on us. I will write out the specific phrases on paper, and carry in pocket as solid back up…

  2. Dave

    Hi John, that all seems good in writing but most people in such a situation would never think of saying those things, very hard to do when in that moment. Talk to most people about common law and they will tell you it’s nonsense. I know the mask wearing “law” is being pushed in certain places. On my train journey yesterday the female announcer over the speaker system stating that it is against the law to refuse to wear a mask whilst on the train unless you’re medically exempt, then started babbling on about police are patrolling stations and platforms checking on anyone without a face covering and that the CCTV cameras on the trains are monitoring people and will be used as evidence (note that most trains now have CCTV cameras all along the carriages replacing the old DMUs that didn’t, nice way of sneaking more of this surveillance out without anyone noticing them, and these new trains are very soulless looking like something straight out of a dystopian futuristic movie) and also that people are now refrained from eating or drinking on the train.

  3. Reinhard

    Thanks for that artical, John.
    have been learning about common law and have the “CommonLawCard” from CommonlawCourt.
    at times i wonder if its better to carry no ID, bankcards etc. at all.
    you are absolutely right, do not create joinder, aquiece or answere their questions.
    as John Smith, from CLC points out: do not get into conversation with the police. they
    will trip you up !
    i shall practice those lines. your work is very much appriciated. hardly a week goes by, were i do
    not find myself recommending your “falsification of history”.

  4. Great article John, precise and concise, well worded to pass on to those who know nothing about Common Law or are just becoming aware of it. Would it be OK to post it on my own website? (link provided in contact form)

  5. Jonathan Warrenberg

    This is very dangerous, people are getting in a lot of trouble using these so called common Law defenses. They give people a false sense of empowerment and are not recognized in court.

    1. John

      Thanks for your comment Jonathan. I presume by your spelling that you are American? I agree to a point but there has been limited success in the UK using common law, so I wouldn’t necessarily write it off just yet.

    1. John

      Hi A.D.

      Yes. This is universal common law we are talking about. There will be some differences in how this is treated in different countries, but the principles remain universal.

      Its not guaranteed to be successful because these people ignore the law whenever its convenient for them, but the principle remains sound.


  6. Tom Busse

    Hi John,

    I just finished with the Falsification of History, and I was quite impressed – I had figured out much of what you discussed, but you filled it in and added to my understanding of many events. I found out about you through David Crowe’s “Infectious Myth” podcast.

    One thing: I have a national security contact, and the “c” in Covid stands for “cult.” Cult behavior underpins the the structure of our media-propaganda society.

    One HUGE observation I had about the Corona psyop is there’s a script: “Let’s give everyone AIDS” – That’s why you had the “mystery vaping illness” (poppers) and the cruise ships. Tucker Carlson was the Randy Shilts. The San Francisco Chronicle started it off with the gay band playing on a cruise ship (“and the band played on”) – the whole think is full of in-jokes from 1980’s AIDS propaganda.

    Also, do you know about Corona, California? It’s the location of the Hotel Narconian. In 1939, this is where Hollywood met with the US Navy and planned out the War in the Pacific. It’s next to March AFB which does a-lot of propaganda – and early in Corona they had 91 soldiers return to there from Wuhan. It’s at the intersection of the 91 and 71 freeways. There’s a secret code in the California freeway numbering system referring to defense contractors and military bases as they were in 1963.

  7. william

    John is right about it being a contract with policy men and it’s best not to call a man ‘officer’ as this is accepting his implied offer to be such a thing. He is just a man , usually dressed in a costume, a paid actor set up under an Act by another man called Robert Peel 200 years ago. The best way of not contracting with these paid and on the land known as America, highly paid actors getting from $120,000 to over $200,000 a year, is to ask the costumed man his name…What is your name? When he says Officer so and so, you say: That is a lie, and shut up. After a few short seconds the costumed man will leave and you can go about your business.
    It is the best way of not contracting with policy men. And in the rare times when the costumed man says his actual name without the Officer bit, you simply say, I do not recognise you. And shut up and after a few seconds the costumed actor will leave and you are free to move about the land in your personal conveyance or on foot as your creator intended.

  8. Rikki

    Excellent article John and really, this tells you all you need to know, although encounters with the clowns wearing fancy dress can be shortened still further by saying nothing except, “No contract” to everything said to you, even if that means repeating it like a parrot over and over again. The clown in fancy dress will soon get fed up with you and leave you to go on your lawful way. And further to a previous comment, of course it makes sense, particularly if you are going to be in a situation like a protest or confrontation, to leave all ID and other documentation at home, carry only cash (no debit and credit cards to identify you) and even hide your return travel tickets somewhere convenient en route for later retrieval so that the CIFD don’t even have a possible clue to where you may live. As for carrying a Personal Tracking Device, sorry Smartphone… do I really have to spell it out that no one should even think of doing this? In fact, by using one at all, I would ask if they are really serious about keeping their liberties and personal freedom. But I digress. As the article quite correctly says, even if you are arrested, the clowns will soon tire of keeping you if they haven’t a clue as to who you are, and I first saw this technique used most successfully in the 1980s whilst occupying a police station cell after an anti-nuclear demonstration.

    I’m a great fan of using the fundamentals of contract and joinder… just about everything in our modern society and everyday life revolves around it, even going into a shop or getting on a bus. Although the whole Common Law thing has got a bad press in even some parts of the freedom (so-called truth) movement and it can get quite complicated attempting to use it in complex ‘legal’ cases, it does work very well at the lower ends of the system… staying off the electoral register without risk of a fine, for example, once you have done the research and understand that it is only an offer to contract with the local authority for which they have not supplied you with all relevant and necessary information in order for you to make an informed decision – in fact, they are usually deliberately misleading you – and you are thus completely free to reject it under offer to contract.

    Don’t forget too that any approach to you by a GP or NHS collabarator to have the poison jab is also nothing but an offer to contract which you are free to decline if you have not been supplied with all the crucial and detailed information required such as the full list of ingredients of the treatment and their possible side-effects, full results and details of all trials and studies including relevant written references to them, list of all known and proved adverse effects, also detailing their frequency and occurence, and all similar essential information you would require – or choose to request – in order to make an informed choice as to whether you enter into contract with them or not. Note that I deliberately use the words ‘decline the offer of contract’ to have the poison jab… you are NOT REFUSING to have the poison jab, merely declining the offer on the terms it has been presented to you, which you have every right to do, is absolutely fair and reasonable under their offer of contract and joinder, and is free of penalty, ‘legal’ or otherwise should you decide not to accept it. It is therefore also worth pointing out to the person offering you this contract that you should NOT be noted in any records held that you are REFUSING or have refused to have the poison jab, and that should you later discover that this has been done without your consent, then you will hold that person responsible in their individual capacity for all distress and damage so caused, including the seeking of redress from them for this fabrication, falsehood and slight on your personal reputation and/or defamation and negative implication of character.

    You can’t expect the system to fix the system. So arm yourself with the knowledge to do it yourself. Understanding how to use offer, contract and joinder, together with the use of informed consent (and, conversely, informed refusal) in daily life, are simple but effective measures and two of our most powerful weapons when applied confidently and correctly.

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