FORLORN HOPE FARM LETTER WWW MASTER PDF                                                                     TB EXPLAINED is a letter that I (John Wantling) sent to  a Yorkshire farmer who once had trouble with one of his prize bulls (Boxster) which the government wanted to slaughter because of a ‘positive’ TB blood test. This letter, which is based on the psychological, sociological and philosophical, explains that bovine tuberculosis isn’t a so-called ‘infectious’ disease. The science says it is, but the science is theoretical, meaning that it isn’t based on reality. The skin test, which is now popular, is a poison-related test, and so how does science transform this poison response into ‘infectious’ language? This letter/document explains that this translation is nothing more than a giant leap of faith. This document also concerns the cull of UK badgers which are being blamed for spreading a so-called ‘infectious’ disease, which once more is theoretical – not based on reality.

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  1. four little countries effected with cattle tb irel nort ireland eng and wales i cannot understand how scotland got out of the trap that is amazing but the other four are in hell for life the people to blame for this scandal and fraud are my fellow farmers and playing it into the hands of their so called vets and defra all farmers talk about are badgers they have badgers in the brain and the purpotrators of this corruption.. defra// must be delighted with all the tallyhoe with police trying to keep the peace during the dark winters nights // but it is supposed to be cattle that are the problem and especially the very well bred cattle are definetly suffering but until such time as the farmer cops onto to this wrong doing defra will keep them on the merry go round m and defra say another 20 or 30 years and it could brought under control,, what a joke

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