Disinformation Agents

So who exactly can we trust? The answer is simply, hardly anyone – with several notable exceptions, notwithstanding. This sounds incredibly depressing, but please let me reassure you that travelling the road of truth alone can actually be very inspiring – even liberating. And it will ultimately lead to your association with many like-minded people.

What many find confusing, is the exact nature of the phenomenon of ‘controlled opposition,’ which is comprised of ‘useful idiots’ in the service of the manipulative powers-that-be. This phenomenon is well-known, even appearing in mainstream history sources and is often quoted by media venues which proclaim to be alternative, i.e., auxiliary to the bankster / corporate establishment, and yet are themselves, controlled opposition.

Every controlled opposition personality provides ‘some’ truth and this is how they ‘hook’ their victims. With time and experience comes an ability to discern the truth from lies and eventually you will actually be able to use these ‘nuggets of truth’ to expand your own investigations.

One sign of controlled opposition is a viewpoint or alleged event that is easily, immediately promoted to a platform of millions. ‘Real’ truthers spend years trying to spread the word, most of them failing to get even as few as 500 views on a YouTube™ video over the course of many years… But controlled opposition receives plenty of exposure… immediately. For example, it is not unusual for them to have a YouTube™ video that has a million views in mere days. This is an absolute impossibility for real truthers, with no ties to intelligence agencies.

Probably the best example of an alternative media-controlled opposition, is without doubt it’s most ‘charismatic’ and vocal spokesman…

Alex Jones is an American radio host and documentary filmmaker. His nationally syndicated talk show, The Alex Jones Show, airs on over sixty AM, FM, and short wave radio stations across the United States, as well as having a large internet-based audience. He also controls the Infowars website. Alex Jones is constantly referred to as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ by mainstream media outlets.

That the banksters put Alex Jones in place to be the ‘leader’ and ‘symbol’ of the alternative media, is beyond doubt. He is far too visible, vocal and prominent, which really gives the whole game away. Genuine truth seekers and patriots, would never, ever be allowed his kind of exposure and even if they somehow managed it against all the odds, they would soon be silenced – one way or another.

Alex Jones repeatedly attacks the idea that TV ‘fakery’ was used on 9/11, yet it has become obvious to serious investigators that no planes were used in the attack. Is Alex Jones slow to catch-on, or is he deliberately covering up evidence that links the mainstream media to 9/11? Indeed, Alex Jones would appear to have a clear motive for the cover up of the media’s complicity in 9/11. His network, GCN Live, has close ties to ABC News and in fact, ABC provides satellite broadcasting services for ‘The Alex Jones Show.’ Some say that this is only a business deal, and is not very important… but think about it… why would part of the bankster-controlled media, provide satellites to a network that exposes them? They would not.

Jones’ agenda is actually to distract us from the scrutinisation of the most significant group in the bankster network… the Zionists. Several other people have exposed Jones as Zionist-controlled false opposition, but nevertheless, many people new to the truth movement are being duped by this charlatan. Jones’ allegiance to Zionism, neatly explains why he never targets Zionism or the racist, Zionist rogue state of Israel in his notorious rants. This may well stem from the fact that his wife is Jewish, which makes his two children Jewish under Talmudic law and eligible for the Israeli Law of Return. Even as a CIA/Mossad controlled asset, Jones does present a great deal of truth, albeit mixed with much dis-information, outright lies and propaganda. Propaganda is similar to rat poison in that 99% of it is tasty and wholesome, the purpose of which is to disguise the remaining 1% that will kill you. It is this tactic which ‘muddies the waters,’ and steers people from the truth.

Jones even had the audacity to claim on his show that… “Arabs control Hollywood and the world stock markets,” a statement that is truly laughable. He also claims that the NWO conspiracy is led by a group of elites from all races, with no particular racial group wielding disproportionate influence in the agenda. This concept of a shadowy and unidentifiable enemy then leaves truth seekers bewildered, frustrated, and hopeless of ultimately defeating and ultimately bringing the criminals to justice. In order to defeat any enemy, they must obviously, firstly be identified.

Here is an expose of one of Jones’ sidekicks… (hover and click)    https://fuhrerious88blog.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/videopaul-joseph-watson-exposed/

Maintaining the Holocaust™ fraud is key to the Zionist conspiracy for world domination, as it protects Zionists as a group from opposition, and demonises the ideal of white nationalism (the main opposition to the Zionist agenda) in general by association with the mythical ‘monstrous evil’ of the Nazis. However, Jones strongly supports and promotes the idea that the German Nazis deliberately targeted Jews for extermination and genocide.

Of course, this all makes sense when you consider the logic of the banksters, in setting-up and promoting a false opposition ‘leader’ in order to neutralise and control opposition to their agenda, by leading the gullible away from the real truth. Alex Jones is the most high-profile member of the ‘truth movement,’ is promoted by establishment television networks, and has a nationally syndicated radio show that reaches millions. If Jones were really a threat to the agenda, would he really be allowed to speak to millions of people? Would they have not ‘pulled the plug’ on his radio show long ago, if he were a threat? In fact the quickest way to have his show taken off air would be to start talking about undue Jewish influence and power and expose the Holocaust hoax. ‘If you want to know where the true power lies, ask whom you are not allowed to criticise.’

Jones often acknowledges that non-white immigration is being used as a weapon to weaken the Caucasian nations, but this is too obvious to deny, especially with an audience of largely conservative, white people that make-up the patriot movement. Yet he often denounces those brave white people who argue for white nationalism. Why? Because attacking and destroying strong ‘white’ nations is a primary facet of the Zionist agenda for world conquest. It is the western, ‘white’ populations whom the Zionists have correctly identified as their greatest threat

Unfortunately, the conclusion has to be drawn that the Zionists’ ‘in-your-face’ attack dog, Alex Jones is the absolute ultimate in dis-information agents.

Another prominent, controversial figure is David Icke, who courts criticism, but at the same time does much valuable work, exposing the banksters and their financial strategy for the creation of a single, global slave state. He mixes verifiable evidence exposing the international enemy, with spiritual material which cannot be criticised other than according to the beliefs held by whoever examines them.  But, he also appears to support the Zionist Shill and Holocaust™ promoter, Alex Jones.  Anyone who purports to fight against the lies of the bankster-Establishment yet associates themselves with a known ‘gate-keeper’ and fear-monger, should raise serious questions, in my view.

However, Icke was at the forefront of the campaign to expose the paedophiles in the BBC, Westminster, and Windsor family and his unrelenting assault upon the likes of former Prime Minister, Edward Heath, are truly praise-worthy.  Likewise, Icke’s focus upon the Rothschild dynasty has certainly helped to highlight the economic tactics of those who would enslave us all.  Indeed, by exposing the supremacist ideology of Rothschild Zionism, Icke has paved the way for the Jewish people to march in step with those who have no desire to see everyone outside the global elite, reduced to serfs of the banksters.

Totally dismissing Icke’s research would be to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water,’ and perhaps this is the purpose of the sprinkling of dubious esoterica into his otherwise useful material.  Is he a ‘gate-keeper,’ or does he genuinely believe that differences in the material realm do not matter?  Icke’s ‘Universalism’ though, leads directly to an acceptance of Internationalism and if culture, nation, race, land, blood and soil etc., are meaningless, then what is there to fight against? If we are all One, and reality is a holographic illusion, then why bother to fight the common enemy at all?  Indeed, would that not make our oppressors one with us, thus making resistance to their machinations, resistance to ourselves?  For Icke to dismiss what makes us unique, yet simultaneously to argue against the globalist menace, is disingenuous and self-contradictory.

Icke’s persistent, ongoing characterisation of the ever-encroaching totalitarian state as ‘fascism,’ also arouses my suspicions somewhat. I have already provided the reader with a synopsis of the differences between fascism and communism/socialism and also constant references to the fact that the banksters are desirous of a socialist-communitarian future for us all – the New World Order. Icke must surely be aware of the differences, yet constantly promotes the idea that what we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience in the proposed NWO, is pure ‘fascism,’ not communism. We are being subtly deceived, I believe

Regardless of whether Icke’s intentions are benign or malicious, would the banksters plant leaders in the ‘resistance,’ knowing that they could thereby stifle any real dissent?  Yes, of course they would.  Maybe he is genuine but misguided, I certainly do hope so, although I remain unconvinced for now.  But do we actually need leaders, as such? Surely, the less we rely on others the better and a led opposition is always susceptible to outside control and manipulation.




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