Reincarnation and ‘Life between Lives’

“Earth is a training ground for souls.” Les Visible, musician and researcher, 2011.

In the 1970s a prominent psychologist and hypnotherapist in California, Dr. Michael Newton, discovered by serendipitous accident, a completely new phenomenon that was to change his life and that of many thousands of individuals worldwide over the course of the next four decades.

In the process of performing hypnotherapy on a patient and whilst regressing him to a past life to attempt to identify the source of his problem (something he had undertaken many thousands of times previously), to his great astonishment, the patient reached the point of his death in that past life and proceeded to describe a most astounding series of events – the transition of the soul after death into the Spirit World and his ‘welcome home’ by his ‘soul-mates’ and spirit guide.

To say he was stunned is a gross understatement. Although he was obviously aware through his vast experience, that the human soul is reincarnated over and over again through the millennia, he had assumed that the soul’s life between each life was simply, in his words, a ‘hazy limbo that only served as a bridge from one past life to the next’.   Now here before him was proof that the soul has a true ‘life between lives’ and the stunning implications of this were now apparent, brought home to him by his client in a vividly described yet matter of factly-related way on his own psychiatrist’s couch.

Dr. Newton realised that he simply had to find a way to uncover any future subject’s memories of this ‘spirit world’ and unlock them as best he could. Eventually after thousands upon thousands of hours of meticulous recording and collating of the experiences of many subsequent patients he was able to construct a theoretical working model of the structure of the ‘spirit world’ and this is recounted in fine, jaw-dropping detail in his fascinating books, ‘Journey of Souls’, ‘Destiny of Souls’ and ‘Memories of the Afterlife’.

During this long, arduous process, he also observed interestingly, that it did not seem to make any difference whether the subject had passionate religious convictions of any kind, was a ‘dyed in the wool’ atheist or indeed exhibited any other beliefs in-between these two polarities. The outcome was always the same; a clear, coherent, consistent description of the spirit world accompanied by a concise description of the events experienced by souls from death in one life to re-birth in the next.

As Dr. Newton relays in his many case histories, collated over the decades, the consistency of description of the experiences of these transitional souls would appear to be proof positive of not only multiple lives, but possibly even more surprisingly, a life between lives. The impact all this has had on Newton’s own life may be summed-up succinctly in his observation that as time went on and more and more subjects relayed to him their past experiences, he realised that his own outlook on life had changed substantially. In his own words, he eventually came to the realisation that he had ‘lost the fear of death’ and in so doing had rid himself of all the unwanted, associated baggage accompanying this most basic of all human fears.

In addition to this, and importantly I feel, Newton also believes he has uncovered the ‘meaning of life’ (my interpretation – not specifically his, JH). With every passing instance of his numerous ‘visits’ to the spirit world courtesy of his subjects’ vivid descriptions, it became clearer to him that our purpose in living on this Earth (and the many other worlds populated by souls in this and other physical universes) is simply to learn to achieve perfection. Once we reach this state, we apparently cease re-incarnating and live out a blissful eternal existence without the need to ever again visit this physical realm.

In essence, Earth is a ‘school’, a training academy for souls. Every lifetime we live, we learn valuable lessons in our quest for perfection and our mentors in the soul world, spirit guides if you will, assist us in this quest in any way they can, often pointing us in the right direction when we struggle with any aspect of the lessons we are here to complete. In addition, immediately prior to each reincarnation, we are encouraged by our spirit guides to choose a specific future life from the options they present to us, that will best fulfil our goals and help us learn from our past mistakes and aberrations thus accelerating our ‘growth’ as an eternal, immortal being and the gradual progression to ultimate perfection.

Towards the end of his working life, Dr. Newton (who is now in his eighties) founded The Newton Institute in order to train others and provide a tangible platform from which to perpetuate his pioneering work. There are now some 200 practitioners of his methods around the world who through a network of constant communication and training schedules endeavour to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and continue to provide a service to anyone interested in being healed themselves or indeed simply curious about their past lives.

In May 2011, I personally visited one of these practitioners, a hypnotherapist based in the North of England not too far from my home, by the name of Karen Wells, to investigate for myself the concept of ‘Life between Lives’. During a pleasant, informal three hour session, alongside four others, I discovered the basics of the theory and the practice behind the process of LBL regression therapy. Karen’s passion for the subject was apparent and she kindly agreed to answer a few questions I had, after the session was over.

From this subsequent session, it transpired that Karen had undergone regression herself on many occasions and whilst she quite rightly felt it inappropriate to divulge the precise personal details, she did offer some insights on various aspects of the process in general. For example, she related the fascinating story of one of her clients who came to her for help in ridding himself of severe back pain. Apparently he had tried all the usual routes of doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists to divest himself of the pain – all to no avail. So, in desperation he decided to try hypnotherapy and visited Karen’s practice.

None of the mainstream health professionals he had visited previously could even find a cause for the pain, let alone attempt to affect a cure. However, in being regressed back to a past life in mediaeval times, the subject found himself on a battlefield involved in brutal conflict with a deadly enemy. As the battle progressed he described the scene to Karen vividly as he was captured by the enemy and held down by several of them whilst another of their number ‘ran him through’ with a sword into his back, thus ending his current life.

Obviously there is an element of mild trauma involved in re-living such horrific scenes, but Karen reassured me that the experience is not as bad as it may sound. Although on the surface, it seems to be the stuff of future nightmares for years to come, apparently it is experienced in a detached kind of way, almost as though it was happening to someone else or in a dream, although the pain can sometimes be real enough, albeit relatively short-lived. Then as quickly as it had happened, Karen carefully and sensitively returned him to ‘normality’. Upon regaining his senses and ‘awakening’, the subject immediately noticed that the pain had almost gone, but through re-living the cause and understanding the source of the discomfort, it would appear that the pain had been psychologically and even physically ‘exorcised’ in some way that no-one can really explain. Shortly afterwards he contacted Karen to let her know that the pain had eventually completely disappeared after an entire lifetime of torment and agony.

Indeed this healing process is the basis and raison d’être of hypnotic regression therapy and has been proven over time to be efficacious in thousands upon thousands of instances.

Karen has also performed regression therapy on several individuals who as it turned-out had experienced life on other, distant planets as non-human life-forms. Some were simply humanoid-type species whilst yet others were non-physical manifestations of life who communicated telepathically. In her experience, it is these troubled souls, having had happy, fulfilling lives in less-demanding environments who find it most difficult to cope with the severe lessons to which we are all subjected on planet Earth and indeed they are the ones most prone to depression and suicide due to their inability to deal with the harshness of life in this world. Some of these poor, sensitive souls unfortunately tend to commit suicide over and over again in desperation and many more of them choose not to return here again after a lifetime of trauma leaves them temporarily damaged and with vivid memories of the utter despair and feeling of ‘not belonging here’ that they experienced on Earth.

A few years ago, a British TV documentary recounted the story of a small boy in England who could ‘remember’ a previous lifetime on a remote Scottish island between the two World Wars. His memories were so vivid and persistent and his descriptions of his house and family so clear and consistent that it prompted his family to investigate further. Upon further close investigation they were astounded to discover that the house, the family, the boy and all his siblings as described by their son, actually had existed in the 1920s and 1930s on the island exactly as he had related. The boy himself was too young to have read the story somewhere (and in any case who would have written about an ordinary family living a perfectly ordinary life in a remote outpost of the British Isles, 80 or 90 years ago) and indeed to his parent’s knowledge there was absolutely no way that he could have picked up this information without actually having been there at the time. It remains a mystery to this day.

This story is but one of many similar ones that have begun to emerge since the publicity engendered by the documentary. This is food for thought indeed and yet more circumstantial evidence of reincarnation.

To relate an incident from my own experience, very shortly after becoming aware of the work of Dr. Michael Newton and before mentioning it to anyone, I received a phone call from one of my sons, also named John, who proceeded to tell me about what had recently been happening with his daughter, Katy (my granddaughter) who was three years old at the time.

He said that Katy would regularly, when travelling down a particular road in the car, come out with statements such as ‘…there’s the house where I used to live with my other mummy and daddy’ and ‘…can I go to my other house today and play with my friends that live there?’

As you may imagine, I was staggered by this revelation and encouraged him to gently question her about it. As a result, he asked her questions such as ‘…when did you live at your other house, Katy?’ and was told ‘a long time ago’. Unfortunately it was all very inconclusive, perhaps not unexpectedly and it eventually ceased altogether and she now appears to have no memory of these incidents at all, at the ripe old age of four! Could it be that we all still retain past life memories as infants but over the course of the next few years lose the ability to ‘remember’ them as we become more and more conditioned into the five-sense world that we are programmed by society to believe is real?

However, mystery notwithstanding, this short anecdote adds further fuel to the fire and as with all the other examples contributes to the now huge mass of circumstantial evidence in favour of multi-life reincarnation that is growing almost daily.

In a broadly related but not entirely similar vein, I spent a weekend in the ancient Roman city of Bath in the South West of England with my wife on a short-break holiday in early 2009. Bear in mind that this was also before I had ‘discovered’ Michael Newton and his work. Anyway, to cut a long story very short we had had a wonderfully pleasant, relaxing evening with a romantic dinner accompanied by copious glasses of red wine, when I suddenly surprised even myself by saying (and even today, I have absolutely no idea where these words came from) ‘I believe that I have been sent here to look after you in this lifetime’. The look she gave me said it all really… a sort of ‘what planet are you on?’ kind of look and it really broke the spell of the evening. I mumbled something by way of an explanation, but was at a loss to elaborate. Looking back now, it seemed at the time to be such a heap of patronising drivel, but with the benefit of hindsight and the newly acquired knowledge of multi-reincarnation, maybe that really is why I am here now. I will probably never know for certain – at least not in this lifetime anyway but maybe, just maybe that is one of the reasons I am here at this time, whilst remaining consciously unaware of the fact (most of the time!).

I believe it is also possible that given the fact that we have all specifically chosen to be here on Earth at this particular time, that we are all here to be part of the battle to ensure the continuity of the human race and fight against the forces of evil that are trying to destroy humanity in its present form. There can be no doubt that the next few months and years are going to be critical if we are to survive as a species and some of the greatest challenges the human race has ever had to encounter are just ‘around the corner’ in our current lifetimes. If we can all ‘wake-up’ in time and prove ourselves worthy of these challenges and all play our parts in ensuring the survival of the species against the odds, then the karmic lessons we will have learned in our eternal quest for spiritual perfection, will be more than worth the Earthly sacrifices we will all no doubt have to endure along the way.

It is essential that we ask ourselves the question; why is all this substantial, circumstantial evidence of life after death and previous lives not even considered worthy of discussion in the mainstream and ignored, let alone properly scientifically investigated? There is far less ‘proof’ than this of, for example, the truth of the theory of evolution, but that particular creed has no trouble in gaining widespread, unthinking acceptance as fact by the ‘sheeple’ of this world. Unfortunately we have to draw the same conclusions once more and that is that certain elements of our society have a serious vested interest in keeping this knowledge from general public consumption whilst promoting other huge lies as the truth. Were the masses to lose their fear of death in great numbers, as did Michael Newton and as I have too, in understanding the real point of life, then the implications of this for our controllers could well be critical. The only way they can remain in control is by maintaining our fear of death whilst presenting us with a totally distorted version of reality and history that maintains the status quo in their favour.

There are perhaps 10,000 of them in total and almost 7 billion of ‘us’. Just think of the power we have should we choose to use it and instead of passively accepting slavery as we do now, refuse to be bent to their sadistic wills any longer.




  1. Mika Johansson

    Thanks for a great article John.
    My daughter had a similar experience when she was four years old. She wrote 8 pages in classical chinese writing in a diary book we had for following her growing up. I recall the day she wrote it but did not think much about it as I can not read Chinese, either classical or modern.
    Few months later my Chinese wife found the writing and asked me whether I have been practising writing and told her that our daughter had written it. The text in English:
    “Everyone in his essence/heart of hearts has a sense of justice.” This definitely came from a past life.


  2. Ron Wilson

    I think Stephen Blake’s book ‘Reincarnation Refuted’ provides a more satisfying explanation than reincarnation. He cites ‘spirit obsession’ and ‘overshadowing’ as being responsible for the phenomena.
    This explains also why in one of Ian Stevenson’s flagship cases, a young boy, Jasbir cited a wealth of detail regarding a ‘former life’ as Sobhal Ram. The problem for reincarnationists is that Jasbir and Sobhal Ram were alive at the same time-for a full three and a half years! Blake cites another case of overlapping lives in a 19th century case involving two young American girls.
    As to the child growing gradually out of the memories, this is because the subject grows strong enough to resist the obsessing spirit who then moves on. The Chinese case the reader cites could well entail the obsession by a Chinese spirit who traditionally are Buddhist reincarnation believers.
    Blake emphasises that belief in reincarnation can in itself create serious spiritual problems for both the entity hanging round waiting to reincarnate and also the child whose life field is thus invaded.
    Blake now has a free website Reincarnation Refuted Online – Stephen Blake M.Sc.(Lond) where he introduces his book.

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