Fascism – The Truth

The meanings of several political terms are often misunderstood due to the deliberate obfuscations taking place by certain entities… specifically those of ‘Communism,’ ‘Democratic Capitalism’ and ‘Fascism.’



…is a reasonably ‘dirty’ word today, but by no means in the same league as Fascism in that regard, But actually it is Communism that is the real ‘oppressive dictatorship,’ in fact, the ‘daddy of them all!’ Originally the philosophy of Karl Marx (Marxism,) the Jewish millionaire fraud masquerading as a pauper, who devised it in league with the Rothschilds, Communism has a far more sordid history than does Fascism.  Please let me explain…

Communism was originally promoted as the saviour of the working classes, freeing them from the tyranny of a long succession of oppressive, dictatorial governments, whose only mandate was to look after the upper echelons of society and to hell with the ‘great unwashed.’ But this is all mere subterfuge and deception. Organised international Communism was responsible for around 100 million deaths in the 20th century, conservatively estimated. It also resulted in decades of violent repression for those who lived, but did not die under it. It died itself with the Soviet Union in the 1990s, and today post-Communist nations (Russia) and quasi-Communist nations (China) are trying to move-on beyond what was essentially a failed experiment in social engineering, with the failure resulting in massive levels of mortality and greatly reduced standards of living for those who lived under the Communist regimes.

Its tenets plus its many deceptions and failings are covered in minute detail within my books, so suffice it to say that…

Communism was originally, deceptively devised by the power-Elite as the catalyst to usher in their proposed Zionist New World Order. It was sold to the world as the ultimate transfer of power to the masses, but if anything, it was the polar opposite of this. The masses indeed were far worse-off in Soviet Russia for example, than they had ever been under the Czarist regimes of previous centuries and although they had always been poor and disadvantaged, at least there had not been any pre-determined mass-culling of the Christian peoples and destruction of their society and culture as was seen to devastating effect under the Jewish-Communist regime of the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century.

‘Democratic’ Capitalism

‘“Democracy’ is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. ‘Liberty’ is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”   Former US President, Thomas Jefferson

“Republicans ousting Democrats is like the Gambinos replacing the Bonnanos.” Gerard Celente, trends forecaster

“Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left. This is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.” Dr. Anthony Sutton, historian

“In a Democracy, the vote of two idiots counts for twice as much as that of one wise man.” Adolf Hitler

Democracy. Is that not such a pleasant, reassuring word? Well, at least that is what we have all been conditioned to believe. We in our ‘free’ western communities, all live in a blissful state of Democracy whereby we all get to ‘have a say’ in the governance of our countries and if we do not like or approve of a particular government or its policies, well we just vote them out and usher in one that suits us better. If only that was (a) true or (b) that simple, eh?

Unfortunately, Democracy is nothing but another scam, foisted upon we, the masses, by our deceptive masters who continue to rule us with a rod of iron in much the same way as has been the case for millennia.

In order to maintain absolute control of everything whilst perpetuating the pretence of the existence of freedom of choice for the people, the Elite have created the illusion of a ‘fair and just’ political system by which they may control us all. This system is what we know as ‘Democracy’ which effectively presents the illusion of giving precedence to the majority view, but in reality does the exact opposite.

One of the ways that it is possible for a small few to control the majority of the world is through the utilisation of this illusion. The Elite scum of the Earth learned long ago that attempting to control the masses using violence or by autocratic government or dictatorship, struggles to succeed because there will always be the threat of rebellion in the air and this will occasionally erupt into violent confrontations and force them into battles they would not wish to fight, given the choice. So, how much better for them that the masses should be pacified by and contented with a system that creates the impression that they are to all intents and purposes, free from tyranny and better yet, actually have a say and a stake-holding in their own lives and futures?

We know that all politicians of all persuasions are mere puppets, slaves to the system, controlled and run by a tiny minority in the shadows. These politicians will never be put forward for senior office within their parties unless they are willing and able to ‘toe the party line’ which is of course dictated from ‘on high’ by the Elite. In this way they are able to control both sides of the illusory two-party state, with consummate ease. This creates an impression that it is the politicians themselves who control a country’s purse strings and its domestic and foreign policies, but this is of course an illusion. We often see these puppets issuing proclamations and decrees about this or that aspect of our lives or about other events over which in reality, they have no control whatsoever. They are simply doing the bidding of their lords and masters.

In truth, Democracy is nothing but a sham, a controlling mechanism and in fact we all live in a one-party state in the western world, contrary to what we have been told and have believed all our lives. It is vital that we all cease believing that voting for one major party over another, will have any effect whatsoever upon our standard of living or our personal bank balances. Nothing can or will ever be changed by any senior politician or government minister because they are all pawns, irrelevant, powerless figureheads, marching to the silent tune of an invisible band. For example, in Britain, (until Brexit in 2016) it was impossible to vote for a party which was not 100% committed to the further centralisation of power in the EU, with a single currency and a central bank, simply because that is exactly what the Elite wish to happen and therefore they would not permit any politician to attain high office, who is not prepared to follow that particular agenda to the letter.

Some may point-out that other, smaller party’s policies may go against those of the mainstream, but in that case, they are absolutely, completely missing the point altogether. These parties will never achieve power. The only political parties with any chance of winning an election, always agree on their most fundamental policies, which of course immediately renders ‘Democratic’ elections an irrelevance, a farce if you will, because no matter who ‘wins’ the election, virtually exactly the same policies will be promulgated, possibly with one or two minor, inconsequential variations. There is also the not so small matter of ‘Democratic’ elections being ‘fixed,’ too, as has provably occurred in the USA during their last few elections.

As Josef Stalin once famously, and aptly stated… “It is not the votes that count… but who counts the votes.”


Fascism is the perhaps the most ‘interesting’ and misrepresented of all the alleged political dogmas, requiring therefore a more comprehensive summation than the others. Portrayed as an extreme, violent, ‘boot-in-the-face’ style of dictatorship, perhaps Fascism is also the most poorly understood of all the various ‘isms.’ To even be suspected of Fascistic leanings would lead to an individual being castigated as an inhuman racist, totally beneath contempt and unworthy of taking part in any serious political debate and anything but serious and extreme vilification. But how much of that is deliberately engendered propaganda, promoted as part of an agenda and how much is reality? Well, how easy is it to manipulate the human psyche en-masse and to engender false contempt for anything that runs contrary to the banksters’ agenda? Consider then, who was the main protagonist in the first half of the twentieth century, against the banksters’ plans for Europe and for the world, and which were the two European countries that stood alone against the might of the Jewish-Zionist-bankster tyranny at that time?

…Is it all maybe becoming slightly clearer now?

Before I am accused of being a ‘raving Fascist’ myself, let me also say that although I believe that Fascism has had a (very!) bad press, there are many aspects of it with which I disagree, especially the extreme, militant and militaristic nationalism inherent within its tenets. However it does have some redeeming features, so please, again, try to suspend your cognitive dissonance whilst I continue…

‘Fascism.’ There I said it again, and does the very word not send shivers up and down your spine – I know it does this to me even though I am able to see-through the propaganda and mind-control most of the time – which just illustrates how effective mass-propaganda can be, I suppose.

However, I digress… the Fascism of Hitler in particular and Mussolini and Franco in Spain, to a lesser extent is far more benign than it is ever given credit for, once we have come to understand and accept that the so-called ‘holocaust’ never actually happened. In reading the philosophy of Hitler through his passionate treatise, ‘Mein Kampf,’ (My Struggle) it soon becomes apparent that he is nothing like the vile, power-mad, ‘racist’ mass-murderer he is portrayed to be, by those in whose interests it is to do so. Indeed to publicly state anything other than this, is to invite extreme criticism and contempt to be showered upon anyone who ‘dares’ to attempt it, especially from the sheep-like individuals who unquestioningly believe the lies of, and support the agendas of the current western governments. Hitler’s fatal ‘crime’ if crime it be, was to show absolute disdain for the Zionist-Jewish banksters, and attempt to bypass their vice-like grip on the world of high finance. He did this partly by bringing the printing and minting of money back under governmental control and cutting the Reichsbank (bankster-controlled central bank) out of the equation completely.

The result of this was plain for all to see and even our controlled and compliant political masters and controlled media of today, now concede that Germany in the 1930s was an absolute model of health, wealth and happiness – a State of happy, prosperous people with virtually full employment and as a result, a miniscule crime rate …QED. Of course this all began to rapidly unravel from 1933, after the Jewish-Zionist declaration of war against Germany which resulted in Hitler’s severe restrictions on Jews and the resultant vicious circle leading to WWII. But this was not before Hitler, using the virtually unlimited resources available to any government in control of its own monetary policy and currency issuance, had completely turned-around the shambles that was Germany of the early 1920s and created a ‘model’ State.

daily express

Daily Express 24th March 1933

Of course it was (and still very much is) in the interests of the bankster-Zionists to portray Hitler and therefore Fascism in the most negative light possible, but Fascism is simply another system of governance and nothing more. It has its positives and its negatives as does any other form of government, but we all really need to understand what Fascism actually is before we make wildly inaccurate assertions about its assumed ‘horrors,’ I feel.


Fascism was originally devised by Italian ‘national syndicalists’ who proposed the system in the wake of the social chaos following WWI. The initial proposition sought to combine socialist goals with capitalist mechanisms in an attempt to achieve prosperity for the masses by having the State closely supervise and monitor capitalist enterprises and thereby place restrictions on their inherent, overwhelming greed, their ongoing destruction of the environment, their oppression of the masses and the desire of capitalism and corporate power to mould the country and its economics to suit their own purposes to the detriment of all else. (Sound familiar?) This of course summarises in one sentence why Fascism had to be branded as ‘evil,’ and totally destroyed by the Elite – and still does have to be vilified and suppressed. Had Germany been the victor in WWII, then extreme corporate and banking power would probably have been destroyed forever. This also explains why 1930s German National Socialism is constantly vilified and has become the subject of hate, and phrases such as ‘never again’ and ‘a warning from history,’ proliferate the bankster-controlled mass media, in all its forms, to this day.

It is also probably for this reason that Fascism is seen as an ‘extreme right wing’ political philosophy as it attempts to generate prosperity by using Capitalism within the umbrella of a greater state-supervised environment. Its detractors state that it will always result in an oppressive dictatorship due to the fact that Democracy cannot exist within a Fascist state. However the intention originally was to introduce a ‘benign dictatorship,’ but whether that would ever be possible is really up for debate.   This ‘benign’ leader would be backed by the corporate powers that own the means of production (and resources) but unlike Socialism and Communism, Fascism emphasises the nation-state itself and indeed is based upon an extreme nationalist philosophy to the exclusion of all other nation-states.

One thing that really irks me though is that ‘Fascism’ has now become synonymous with ‘extreme oppression,’ thanks to our bankster friends and their relentless propaganda. Even in the alternative media, this concept is completely misunderstood, with accusations of ‘Fascist’ or ‘Fascism’ being liberally sprinkled around, to describe the current state of affairs in the world today, and its so-called ‘leaders.’ How many times do we hear phrases such as ‘…we are headed for Fascism,’ ‘America/Britain has now become a Fascist state,’ the New World Order is a Fascist entity or ‘such and such a politician is a Fascist?’ Actually the opposite is true and what we are currently staring at ‘down the barrel of a gun’ is ‘Communism,’ and a Communist philosophy that now dominates the world courtesy of the Zionist-banksters’ controlled media and their mass mind-control propaganda. In reality Fascism is being used as another distraction to enable them to quietly usher-in their New World Order while we are all busy watching trashy movies and TV programmes, texting our friends, posting on ‘social media’ sites and playing mind-numbingly violent computer games, 24/7.


So please, next time you feel tempted to accuse anyone or any organisation of being a ‘Fascist,’ or of ‘Fascism,’ please remember the above and understand fully what it is you are about to say before opening your mouth to speak – otherwise you are just playing right into their hands!

As always, behind the thin veneer of lies and subterfuge that are the above accepted definitions of various political creeds, lies the bankster-Elite and their insidious plans for the future in the shape of the New World Order and for which, the covert ‘one-party state’ is but a stepping-stone along the way. They do not care whether that comes to pass through Fascism, Communism or Capitalism, just so long as we are unable to find our way through the morass of conflict and confusion surrounding politics…

It is all much the same to them, but please, please think twice before casually using the word ‘Fascism’ completely out of context!






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