The Illusion of Democracy

In order to maintain absolute control of everything whilst maintaining pretence of the existence of freedom of choice for the people, the Elite must create the illusion of a fair and just system for all. This system is already in place and is what we now know as ‘democracy’ which effectively presents the illusion of giving precedence to the majority view, but which in reality does the exact opposite.

The only way that it is possible for a small few to control the majority of the world is through the utilisation of this illusion. As stated previously, the Elite learned long ago that attempting to control the masses using overt shows of force or by autocratic government, does not succeed long-term because there will always be almost constant unrest and rebellion seething in the background which will occasionally erupt into violent confrontations and force them into battles they would not wish to fight, given the choice. So, how much better for them that the masses should be contented with a system that creates the impression that they are to all intents and purposes, free from tyranny and better yet, actually have a say and a stake-holding in their own lives and futures?

Politicians of all persuasions are mere puppets, slaves to the system controlled and run by a tiny minority in the shadows. These politicians will never be put forward for senior office within their parties unless they are willing and able to ‘toe the party line’ which is of course dictated from on high by the Elite. In this way they are able to control both sides of the illusory two-party state, with consummate ease. This creates an impression that it is the politicians themselves who control a country’s purse strings and its domestic and foreign policies, but this is of course an illusion. How often do we see these glove-puppets in ‘high-level’ meetings and ‘summits’ issuing proclamations and decrees about this or that aspect of our lives or about events over which they have no control whatsoever?

This is the point at which our controlled media steps into the breach and perpetuates the illusion by grandiose statements about which politician has said what, about whichever subject is the ‘hot’ news of the moment.

In truth we all live in a one-party state in the western world, contrary to what we have been told and have believed all our lives. It is vital that we all cease believing that voting for one major party over another one will have any effect whatsoever upon our lives or our personal bank balances. Nothing can or will be changed by any politician, because they are all pawns, meaningless, powerless figureheads, marching to the tune of an unseen band. For example, in Britain, it is impossible to vote for a party which is not 100% committed to further and further centralisation of power in the EU, with a central currency and a central bank, simply because that is exactly what the Elite wishes to happen and therefore they would not permit any politician to come to power who is not prepared to follow that particular diktat to the letter.

And should anyone point-out that other, smaller party’s policies may go against those of the mainstream, they are absolutely, completely missing the point altogether. Should political parties with any chance of winning, agree on the fundamentals, elections are instantly rendered an irrelevance, a farce if you will, because no matter who ‘wins’ the election, exactly the same policies will be promulgated.

What may be confusing to some is that politicians who are on different sides of the so-called divide appear publicly to be proscribing very different, often opposite viewpoints on party policies. This is simply because it allows them to appear to be in opposition when they are really on the same side.

“I will conclude by mentioning a factor which has unnecessarily puzzled some western commentators on my case. That was the liberal smokescreen behind which I concealed my real opinions. One writer who knew me in Beirut has stated that the liberal opinions I expressed in the Middle East were ‘certainly’ my true ones. Another comment from a personal friend was that I could not have maintained such a consistently liberal-intellectual framework unless I had really believed in it. Both remarks are very flattering. The first duty of an underground worker is to perfect not only his cover story but his cover personality.” Kim Philby, British-born Soviet spy

When assessing political views it is important to bear in mind that we are often observing a façade, a cover-up and a person concealing his real intentions and opinions to deliberately deceive us. Behind this thin veneer, lies the Elite and their insidious plans for mankind for which the covert one-party state is but a stepping-stone along the way.





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