Agenda 21 – A Brief Summary

At its core, Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 is about control. 

Control over land

Control over populations

Control over natural resources

Control over air by ‘regulation of carbon emissions’

Control over the ground by ‘sustainable development’

Control over the oceans through ‘environmental regulations’

It openly advocates…

  1. Moving all citizens off private land and rural areas and into tiny urban housing units
  2. Creating vast wilderness spaces inhabited by large carnivores
  3. Eliminating private and public transport and creating ‘walkable’ cities which no-one will be able to leave without specific good reason
  4. Supporting ‘chosen’ private businesses with public funds for ‘sustainable development’
  5. Making policy decisions that favour ‘the greater good’ over individual needs
  6. Drastically reducing the use of power, water, and anything else that creates ‘carbon pollution’
  7. Using bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of democratic processes
  8. Increasing taxes, fees, and regulations
  9. Implementing policies to incentivise population reduction

THIS is exactly where the fake pandemic is leading us.  It is nothing less than communism in all its sick glory.


  1. Steven Nicholson

    Hello John,

    I realize many suffered and died and still do under such regimes but the New World Order is like putting the lunatics in charge of the Earth. Prideful, greedy, self-indulgent, self-aggrandized, God-haters. Self-appointed kings and legends in their own minds. Their plans failed the moment they conceived them – Oh they have destroyed many peoples lives and will many more – but their days are truly numbered. No system can last based on evil. Man cannot defy his natural inclinations towards good. At least, not indefinitely. Family and children and common sense and community and societal desires to trade and be a part of can never be fulfilled by evil – especially when there are so many of us have tasted both war and peace and have learned the essential differences. The veil is falling and the judgement is beginning and we are all left to chose a side – there is no fence to sit on – We all reflect back the world we wish to live in and I believe whether I personally live or die these satanic followers are already judged and bound up by their choices. Our corrupt world is about to go through immense pain. These birth pains are already growing stronger with each passing month but fear will give way to truth and we shall all see something miraculous in due course.
    Thank you for sharing your work. I am grateful to those who speak freely and encourage others as you do to look again and question the programmed narratives.

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