Beat the Coming Fuel Price Hike!!

We are hearing horror stories of intended 500% price increases for both gas and electricity this coming Autumn. This is going to put a huge percentage of the population in absolute fuel poverty by next winter. This is all part of Agenda 21 / 2030.

So, I personally am going to circumvent this by using a super-efficient, simple to build home heater (see picture). Video is here…
Penguins and Utility Companies! – YouTube

With a few simple, easily obtainable items its possible to build a room heater that will heat any room to 25degC in minutes and totally without using either gas or electricity. The only fuel required is bioethanol – an economical, clean, totally safe, totally odourless fuel which costs in the region of £2.50 per litre. One litre of fuel will last around a full day, making this the simplest, easiest, least expensive way to beat the onerous price increases coming along very soon.

For just £150 + P&P, we can supply all the parts needed and we will provide comprehensive instructions on how to build this incredible heater which WILL make you totally independent of all the utility companies as far as heating goes! The build is simplicity itself, taking around 3 minutes maximum to assemble!! (Full instructions will be provided!)

So if you wish to purchase this highly essential piece of kit in time for next winter, or if you have any questions, please email John at jch120752 (@) (minus the parentheses and spaces)

We expect a huge demand, so please make sure you do order early to secure your way out of the coming fuel price crisis.

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