The Hindenburg Disaster – Definitely No Accident

For some strange reason, there were twenty-two photographers present at 7 pm to film the arrival of the German airship, the Hindenburg in a New Jersey airfield. This would seem to be quite excessive for an event which had already occurred twenty times in the previous year at the same field, without incident so why would this event require so many photographers, five of whom were newsreel photographers?


  1. Thats pretty interesting. I know a lot of flat earthers have latched onto this theory and say that this was a way to heavily restrict air travel by hydrogen and helium. They also state that nasa buys up any hydrogen and helium businesses to have the monopoly on it to keep people out of the sky. Me personally I don’t know what to believe other than if you had a friend that lied, cheated, stealed, and killed. You probably would not only give up the friendship , but you definitely wouldn’t trust anything they say. But for some reason we have except every lie they push with open arms lest you be called a conspiracy theorist.

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