Banksters, In The Beginning…

The term by which I will refer to those who control our everyday existence, the ‘banksters,’ is not a new one by any means. Even prior to all the public outrage of ‘the too big to fail banks’ of recent years, way back in the early 1930s an American immigrant, a Sicilian-born lawyer named Ferdinand Pecora, seems to be the original ‘coiner’ of the word. At the time he was the chief counsel to the US Senate Committee on Banking, probing the Wall Street Crash of 1929. The name ‘banksters’ caught on, particularly with ‘anti-bankster’ economists and combining the definition of a banker with that of a gangster is not only quite inspired, but totally accurate, at least for usage in polite company and for the purposes of this work. Despite the derogatory nickname, the crimes of even the most notorious bank robbers and murderers such as Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, any serial killers you can mention and the infamous New York and Chicago gangsters of the 1920s, compared to those of the banksters are all absolutely trivial.

It is perhaps also important before we go any further to define more precisely who or what is meant by the term, ‘bankster.’ I do not mean to imply for example, that the lady next door who works as a senior clerk at the local HSBC branch is a ‘bankster’ and nor even do I mean the legions of middle management who tend to proliferate in great numbers in the banking industry. Similarly, the expensively ‘suited and booted,’ Aston Martin-driving senior banking executive who earns more in one week than most people earn in a year, but who nevertheless still takes his orders from on high, neither is he a ‘bankster.’ A ‘banker’ yes, but a ‘bankster’ – most definitely not.

No, by this term I mean the usually faceless, major shareholders of the giant banking conglomerates, who often take no active part in the day-to-day running of the business, but remain anonymous, hidden in the shadows, whilst controlling and directing the banks’ many insidious policies and taking-part in the ongoing deceptions and evil machinations about to be laid-bare in these pages. The self-styled, hereditary yet secret rulers of us all, who desire to control our every movement and our every thought in order to prevent us discovering their real agendas and despicable intentions for the entire human race, these are the ‘banksters.’ They control not only the ‘strings’ of the banks, but also either directly – or by proxy – most other corporations too.

It is a truism to state that the banksters are in a class all of their own. All the evil perpetrated by the so-called underworld, the Jewish Mob, the Sicilian/Italian Mafia, the Mexican/Columbian drug cartels, even the Stalinist, Maoist and Cambodian, Khmer Rouge purges of the twentieth century and various infamous individual mass-murderers or serial killers cannot even come close to matching the multitude of crimes against humanity committed by the banksters.

And it is not just simply financial fraud, foreclosures, artificially induced inflation, booms and depressions and stock-market crashes for their own materialistic ends, of which they stand accused. Amongst their many heinous crimes are also; mass murder, genocide… literally hundreds of millions if not billions of deaths. There also happens to be the far from trivial matters such as the brainwashing, deception, bribery and corruption of politicians, judges, law enforcement, military, scientists, educators, medical professionals, the covert ‘ownership’ of our governments, household-name corporations, the entire popular media and the enslavement of us all through illegally-created debt. These are just some of the charges and we should also consider the never-ending wars, conflicts, famines, routine assassinations of opponents, the poisoning of our food, artificially-induced diseases, the too-many-to-mention, deadly pharmaceutical drugs and the destruction of the environment and so on ad nauseum, in any complete list of the charges against the banksters.

Economists and all the financial ‘talking heads’ on TV and radio and the media in general, continually try and sell the public the idea that recessions or depressions (boom and bust) are a natural part of what they call the ‘business, or economic cycle.’ However, this is demonstrably NOT the case. Recessions and depressions only occur because the Central Bankers constantly manipulate the money supply upwards and downwards artificially and by design, in order to ensure that more and more ends-up in their hands and less and less in the hands of ‘the people.’

Central Banks (the banksters) developed from the ancient ‘money changers’ and it is with these people that the indictment of modern day banksters begins…

In 48BCE (Before the Christian Era) Julius Caesar rescinded the power to create coinage from the money changers and instead minted coins for the benefit of all the citizens of Rome and its burgeoning empire. With this new, now plentiful supply of money, he established many publicly beneficial projects and institutions and built many new houses and public buildings. By making money more plentiful and using it for the benefit of all, instead of just a small exclusive clique, he thereby won the love and respect of the ordinary Roman people.

But unfortunately for him, the money changers despised him and swore bloody revenge on him and this eventually culminated in Caesar’s assassination, ostensibly by Brutus and his senatorial co-conspirators, but whom in reality, were themselves in thrall to the money-changers. Then, immediately after the assassination the Roman money supply was reduced by 90 per cent, which immediately resulted in increased taxation and eventually in the loss of individuals’ savings, lands and homes. Echoes of today in fact.

In the final year of the life of Jesus Christ around 33AD it is recorded in the bible that he utilised actual physical force to eject the ‘money changers’ from the temple.

When the Jews arrived in Jerusalem to pay their Temple tax, they were only allowed to pay it with a specific coin, a half-shekel and this was a small coin consisting of a half-ounce of pure silver. It was the only coin at that time which was pure silver and of assured weight, without the image of a pagan Emperor and therefore in the logic of the Jews at that time, it was the only coin acceptable to God.

Unfortunately, these coins were very scarce as the money changers had completely ‘cornered the market’ on them and so they were able to raise the price of them at will, to whatever value they deemed acceptable to themselves.  They took advantage of the monopoly that they had on these coins to yield outrageous profits, thus forcing the Jewish populace to pay exorbitant prices for them.

In anger at this practice, Jesus then allegedly bodily ejected the money changers from the Temple as their monopoly on these coins totally violated the sanctity of God’s house and its morality.  But literally only days later, those money changers used their extreme wealth and thus power to demand the death of Jesus from Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Jerusalem at that time. We all know exactly what happened next.

By around 1000 AD, the money changers had gradually acquired control of medieval England’s money supply and at this time they had become known, a little more respectably perhaps, as goldsmiths.

But, the story of our modern money really began in Renaissance Europe, around five hundred years ago. At that time the currency consisted mainly of gold and silver coinage, with no paper money. Gold coins of course were very durable and had intrinsic value in themselves (unlike paper currency,) but they were heavy, difficult to transport in large quantities and they were open to theft if not stored securely. As a result of this, the general population therefore deposited their coins with goldsmiths who had strong-rooms and safes in which to store the coins securely and without fear of theft. These goldsmiths issued paper receipts which could be redeemed at any time for the stated amount of gold and eventually these convenient receipts began to be traded themselves instead of the less than convenient, bulky coins they represented.

With the passage of time, the goldsmiths realised that only around 10% of these receipts were ever redeemed in gold at any one time and they could quite comfortably lend the gold in their possession, at interest, time after time as long as they ensured that they retained the 10% of the value of their outstanding loans in actual physical gold to meet any possible demand. By this process, paper money (notes/bills) which were in reality receipts for loans of gold, was born. Notes could now be issued and loans made in amounts that were up to ten times their actual gold holdings. At interest rates of 20%, the same gold could be lent 10 times over yielding a 200% return every year and this was backed by gold that did not even exist! Of course, the goldsmiths were careful not to over-extend themselves and thus became very wealthy at the expense of the rest of the populace without producing anything of intrinsic value.

Since only the principal was lent into the money supply, more money was eventually owed back in principal plus interest than the people as a whole, possessed. They had to continually take-out loans of new paper money to cover the shortfall, causing the wealth of the villages and towns and eventually that of the entire country to be diverted into the vaults of the goldsmiths, whose identity had by this time now become ‘bankers,’ whilst the country began to systematically drown in debt.

This then was the birth of the insidious system we now know as ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ which then as now, meant that the goldsmiths/banksters were able to make astronomical amounts of money by loaning-out what were essentially fraudulent receipts, as they represented gold that the goldsmiths did not even possess.  As they gradually became more confident that their insidious ‘game’ would never be discovered, they would then loan-out up to ten times the amount they held in their depositories.

The goldsmiths also soon discovered that their control of this fraudulent money supply gave them total control over the economy and the assets of the people.  They exacted their control by switching the economy between high and low volumes of ‘currency’ in circulation at any given time. The way they achieved this was to make money ‘easier’ to borrow thereby increasing the amount of money in circulation and then suddenly, without warning, limiting the money supply again, removing it from circulation by making loans more difficult to obtain or suspending the issuance of loans altogether.

Why did they do this?  Simply because they knew that the result would be that a large percentage of their debtors would be unable to repay their loans and being denied the facility to take out new ones, they would then become ‘bankrupt’ and be forced to transfer their meagre assets to the goldsmiths for a small fraction of their true worth.

Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what is happening in the world economy of today, but is deceptively referred to with such euphemisms as ‘the economic cycle,’ ‘boom and bust,’ ‘recession,’ and ‘depression,’ in order to bestow respectability upon and attribute pseudo, ‘natural causes’ to what is nothing more than a complete scam.

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