Princess Diana was Jewish

In Tina Brown’s book ‘The Diana Chronicles,’ the author claims that Princess Diana’s mother Frances Shand Kydd had a long-running affair with Sir James Goldsmith during her marriage to Earl Spencer. She suggests that Diana who was born in 1961, was Goldsmith’s love-child and not Spencer’s daughter.

The late Sir James Goldsmith, a Jewish bankster and publisher, was a cousin of the Rothschilds. James Goldsmith’s grandfather, Adolphe Goldschmidt came to London as a multi-millionaire in 1895 and changed the family name from the German, ‘Goldschmidt’ to the Anglicised ‘Goldsmith.’  There is no denying that the affair took place at a time when Frances was deeply unhappy in her marriage to the Earl Spencer, who was ‘drinking heavily’ and ‘being beastly towards her.’  She eventually divorced him and remarried in 1969.  However, Diana was not only similar to James Goldsmith in looks, but also in her charisma and her sexual appetites…  She also shared a striking physical resemblance to the children of Sir James Goldsmith  – Zak Goldsmith, Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Goldsmith.  They are all allegedly Diana’s half-brothers and sister.

News reports that both Diana and Jemima were fathered by swashbuckling tycoon Sir James Goldsmith caused controversy throughout Australia and Britain and the plain facts are that during Diana’s unhappy marriage to Charles, she did not seek and nor was she offered, solace by the Spencers. She sought solace from her surrogate family, the Goldsmiths.  Following the Rothschild protocol of interbreeding to keep the power and wealth all-in-the-family, Diana’s alleged half-brother Ben Goldsmith married Kate Rothschild in 2003.

The original and current definition of a Jew, is someone whose mother is Jewish.  Judaism is passed down through the matriarchal lineage. Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, had a Jewish mother (Frances Ruth Burke Roche) and she also likely had a Jewish father which would make Princes William and Harry, both Jewish too.

The Jewish holy book the Torah, forbids a Jewish man from marrying a Gentile woman otherwise his children to that woman will not be regarded as Jewish.  Interestingly, Prince William’s in-laws are believed to be Jewish too, which means that not only are Kate and William, the future King and Queen, Jewish but also all their offspring too.

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  1. Axioma

    This is accurate information. Diana is a Goldsmith (her bio father was James Goldsmith)and yes, Charles is aware of her parentage. Charles had kept an open mind during her pregnancy with Harry BECAUSE Diana was so “thick” she couldn’t even be trusted to keep her calendar correctly, and he wasn’t going to assume anything until the child was born. When Harry came along on September 15, 1984, Charles knew that he was NOT the “bio” father, but he was the legal father.

    When Prince Charles and Diana’s mother were viewing the new baby, Charles made a comment about the child’s bright orange hair, and Diana’s mother had the colossal nerve to REMIND Charles that the Spencers have red hair, and Charles took some delight in REMINDING HER that Diana was not, in fact, a Spencer, so there was no way that the child had any “Spencer” traits that would apply. In fact, Charles reminded Frances that she had “cheated” on Johnny Spencer (when he was Viscount Spencer), and that Diana was in fact, “born outside of the marriage.” Diana was ONLY a “Spencer” by name but NOT by blood!

    [Note: The Spencer children (Sarah, Jane, and Charles) have “thick” frames, coarse skin, nondescript gray and hazel eyes, thick, curly, auburn hair; they were also ALL very smart with lots of “O” levels at school.

    In comparison, Diana was tall, thin, fine boned, with porcelain skin, fine straight blond hair, lovely bright blue eyes, was very athletic, and was “thick as a plank” (according to her own description) and achieved ZERO “O” level at school.]

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