Dear Abby

I, like many other people, got married having thought I’d found my forever spouse. My husband was a wonderful provider for our family, and with the unconditional love and care he showed I felt I was living a fairy tale life. One of those echoing vows, “That only death could separate, or even tear us through the good times or bad times apart.”  All sworn before our God as an oath.

I admit it was great, at first. Somewhere down the line though I saw changes in him and I grew suspicious. He started to get home from work later and later. Assuming he was working later to provide for our family I didn’t question this. However, as our finances tightened and the checkbook didn’t balance I started to raise questions. Like where was that extra money going that he was making actually going? I started to grow suspicious. 

Then one day my suspicions were confirmed while doing his dirty laundry. I had pulled from his jacket pockets two receipts, one for flowers and another for a motel room. I’d heard that occasionally spouses will drift and never thought it’d happen to us. Looking back I should have become more upset in the moment, but I said nothing. Perhaps as they say “Love is Blind.” My mind kept going back to all the memories we’d shared together and the initial loyalty and devotion we’d sworn to each other on our wedding day, hoping to keep that fairy tale alive. 

I continued to respect his headship; however, I didn’t stop looking for a sign that something else may be a foot in our relationship. Submissive, I questioned few of his decisions or what he had then set as family policy.

Recently though I’ve learned that he again spent countless dollars on this other woman, robbing from the plates of our children to buy her a new home security system, new appliances and more. What he purchased for her is so good that now he want’s to buy the same admitting that the security system we have is useless. I can’t imagine the money we spent on our other system? I was sure he was planning on building a new life with her should things fall apart here at home

As I mentioned, I respected him in our patriotical alliance, even his privacy. The late night calls, talking in secret while he left the room on his cell phone, and the constant text message alerts, each answered with his prompt reply. I knew he was going to her side.

The bill collectors were calling daily calling, yet I had nothing to offer them as I had no control of the money. Our family is and has been suffering and even our “friends” are noticing it. Again all perhaps due to my failure to confront him from the very start. Most of my friends now know that he’s been unfaithful, and on top of that embarrassment there are other things now too! It seems he’s got his eye on some gal named Venezuela. And now allegedly wanting to help her and her family out, but I think he want’s to rob from Peter to pay Paul?. I now worry for the safety of my children also, as he’s got a friend who’s involved in what the school’s curriculum is now including. This new and growing issue of gender-ism disturbs me and is making me very nervous. Will my children even have a chance in this country’s future?

Today, after much to his resistance, I’d finally gotten my husband to contribute to our household, and begrudgingly he took out the trash. He’d left his cell phone on the kitchen ledge and while he was outside it, again, it started receiving multiple text notifications. I knew it was probably her again, asking for yet another favor. This time I’d decided to meet my growing curiosity and picked up his phone. Today, I can now say I’ve finally learned of her name. Her name is Israel. 

What should I do about him?

Sincerely,  Mrs. America.

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