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Demons on the road ahead

 By John Kaminski

America has let the world down. And worse than that, it has let its own people down. The dream it once claimed has been undressed as a sinister fraud. We teach our children to steal and kill, then praise them for the heroic way they murder innocent people.

Our so-called enemies are really goons America has hired at the behest of Israel, whose policy has always been to keep its neighbors destabilized if it can’t completely enslave them. Under the merciless control of the Jews, the United States has adopted the same policy.

Americans are the slaves of foreign bankers. These men have no country, only places they stash cash. They ruthlessly wield perverted persuasions to better fleece the herds they bamboozle. As long as people continue to be overwhelmed by daily life and refuse to focus on the laws and leaders controlling them, no safe future is possible.

Any leader of any country must tell the truth to the people he aspires to lead. Otherwise, he will fail, and his people will suffer and die.

The lies that have guided the United States to its impending destruction have not only squandered the resources of a bounteous planet and destroyed the best people (such as Lavoy Finicum) while making criminals rich, but these lies have sabotaged the quest of a species that at its best shows the ability to spread the most desirable qualities of anything that lives to the limits of space and time.

Instead, our destiny has been hijacked and our potential derailed by those scratching a wound they can never heal. Sadistically, they make others pay a heavy penalty for their own pain.

The consciousness we possess – the mental framework within which we make all the decisions in our lives – has been built upon a succession of false stories, which like layers of an archeological dig, reveal the tragic evolution of a colossal crime, and the uncomfortable realization that swindling is humanity’s most popular pastime.

Since 1913, when the income tax, the direct election of senators, and the Federal Reserve were imposed upon the United States, the entire world has been ensnared in a crazed cycle of boom-and-bust war-and-depression scams all run by the same ruthless crowd of insensate Jews bent on enslaving the whole world. 

What creates these constant crises are the inflexible rules of parasitic thieves who rejoice in the misery of others and wallow in their slimy selfishness as they ruin the lives of others for profit. It is something they have been doing since ancient Egypt – stealing the history of others and calling it their own.

Entertainment, sports, medicine, the courts, all religions, universities . . . and most of all the media and money it takes to control them utterly, these are all controlled by Jews. As long as they control the money, they control everything.

If you still believe they have yet to reach their goals, then you are deluding yourself . . . in large part because of the training and education the Jews have etched into your brain with their control of all media, education and cultural options for longer than you yourself have been alive.

That date with Irma

2017. Everybody is starting to lose their marbles. The physiological toll of fluoridated water, ubiquitous widespread radiation and now Glyphosate poisoning the food supply has triggered a profound erosion in human perceptual abilities among the wider TV-entranced population. Today it is compounded by the attack on the sanity of preschool children by teaching them techniques that will permanently impair their ability to think.

On top of that pile, add the widely televised portents of doom starring Hurricanes Harvey and Irma coming to destroy all your possessions and make you drive 500 miles while looking over your shoulder, then disappear in a puff of fog. Most disturbing of all are reputable websites that insist these storms are deliberately created and steered by a malicious but unknown force.

Understanding severe weather

There is no natural weather.



Geoengineered weather whiplash

Climate engineering decimates Earth’s life support systems

Who would wield such diabolical intent against an unsuspecting populace are the same folks who gave us 9/11, Sandy Hook and all the other false flag atrocities which are always blamed on people who didn’t actually do it and in many cases never existed.

What wrenching indecision gripped residents of the Florida forced to contemplate the coming destruction of their homes, which was not as bad as residents of the island of Barbuda who witnessed cars flying over their heads. 

Hurricane Irma may have flopped against Florida but with Harvey decimating Houston and New Orleans barely recovered from 2005 Katrina, the U.S. gulf coast has been made substantially more hazardous in the minds of disaster-weary Americans. Some suspect a plan to depopulate the coast.

What larger motive these weather attacks will reveal remains a mystery. Yet the one fact for certain that the power to control our weather remains in the hands of the men who control our lives, and absolutely everybody has noticed that these psychopaths are the enemies of everything that lives. And most especially, us . . .

Demons on the road ahead

No matter what the odds, there is never a cause to stop fighting for the most valuable thing there is — life.

Only be advised of the magnitude of the task that awaits you as you as you stand up to the tsunami of time and greed. Wave your puny sword against the giant force that ultimately will engulf you. Fight for what is right and believe that in that moment, you will be rewarded, and you will be.

But there is no reason for optimism as long as people – especially our leaders – continue to lie to us.

Our senses are being deliberately dimmed by these outside influences, chemtrails, cellphone towers, funky food, laptop computers zapping little girls’ ovaries in elementary school, TV as the government watches our every move. What is the real reason for all of this, I would like to ask?

The encroachments of so-called civilization are reducing everyone to a less-than-human status, where all of the skills required to be a human are being taken from us one by one by a force so self-destructive that if we don’t correct it, it will destroy us all. One day soon we won’t remember who we were.

As the human population gets Alzheimerized, the chemical fog and the white noise have buzzed out the sounds of Nature with 360-degree fog of a technopop vomit that is totally UN-natural. 

This musical score from Hell itself teaches us two things:

We will commit any crime to defend their bogus belief system.

All of us are in danger because of what we have been persuaded to believe.

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