USS Liberty – Three minutes to World War 3


On Thursday 8th June 1967, Israeli air and naval forces promulgated a concentrated, unprovoked attack upon America’s most advanced surveillance ship, the virtually undefended, USS Liberty, killing 34 of its crew and wounding 174, many seriously.


Many people are totally unaware of this incident and even to this day in America, as it has conveniently been slipped down the ‘memory-hole,’ by those in whose interests it is to cover-up such clandestine operations. Even those who are vaguely aware of what happened have also been led to believe that although Israel did it deliberately, it was simply an attempt to blame Egypt and garner western sympathies towards the Israeli cause. This is true, but there is also a deeper, more sinister agenda behind what happened…


Israel insisted at the time (as it still does) that its attack on the Liberty was an unfortunate ‘accident,’ and a case of ‘mistaken identity.’ The attack ought to have been a sensational, headline-grabbing news story, but beyond the fact that an ‘accident’ had happened and that Israel had apologised, it went unreported by the world’s media. It was too controversial an issue for them to handle and pursue. Had it been an Arab attack on an American vessel it would have been an entirely different matter, of course. In that event there would have been saturation coverage with demands for retaliation, with Zionist and other pro-Israeli columnists and commentators setting the pace and tone of the clamour for revenge. In fact, the Johnson administration’s subsequent cover-up was led by the President himself.

The upper echelons of the US government led by the traitor, Lyndon Johnson, were actually complicit and fully aware of the insidious Israeli plans. The US Zionist-banksters directed the whole operation and were actively pushing for the US to become active in the war and this would have been the perfect catalyst to bring the American public ‘on-side.’ Where have we heard this all before and why change a successful tactic?

The Zionist attack was co-ordinated with elements of the US Navy, US intelligence and Lyndon B. Johnson, under the influence of several Zionist intelligence agents, namely Arthur and Mathilde Krim, Arthur Goldberg, the Rostow brothers, Abe Feinberg and others.

The American Admiral Thomas L. Moorer, who was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff one month after the incident, subsequently said to former US Congressman Paul Findley, If it was written as fiction, nobody would believe it possible.

Moorer also said to Findley, that the attack was “…absolutely deliberate. The clampdown [cover-up – JH] was not actually for security reasons but for domestic political reasons. I don’t think there is any question about it.” The truth is that President Johnson was scared to death of the possible reaction of Jewish voters, but more particularly the awesome power of the Zionist lobby and its many stooges in Congress. Moorer added… “The American people would be goddamn mad if they knew what goes on.

As it happened, the government in America did not succeed in keeping the truth covered-up because there were eye-witnesses who would not be silenced. They were the survivors of the Liberty’s crew. The prime source of information about the actual attack is the book ‘Assault on the Liberty which was written by Lieutenant James M. Ennes. He was the Officer of the Deck on the Liberty throughout the attack.

On 5th June 1982, there was a reunion of Liberty survivors in the Hotel Washington in Washington DC and the guest speaker was none other than retired Admiral Moorer. He told the survivors that he had “…never been willing to accept the Israeli explanation that it was a case of mistaken identity.” And that he could not accept that Israeli pilots “…don’t know how to identify ships.” It followed, he said, that there “…must have been some other motive”, which he was confident “…someday will be made public.”

Retired Admiral Moorer’s confidence has not yet been justified. Some of the official documents have been de-classified with the most sensitive (for which, read ‘most embarrassing’) passages blacked out, but other official documents and reports remain classified, Top Secret, and are likely to remain so for as long as America’s cowardly, compliant politicians are frightened of offending the Zionists.

The ‘motive’ for the attack has to be deduced from what happened in the context of the whole war of June 1967 and Moshe Dayan’s determination to stop at nothing to create the desired Greater Israel of the Zionist’s deluded, psychopathic plans. And the key to its complete understanding is knowledge of the Liberty’s capabilities and what its mission was.

The Liberty was, in fact, a converted WWII Victory ship – the former Simmons Victory. It had been refitted by the NSA for use as a signals intelligence (SIGINT) platform, in other words, a floating listening post. It had a very sophisticated system of radio antennae including a sonar-radio listening device with a range of over 500 miles and up to that distance the Liberty could intercept virtually any form of wireless communication, including military and diplomatic traffic, telemetry data, rocket guidance and satellite control, among others. It could then decode and process the intercepted messages and relay them back to the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland, via short-wave radio or through a secret communications system called TRSSCOM, using a 10,000-watt microwave signal bounced off the surface of the moon. The USS Liberty was in fact, America’s most advanced ‘spy ship.’

Below decks, the communications areas, which housed the computers, listening and decoding devices manned by linguistic experts and other personnel who were changed according to the ship’s mission, were off-limits to the crew, including Captain William I. McGonagle. The communication areas were under the direct control of an NSA technician who was known to the crew only as ‘the Major.’ With two other civilians he had joined the Liberty at Rota in Spain shortly before the ship sailed from there for the Middle East on 2nd June 1967.

The Liberty’s movements were controlled by the JCS and the NSA in Washington and not the Navy itself. With a top speed of 18 knots it was faster than most ships of its kind and on both the forecastle and deckhouse aft of the bridge there were two pedestal-mounted 0.50-calibre Browning machine guns. These four guns, on open mounts without shrapnel shields, were the spy ship’s only defences. Strictly speaking the Liberty was not an unarmed vessel but for all practical purposes it was a ‘sitting duck’ if attacked.

The Liberty’s mission was Top Secret and has not been acknowledged to this day but it was on patrol, listening, because some in the Johnson administration at executive level maybe even Defence Secretary McNamara himself, did not trust the Israelis to keep their word with regard to the scope of the war. The Johnson administration had given tacit approval for Israel to attack Egypt and only Egypt but it was understood that the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) would have to respond to Jordanian intervention, should it occur, but on no account was Israel to broaden the war for the purpose of appropriating Jordanian or Syrian territory.

Apart from President Johnson’s public statement that he was as firmly committed as his predecessors had been to the “political independence and territorial integrity of all the nations in that area,” Washington feared what could happen if the Israelis occupied Syrian territory. If they did this then there was also a possibility of Soviet intervention. Soviet leaders could just about tolerate the Egyptians being annihilated by the IDF, but not the Syrians too. Through the CIA, the Johnson administration was aware of the IDF’s secret agreement with the Syrian regime. So, the Johnson administration, was reasonably confident that the Syrians would not seek to expand the war by engaging the Israelis in any serious way. The aim therefore of US counter-intelligence was to prevent Israel from attacking Syria and this was indeed the Liberty’s mission.

When the Liberty was ordered to the Middle East, everyone who ‘needed to know,’ knew that the Israelis would have only a few days in which to crush the Egyptians – because the UN Security Council would demand a quick end to the fighting and Israel would have to then cease hostilities or face some pretty onerous sanctions. This meant that when Israel went to war with Egypt, it would be assigning the bulk of its armour to the Egyptian front. So if Israel then decided to attack Syria, it would have to re-deploy its forces, very quickly, from the Egyptian front to the Syrian front and any such orders for redeployment would be given by radio from Tel Aviv to the commanders in the field and they, naturally, would also talk to each other by radio.

If there was any such talk, the Liberty would pick-up on it and pass it urgently to the NSA in Washington. President Johnson would then demand that the Israelis abort their intended attack on Syria and so long therefore, as the Liberty was in place and still functioning, the US would have some control of Israel.

In fact the Liberty was the Johnson administration’s ‘insurance policy.’ It was there to prevent Israel’s hawks running wild and, in the worst-case scenario, provoking Soviet intervention and possibly World War III. With Zionist Israel as its ‘friend’ the US certainly needs no enemies. But from Israel’s perspective, before it could order an invasion of Syria for the purpose of grabbing the Golan Heights, the Liberty had to be put out of business.

The USS Liberty, close to El Arish at the time, and loaded with $10.2 million of sensitive equipment eavesdropped on Israel’s Six-Day War with Egypt and the Israelis were aware by 10.55am on the morning of 8th June that a clearly-marked US ship was off the coast and unmistakably visible from El Arish. Then, without any warning, the Israeli Navy and Air Force attacked the ship with torpedoes, rockets, white phosphorous, cannons and armour-piercing bullets and used napalm, a highly-flammable, liquid petroleum to turn the Liberty’s deck into a 3,000-degree firestorm. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 171 others were wounded, one of whom died later from his wounds.

The first wave of attacks, comprised of as many as eight planes using heat-seeking missiles, destroyed the transformers (miraculously, all except one) which fed the aerial systems. This was a well-planned, premeditated strategy to prevent the USS Liberty from alerting the world of the murderous attack. The surveillance ship was no longer able to listen in to the war or send messages and if that was the objective of the attack, then the goal was met and the attack should have subsided. However, the real objective was also to slaughter the crew and send the ship to the bottom of the Mediterranean. Finally, the planes left, only to be followed up by three surface craft which fired torpedoes. One hit below the water line and made a hole which measured 45 feet by 34 by 37 but amazingly, the ship did not sink but listed eleven degrees. When the crew inflated the lifeboats, the torpedo boats even attacked those.

The war was as good as over by 8th June and Egypt was defeated. The men on the Liberty first assumed that the Arabs, in unmarked planes and ships, were attacking their ship in retaliation for US support of Israel. But firstly, it was impossible for the attacking Israelis to have been unaware of the identity of their target. From the masthead on the ensign staff, the Liberty was proudly flying the standard American flag – five feet by eight feet and the ship’s US Navy markings, GTR-5, were on both sides of its bows in white letters, ten feet high. And the ship’s name was clearly visible on its stern, not to mention the sophisticated system of radio antennae, which the Israeli’s would have known could only have belonged to an American vessel.

Secondly, as the writer Stephen Green noted, “The IDF command did not have to consult Jane’s Fighting Ships to learn about the eavesdropping capabilities of the Liberty.” Israeli military intelligence had a very close working relationship with both the CIA and the US Defence Department and knew well that the Liberty could listen to the movement orders for IDF units – movement orders that, on the evening–morning of 8th June, would be concerned with rushing units from Sinai to the northern Galilee border with Syria, in preparation for an invasion.

Shortly after 8.30 in the evening, local time on Wednesday 7th June, Israeli aerial reconnaissance reported to IDF Central Coastal Command in Tel Aviv a change in the Liberty’s course. The spy ship was now heading towards a point on the Israeli coast midway between Tel Aviv and the naval base at Ashdod. The change of course was noted on the Israeli control table. And then at about 22.00 hours the Liberty’s sophisticated radar-sensing equipment detected Israeli jets circling the ship. That was not surprising given where the vessel was but the surprise was though, that fire-control radar was being directed at it. The Israeli jets were homing their rockets as though preparing for an attack.

The small group gathered around the Liberty’s radar screen playfully employed the ship’s electronic countermeasure (ECM) to ‘spoof’ the Israeli pilots. The Liberty’s ECM equipment was of the latest and most sophisticated type and enabled the ship to distort its radar image and send it back to the Israeli planes – making the Liberty appear to be much smaller and then much bigger than it was. First Class Petty Officer Charles Rowley was subsequently to recall that no one took the contact seriously. The Israelis, it was assumed, were only playing games.

They certainly were not and indeed there was a link between the directing of fire-control radar at the Liberty and what had happened an hour or so earlier. The Office of the US Defence Attaché in Tel Aviv had sent a startling message by telegram in code to the U.S. Army Communications Centre in Washington. The message was that the IDF was planning to attack the Liberty if the ship continued to move closer to the Israeli coast. It is unbelievable to think that this threat was not relayed around Washington immediately and it was surely only a matter of minutes before everybody in Washington who needed to know, did know about it.

The attack, the cold-blooded murder at sea, was in two main phases lasting more than one hour and it was launched after aerial reconnaissance of the Liberty, over a period of eight hours. The aerial reconnaissance had begun at 06.00 hours when an Israeli spotter plane slowly circled the ship three times. On the bridge, Ensign John Scott, near the end of his watch as the Officer of the Deck, studied the plane through his binoculars.

The French-built transport plane had been modified by the Israeli Air Force and was not carrying fighting men but photographers and, to direct them, specialists from the directorate of military intelligence. The pictures that were being taken of the Liberty on this and several subsequent passes would determine the precise plan of attack.

The key to complete success of the operation would be destroying the Liberty’s transmitting facilities before it could transmit a call for help to the American Sixth Fleet which was not too far away. If the Liberty did succeed in transmitting an S.O.S. when it was being attacked, there was at least the possibility that fighter planes from the Sixth Fleet would be ordered to take on the attackers.

Then at 07.20 hours Lieutenant James Ennes replaced Scott as the Officer of the Deck and by now everyone on-board the Liberty was well aware that their ship was being examined very, very closely. The ship was now perfectly placed to listen to IDF movement orders – orders for the Israeli forces in Sinai to turn around and move north, to assist with the consolidation of Israel’s capture of the West Bank and, more importantly, an attack on Syria.

Then, at 10.00 hours, two delta-winged jets armed with rockets circled the ship three times. On this occasion the planes came close enough for Ennes and other officers on the bridge to see the pilots in their cockpits through binoculars. The odd thing, or so the Americans on the Liberty’s bridge thought, was that the two planes did not seem to have any markings. In retrospect, it is now obvious that the 10.00am ‘visit’ was something of a trial run, to enable the pilots to decide whether or not the first set of pictures taken, would enable them to attack the Liberty’s communications facilities with pin-point accuracy. Events suggested that the two pilots who were to lead the attack were not happy and wanted more photographs to enable them to guarantee such accuracy. After their report, the reconnaissance plane made three more over-flights at 10.30, at 11.26 and 12.20 pm.

At 13.10, the crew of the Liberty conducted a series of drills including fire, damage control and gas attack which took 40 minutes. Captain McGonagle then addressed the ship’s officers and crew. In the normal course of events he would have confined himself to complimenting them (or not) on the job done in the drills but on this particular afternoon, the fourth of the war, they could see the smoke of battle on the shoreline and he knew that his men were in need of reassurance and indeed after the Israeli plane’s fourth reconnaissance over-flight there had been mutterings of fear.

The Israelis had obviously identified the Liberty several times over and the Americans must all have wondered what they were doing. McGonagle addressed the concern of his ship’s company by stressing that they had been under surveillance by ‘friendly’ forces. Given that and the fact that they (the ‘friendly’ forces) could not have failed to identify the Liberty, the captain was implying that his men should dismiss from their minds the possibility of an attack. He was saying, without actually using those words that the Israelis could not attack the Liberty without knowing that it was the Liberty they were attacking.

Their ‘friends’ returned again at 14.05pm, led by three Mirages each armed with 72 rockets and two 30-mm cannons. This time there was no circling around as they flew at high speed straight for the Liberty, so fast that between the times they appeared as blips on the ship’s radar and the start of their attack, Ennes and others on the bridge barely had time to grab and focus their binoculars.

For seven minutes the three Mirages made multiple attack runs, hitting the Liberty extremely hard and destroying several of the ship’s antennae. After the Mirages departed and for about another 20 minutes, the air attack was continued by several Mystere fighters. They were slower than the Mirages and therefore able to drop canisters of napalm more accurately. The fact that the Israelis resorted to use of napalm for their attack on the Liberty is on its own proof enough that Israel wanted no-one left alive to tell the story. Within a minute or so of the start of the attack, Captain McGonagle had ordered a report be made to the Chief of Naval Operations. It was an order he gave more in hope than expectation of it being executed – because he was aware that the ship’s transmission facilities had been the first priority for the attacking planes. But… at 14.10, five minutes after the attack began, the Liberty’s Chief Radioman, Wayne Smith, did succeed in transmitting an open-channel ‘Mayday’ distress call for assistance. He was subsequently to tell the Navy Board of Inquiry that as soon as the attack started, the participating planes and/or shore-based units were jamming the Liberty’s radios. He recalled that five of the ship’s six shore circuits were very quickly jammed and that whoever was doing it “went searching” for the last circuit. It was on this unidentified last circuit that Smith was able to transmit the call for assistance but because it was an open-channel transmission, the Israelis obviously heard it. The question then was would any of the warships of the American Sixth Fleet hear it and, if they did, how would they respond?

…Or maybe a more pertinent question would be, would President Johnson allow them to respond?

Vice Admiral William I. Martin, a former WWII test pilot had assumed command of the Sixth Fleet in April 1967. During Israel’s assault there were several US ships in the area, the aircraft carrier Saratoga commanded by Captain Joseph Tully, the Flagship commanded by Vice Admiral Martin, a Cruiser commanded by Rear Admiral Roger Payne, and the USS America, a new aircraft carrier which was under the command of Captain Don Engen. Rear Admiral Lawrence Geis was the Sixth Fleet carrier Division Commander.

Additionally, there were approximately twelve escorting destroyer ships. The Saratoga’s Communications Officer received a message from the Liberty, addressed to any or all US ships or stations, “Liberty is under attack by unknown enemy air and surface units. Request assistance.”

Assistance was only about 15 to 20 minutes away from the Liberty and Captain Tully notified Vice Admiral Martin saying… “Unless otherwise directed, I plan to launch my Ready Strike Group in support of Liberty.” Martin approved and directed the USS America to launch their Ready Strike Group. However Rear Admiral Geis of the USS America recalled his aircraft which created a dilemma for Captain Tully. Martin ordered another strike to give aid to the Liberty but it was again recalled by Rear Admiral Geis and according to an independent, unofficial study, the “…White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defence of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack…” McNamara recalled the aircraft that had been launched from the Saratoga within minutes and he certainly would not have made such a move without Johnson’s approval.

Admiral Geis was told that President Johnson had ordered the aircraft to be returned, “He would not have his allies embarrassed, he didn’t care who was killed or what was done to the ship.” According to Admiral Geis, President Johnson, known for his ruthlessness and vile profanity told Geis, “I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom. No help – recall the wings.” Tony Hart, a Navy communications technician stationed at the US Navy Base in Morocco in June 1967 reported that McNamara responded, “We are not going to war over a bunch of dead sailors.” If the Liberty had sunk, as Johnson wanted, Egypt would have been blamed. Government officials, including the McCains have maintained absolute silence ever since about the Liberty assault.

All of which clearly demonstrates the sheer, utter contempt for ordinary people shown by these ruthless, war-mongering, mass-murderers.

And what happened next was yet more evidence that both LBJ and Israel wanted no survivors… At 14.35pm, torpedo boats launched five 19-inch torpedoes at the Liberty. One torpedo struck starboard directly into the NSA area, accounting for 25 of the total of 34 deaths. Torpedo boats then circled, machine-gunning the ship with armour-piercing projectiles for another 40 minutes.

The order “Prepare to abandon ship!” was given, accompanied by the lowering of the first lifeboats. As they touched the water, the Israeli MTBs moved closer and shot them to pieces. Among the Liberty crewmen who witnessed this was Petty Officer Charles Rowley. He also observed the concentration of machine-gun fire on the life-boats still stored on deck and after the attack he carefully photographed the shredded boats, thinking that one day his pictures would tell the story. When he eventually did tell his story, Rowley said, “They didn’t want anybody to live.”

At 15.05 the MTBs suddenly broke-off their attack and departed at high-speed to a distance of about five miles to await further orders. The Liberty now had no engines, no rudder and no power, and was taking-on water. Nine of its officers and crew were known to be dead, another 25 were missing and correctly presumed to be dead (in the communications room that had taken the torpedo hit) and 171 were wounded. Those who were wounded but not incapacitated, joined with the other 90 who had survived unscathed and set about collecting bodies, dressing wounds, fighting fires, stringing lights and hand-operated phone sets, repairing the engines and, above all, trying to keep the Liberty afloat.

While they laboured at those tasks, two large Israeli helicopters arrived and slowly circled the stricken ship. Both were clearly marked with a large blue Star of David but this was no rescue mission. Presumably there had not been time to paint out the Stars of David because the attack was not going according to plan and the Liberty was meant to have been sunk by now. The cargo bay doors were open and Liberty crewmen could see that both helicopters were crammed with armed Israeli Special Forces troops and a machine gun was mounted in each of the cargo bays.

On the Liberty, Captain McGonagle gave the order he deemed to be appropriate… “Standby to repel boarders!”

As reported by Ennes, the next voice heard was that of an ordinary sailor, hysterical but logical and probably speaking for many. They’ve come to finish us off!Indeed they had, but not yet. For the moment the helicopter pilots and the commanders of the Special Forces on board were under orders to observe, to take their measure of the target and pass by, awaiting further orders.

Then at 15.36, phase two of the attack was executed by three Israeli MTBs, accompanied by two unmarked jets. The Liberty’s crew were still fighting the fires caused by the air attack when the MTBs announced their arrival by opening fire with their 20-mm and 40-mm guns. The Special Forces on board the helicopters were meant to do the ‘mopping-up,’ shooting dead any survivors bobbing helplessly in the water. There were meant to be no survivors to tell the tale of what had really happened and, just as critical from Israel’s point of view, no survivors to reveal to the American authorities any of the information that the Liberty’s complex intelligence apparatus had gathered about the IDF’s preparations for an invasion of Syria.

But fortunately it did not happen. At the last moment, the third and final phase of the Israeli attack was aborted. Realising that their mission to sink the ship and kill everyone aboard had failed, the Israeli’s adopted a position of ‘damage limitation’ and transmitted an ‘apology’ that an unidentified “maybe Navy” ship had been erroneously attacked. With the attack now aborted, Israeli helicopters circled the ship and some of the crewmembers, not yet realising that Israel was the perpetrator of the attack, were glad to see their ‘friendly’ ally.

The survivors were completely stunned by what had happened and by the total lack of response from US rescue planes and ships but the ship then managed to generate sufficient steam to begin moving away from the area. There had been 851 rocket hits and it was estimated that there were at least fifteen planes that had targeted the USS Liberty. One hit could be rationalised as an accident but not 851.

For some reason, the attack failed to sink the Liberty, despite tons of explosives, rockets, cannon-fire, napalm and torpedoes expended against the ship in attacks that went on for almost two hours. Nuclear-armed American bombers were launched against Cairo from a US aircraft carrier but were recalled when the Liberty managed to send a distress signal with a repaired radio and antenna. The operation had to be abandoned because it required absolute radio silence and the disappearance of the ship. The initial strike by IDF fighters destroyed all antennae, combined with jamming of all five secret radio frequencies.

The top-secret plan was intended to result in the sinking of the Liberty with all hands, to be blamed on Egypt and exploited to permit the bombing of Cairo and the entry of the United States into the war on Israel’s side. The Soviet Union’s relationships with Arab countries would have been damaged and perhaps cut, with America and Israel seizing control of all Middle-east oil production and Israel’s borders would have expanded from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers.

At around midnight that same night, a Soviet guided-missile destroyer sent a message by Aldiss lamp in English, “Do you need help?” and Liberty responded, “No thank you.” The Soviets then replied, “I will stand-by anyway in case you need me.” Few people in America or Russia are aware today of the crucial role played by Destroyer 626/4 of the Soviet Navy. The commander and crew of this ship guarded the USS Liberty, after the attack on it by the combined air and naval sections of the Israeli Defence Force. Destroyer 626/4 in fact stayed with her until US forces were allowed to approach about seven hours later. It has been reported that the American submarine, USS Amberjack, was standing by to sink the Liberty and ‘save’ the false-flag operation but the presence of 626/4 prevented this from happening.

The dead and wounded were eventually evacuated the next morning by the US Navy destroyers Davis and Massey and later that day the Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Michael Bloch telephoned Washington to explain that because she was not flying a flag, the Liberty had been mistaken for the Egyptian supply ship El Queseir. The US State Department then assured Congress that the attack was ‘accidental.’


USS Liberty 9th June 1967

On 14th June the Liberty arrived in Malta and a total news blackout was unsurprisingly imposed. Rear Admiral Kidd warned the crew that… “You are never, repeat never, to discuss this with anyone, not even your wives. If you do, you will be court-martialled and will end your lives in prison or worse.”

The Secretary of Defence McNamara informed the media that, “The Department of Defence will have no further comment.”

Captain Ward Boston, the chief Navy attorney for the 1967 US Navy Court of Inquiry, revealed that the clear-cut evidence demonstrated that the ship was clearly marked as an American ship. He also said, “Admiral Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. Admiral Kidd had, in 1967, concluded that the attack was ‘a case of mistaken identity’ because he was under direct orders to do so by Defence Secretary McNamara and President Johnson.”

Through its mouthpieces in Congress, the mainstream media and elsewhere, and endorsed by the Johnson administration, Zionism’s message to the people of America was, effectively, Because the attack was a mistake, and because Israel has apologised, let’s forget about it.

In private, the one top-level American official who initially refused to be a party to the cover-up was Secretary of State, Dean Rusk. Like all of his predecessors, and because he believed it was his duty to put America’s interests first, he had to live with Zionism’s smears to the effect that he was anti-Israel and therefore by implication anti-Semitic. Rusk was outraged by the Johnson administration’s collusion with Israel and in fact he was so concerned about the damage being done to America’s interests in the Middle East by Johnson’s decision to take sides with Israel that, at a meeting in Luxembourg, he told NATO Secretary General Manlio Brosio and others in attendance some of the truth about the attack on the Liberty.

Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli Pilot who was ordered to participate in the attack came forward, approaching Liberty survivors and former Congressman Paul N. McCloskey. The pilot relates that he identified the ship as American and informed his superiors, but was told to proceed with the attack. When he refused to do so, he was arrested upon returning to base.

There is absolutely no doubt that the USS Liberty was set-up by the US government to be sunk with no survivors by the Israeli military so that they could prevent the detection of their troop movements and blame the attack on Egypt. After this attack, two American aircrafts were launched carrying nuclear-tipped missiles in order to bomb Cairo. That city was within three minutes of being obliterated and without a doubt, it would have started WWIII.

“If the truth ever came out, it would change history and how people felt about the Israeli state. If the mainstream media devoted an entire week of stories to the USS Liberty and exactly what happened, the American people would be up in arms, begging for blood. Even though I’ve been accused of being an anti-Semite for trying to tell the truth, everyone should remember one important point… USS Liberty crewmembers did not murder anyone. The state of Israel did. The truth will change history.” USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney

On Memorial Day 2012, in San Diego, Senator John McCain (son of Admiral McCain), showed his own utter contempt for the USS Liberty treasonous betrayal, when ignoring James Morris, a man in the crowd representing the USS Liberty Veterans Association, who raised the issue. For speaking-out, Morris was forcibly removed and called ‘a jerk’ by McCain, to the thunderous applause of the crowd and the Zionist-bankster-owned media who reported it, and who still remain fully complicit with the murderous treason perpetrated on that black day in history… the day when the world was only three minutes from World War 3.


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