FORLORN HOPE FARM LETTER WWW MASTER PDF                                                                     TB EXPLAINED is a letter that I (John Wantling) sent to  a Yorkshire farmer who once had trouble with one of his prize bulls (Boxster) which the government wanted to slaughter because of a ‘positive’ TB blood test. This letter, which is based on the psychological, sociological and philosophical, explains that bovine tuberculosis isn’t a so-called ‘infectious’ disease. The science says it is, but the science is theoretical, meaning that it isn’t based on reality. The skin test, which is now popular, is a poison-related test, and so how does science transform this poison response into ‘infectious’ language? This letter/document explains that this translation is nothing more than a giant leap of faith. This document also concerns the cull of UK badgers which are being blamed for spreading a so-called ‘infectious’ disease, which once more is theoretical – not based on reality.

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