Ancient British History

The Discovery of the American continent

If you believe that Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ America in 1492, I would urge you to think again.

America is well known to have been visited more than a thousand years ago by the Vikings who actually named it ‘Vinland’ and even set-up several permanent settlements there. However, perhaps a little less well-known is the fact that travellers from the British Isles sailed to and colonised parts of the American landmass more than fifteen hundred years ago and are even said to be the original ancestors of some (but not all) of the native tribes such as the Mohicans and the Mohawks amongst others.

But then of course, the American land mass has ‘always’ been there, even before it was occupied by the ancestors of the ‘Native American’ Indians, the Aztecs, the Maya and the Incas et al. So as to who actually ‘discovered’ it in the sense of being the first humans to set foot upon its soil, is really a moot point.

Again we are the victims of a grand deception if we believe erroneously that Christopher Columbus (aka Christophe Colon) actually accidentally discovered America, allegedly in a quest to sail to India, by sailing westwards and thus prove that the world was round (spherical) and not flat. Firstly, Columbus never actually set foot on the American mainland, he merely encountered the island group now known as the West Indies (hence the name – Indies – India).

The information which we are constantly fed by mainstream history and which is perpetuated by the controlled media is typical of the systematic re-writing and invention of history and is incorrect on several levels. Columbus never intended to sail to India by sailing westward. The Elite of that era knew very well that the continent of America existed and that the world was round, as did all the ancient cultures of the time. Columbus was in fact sponsored by the Spanish royal family to go forth and conquer and bring back as much booty as his little ship(s) would carry, in order to swell the royal coffers. This he did very successfully. In addition, the only people who believed that the Earth was flat at that time were the poor, suppressed, illiterate masses who had no option but to believe everything that their rulers and the Catholic Church told them as they had no other means of educating themselves with the truth or indeed of acquainting themselves with a diametrically opposing viewpoint. There was at the time, of course, no media of ANY kind, no education or access to books for the poor underclasses and absolutely no other means of contradicting whatever garbage the powers-that-be should foist upon the unfortunate, ‘great unwashed’ of the time. It is fairly easy therefore to understand how these myths were able to be propagated and sustained in perpetuity.

In the sixteenth century, the Turkish cartographer Piri Reis published over 200 maps of the world. In preparing these maps, Reis stated that he had used as the basis for them, 20 old charts depicting the entire known landmasses of the Earth (including Antarctica which was purportedly unknown as a landmass at that time and also the Americas) believed by him to have been drawn-up during the time of Alexander the Great. These ancient charts he had discovered in the Imperial Library in Constantinople, a repository of surviving ancient knowledge and the scholars there told him that apparently these had been based-upon even older charts, some said from Sumerian sources. These maps also depicted the exact position of the Falkland Islands, allegedly not discovered until 1592 and fully documented the entire lengths of the major South American rivers, the Orinoco, Parana and Amazon which were not fully charted in modern times until the advent of satellite technology!

Again, clear evidence that ancient knowledge far surpassed that of our immediate forebears – or at least knowledge that was commonly-known by all.

In 2002, a team of historians and researchers headed by the British historical researchers, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, announced that radio-carbon dating evidence and the presence of ancient British–style artefacts and inscriptions liberally scattered in the North American continent, provide virtually irrefutable evidence that ancient British (Welsh) explorers under Prince Madoc ap Meurig, arrived there during the 6th Century AD and established several settlements.

Wilson and Blackett had previously been aware of the location of burial sites of Madoc’s family members in Wales for many years and they have been attempting to get this information out into the mainstream, for the most part unsuccessfully due to the intransigence of mainstream history, which refuses to acknowledge the truth despite an abundance of evidence being offered in proof of their discoveries. DNA evidence may eventually be the key to the mystery and could help identify the human remains found at Bat Creek, Tennessee and which currently reside at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. These remains may even turn out to be those of Madoc himself. The British researchers were contacted by Jim Michael of the ‘Ancient Kentucke Historical Association’ in 1989 with a view to sharing knowledge and to learn from each other’s detailed research on the subject.

Several tumuli (grave mounds) discovered in the American mid-West, including ones at Bat Creek are almost certainly ancient British in origin and design, Wilson confirmed and Jim Michael added that the stone-tablet found at Bat Creek in 1889 included an inscription written in Coelbren, an ancient British alphabet, primarily of Welsh origin but similar in appearance to Celtic and extensively recorded and studied by historians through the ages.

Alan Wilson’s research had previously included the investigation of similar alphabetic inscriptions in Britain, Europe and the Middle East, the components of which derived from the earliest days of the Khumric (Welsh) people and were known to have been used all along their migration routes from Babylon into Wales, going back literally thousands of years. Baram Blackett commented, “Once we discovered the cipher for the alphabet recorded in texts dating to the 1500s we knew we were in business. We have translated many of these inscriptions and they all make perfect sense.” Jim Michael also added that the final translation of the Bat Creek tablet provided the researchers with the stunning revelation, ‘Madoc the ruler he is’.

Most mainstream historians have disregarded all this evidence for Prince Madoc, the Welsh Prince having sailed to America circa 562AD, as to acknowledge this work would virtually demolish all of current mainstream Dark Age history and thus the reputations and livelihoods of many researchers. Indeed, Wilson and Blackett have been constantly subjected over the years to concerted smear campaigns, common insults and ‘stonewalling’ by the establishment. Fortunately however, due mainly to Wilson and Blackett’s persistence, there exists a substantial body of evidence to prove their hypotheses.

“I think they’re afraid that an independent group such as ours has made such progress. They prefer to ignore and neglect ancient British history rather than to deal with it. The Welsh people have suffered and the opportunity to boost the economy, to bring thousands of jobs to Glamorgan and Gwent, where Madoc and his brother Arthur ll ruled, has not been exploited.” Alan Wilson.

There are numerous ancient British Coelbren inscriptions in the American mid-West including skulls of definite European or Caucasian origin, unlike most other Native American ancient remains.

Prince Madoc was the brother of King Arthur ll and lived during the 6th Century. This is fact and not mere speculation and is confirmed by many ancient British manuscripts and genealogies. If it can be proved beyond all lingering doubt that he and many of his followers indeed emigrated en masse to the Americas almost 1500 years ago then history will need to be re-written to embrace the truth.

Of course, the Columbus story is simply a myth, a convenient cover story to deflect us from the truth and protect those who would deceive us. The main significance of the date 1492 is that it marked the beginning of the rape and pillage of the American continent. After Columbus’ exploits, he was followed by a huge influx of invaders from all over Europe, all eager to gain their share of the spoils to be had in abundance from a previously ‘virgin’ territory. The Spanish conquistadors infamously succeeded in all but destroying the ancient Inca, Aztec and Mayan cultures in South and Central America in an action that was coldly calculated to destroy any vestiges of ancient knowledge which would have proved harmful if not fatal to the Christian creed, as well as facilitate the theft of all their valuable, ancient gold artefacts.

Then just over 100 years later in the early seventeenth century, the mass immigration to North America commenced, initially by the persecuted Puritans from England who subsequently proceeded to inflict the same fate that they had endured upon the ancient native tribes they encountered upon settlement there. The English were joined by first the French and the Dutch and then in the succeeding centuries by the ‘huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ from all over Europe and indeed the world and thus from such small beginnings was born what was to become ‘the greatest Empire the world has ever known’, to the great misfortune of us all, but especially those millions if not billions of innocents who have suffered and died at the hands of that great ‘superpower’, the United States of America.


Ancient British History

Alan Wilson, the author and researcher has been researching ancient British history, latterly along with his colleague, Baram Blackett, for more than 50 years and his amazing discoveries and revelations have absolutely revolutionised British ‘Dark Ages’ history.

Of course, as with any truths which do not fit the manufactured history of the Elite and/or go against the heavily protected mainstream view, his work has been undermined, subjected to lies, disinformation and even threats from the establishment. Primarily however, it has simply been ignored (another successful tactic employed by the powers that be) despite Wilson’s entreaties to historians and archaeologists to examine the abundance of evidence he has uncovered and which offers virtually irrefutable proof that his hypotheses are correct. He has even begged for open debate on the subject, contacted governments, universities and academia in general, simply to be met with a deafening silence, lies or the aforementioned, veiled threats.

Why would this be? What do these people have to hide or to lose?

As ever, reputations are at stake. Most mainstream archaeologists and historians must ‘toe the party line’ in order to gain employment and funding and if they were to embrace or espouse a viewpoint which goes against the accepted version of events, then they will naturally be shunned and denounced by the majority who do so in order to protect their own livelihoods and positions of power.

Of course, the bigger picture is that there are also powerful vested interests, the Elite, who do not want the real truth to be known as it goes against their manufactured version of reality, put in place to deceive and cover-up the truth of who we really are and from whence we originated.


The ‘Legend’ of King Arthur

Ask most people about King Arthur and the response you will likely elicit is that he never really existed and is simply ‘a legend’. I should like to ask in all seriousness, how are these ‘legends’ propagated in the first place? It is far too simplistic to dismiss as a legend anything that does not fit the accepted version of history, in my view. These ‘legends’ do not spontaneously erupt from nowhere and I strongly submit that there is never ‘smoke without fire’ in these cases. Indeed, Wilson and Blackett have spent many years researching this one topic alone and have uncovered a plethora of documentary and archaeological evidence to prove beyond question that not only did Arthur exist, but there were actually two King Arthurs, several centuries apart and that the famous legend is likely a composite of those two distinctly separate entities.

King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon and his Knights of the Round Table in Camelot, his advisor Merlin the magician or sorcerer and his sword Excalibur, has been a popular fable for many centuries. In this legend, Arthur is married to Guinevere and he waged war against the Saxons of South East Britain under their ruler Hengist (who significantly did actually exist – even according to mainstream history). In these fables, Hengist (a Saxon) was invited into Britain by Vortigern, a traitor who had killed many of the aristocracy of Britain of the time. The stories also relate a stirring tale of how Arthur also planned a successful military campaign against all of Britain, Europe, and even the might of Rome itself which culminated in the death of the Roman Emperor.

It has always been puzzling to scholars that the myths and legends of King Arthur have defied all logical attempts to identify and pin upon him an identity of any kind. In reality the confusion may well be ascribed to the fact there are definitely two separate entities involved and this duality is no doubt partly responsible for all the confusion surrounding the attempted identification of Arthur. There were actually several Arthurs of Britain but only two who match the exploits recounted in the classic myths. The first one was a General and the son of the British Emperor Magnus Maximus, who in the late 4th Century with his army, left for Europe and eventually confronted the power of Rome, in the process killing the Emperor Gratian.

Arthur mark II was a King of the 6th Century AD. He was the son of Meurig ap Tewdrig and it was this Arthur that successfully defeated the Saxons. The confused histories by later writers such as the medieval historian Geoffrey of Monmouth accidentally (or possibly even deliberately) merged these two distinct Arthurs into one and this has caused much confusion and obfuscated the authentication of British history of this period. This has also been further compounded by the deliberate falsification of British heritage by entities whose interests are not best served by the truth. The ramifications of the Arthur revelations are negatively significant for the religious and political powers that be.

King Arthur I, the son of Magnus Maximus of the 4th Century AD and King Arthur II of the late 6th Century AD, can both trace their ancestry back to the British, Holy Roman Emperor Constantine and (according to Wilson and Blackett) back even as far as the ‘Holy Family’ itself which allegedly arrived in Britain in 37AD and for which event there is plenty of documented evidence. They can also both trace their lineage back to King Brutus, one of the great-grandsons of Aeneas of Troy. Brutus apparently arrived in Britain around 500BC.

The ‘Khumry’ people (the origin of the Welsh word ‘Cymru’ meaning Wales) were also part of this huge migration into Britain at this time and were the original lost ‘Ten Tribes’ who migrated north-westwards after the murder of Sennacherib, the King of Assyria in the early 7th century BC. These people, over a long period of time, travelled through Asia Minor and they are recorded in Assyrian texts as the ‘Khumry’ and are believed to be the same tribe that ancient Greek writings also refer to as the ‘Cimmeroi’.

According to Wilson and Blackett’s stunning research and as outlined in their subsequent book, published in 2007, ‘The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant’, these people actually brought the Ark of the Covenant with them to the island of Britain and here it lies still, buried in a field in Wales, the precise location of which has been identified by Wilson and Blackett although unsurprisingly, they have been denied permission by the authorities to instigate an archaeological dig. However they did conduct a geophysical survey and metal detector investigation of the plot and a ‘non-ferrous’ metal object, four to four and a half feet long by one foot by one foot, has been located precisely in that spot, a few feet down below the surface.

According to Wilson and Blackett, the Khumric people were originally to be found living in Egypt before Moses famously led them away, sometime in the middle of the 14th Century BC and their ancient Khumric alphabet, Coelbren is still evident today and is utilised with incredible accuracy in the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Unsurprisingly, another major source of opposition to these incredible revelations is the Roman Catholic Church, another protector of the status quo at all costs, not least because of what Wilson and Blackett’s research has revealed regarding Christianity. When Augustine arrived Britain in 597AD he was apparently astounded to learn that the British already had Christian churches as well as priests and in fact the British Apostolic Christian religion was even more advanced than that of Rome and again according to documented history, arose from the fact that a man who went by the name of ‘Jesus the Nazarene’ who did not die on a cross in 33AD, apparently arrived in Britain in 37AD. All this information is of course, still regarded as highly heretical by the Church hierarchy, even today.

Obviously this version of events completely demolishes mainstream Christianity’s view and renders it completely unsurprising that this research has been rejected out of hand by the establishment, both religious and political. Whether or not one believes that Jesus Christ was indeed the son of, or the earthly incarnation of ‘God’ or Jehovah, there does appear to be much evidence that such a person did actually exist and indeed many other so-called ‘legends’ from several diverse sources also propound the story of Jesus visiting Britain, after the alleged crucifixion event, a fact which lends more credence to this hypothesis.

In fact, Christianity was not introduced into Britain from Rome as is popularly ascribed to be the case, but was actually exported to Rome from Britain in 51AD by King Caradoc (also sometimes referred to by his Latinised name of Caractacus) who was taken to Rome and held there for several years.

The truth is that real British history is the most comprehensively recorded history in all Europe and had it not been for the ‘Holy family’ arriving here in 37AD, none of this ‘taboo’ history would be an issue. Indeed, it is only since the beginning of the 19th Century that the suppression of real British history has been actively and widely taking place. Up until that point in time, much of this knowledge was widely available to anyone with access to books and the ability to read and research. This obviously excluded, as ever, the ordinary man-in-the-street of the times and thus was it possible to hide this knowledge from the masses until such a juncture whereby a sustained cover-up was rendered necessary by the steady increase in literacy of the population.

The academic community today acknowledges only its own invented versions of Roman Britain, Saxon Britain and Viking Britain and any major artefact discoveries made by archaeologists are inevitably categorised as belonging to one of those alternatives and never, ever under any circumstances ascribed to being Khumric-British, despite there being an abundance of these already in existence and many, many more being unearthed, constantly.


The Comet of 562AD

In 562AD, a little-known, virtually unrecorded, catastrophic natural disaster occurred, which almost completely destroyed the islands of Britain and Ireland, causing a terrible conflagration, destroying towns, villages and forests throughout and resulting in major widespread flooding as a result of a massive Tsunami being generated by the colossal amounts of rock or ice falling from the sky. There must also have been a horrendous death toll amongst the inhabitants, although the true extent of this will probably never be known for sure. This disaster is now known to have been caused by a comet, which either struck directly or passed close enough to earth that the impact damage was a direct result of the debris contained within the ‘tail’ of the comet coming into contact with the land.

The reason that this episode has never been included in mainstream history books or acknowledged by historians is that up until the early nineteenth century, it was strictly forbidden by the Christian religion, indeed heretical even, to acknowledge that it was possible for stones and rocks to fall from the sky. This is why the entire event has been airbrushed from history and has remained virtually unacknowledged by historians. In 1986, when Wilson and Blackett first brought this event to the notice of the mainstream, they were unsurprisingly subjected to much scorn and ridicule and yet now this event is slowly becoming accepted as reality and is just beginning to be incorporated into history texts.

This widespread destruction was recorded in several authenticated, contemporary records. Gregory of Tours, the French writer relates that Britain was one of the points of impact in a straight line running from the North East in a South Westerly direction from Norway, through Britain and Ireland and into the Atlantic Ocean, thence to the South American continent and on to what is now Bolivia where similar ancient records relate a parallel tale of destruction and mayhem. Vast tracts of Britain were rendered uninhabitable for as long as eleven years, with poisonous and noxious gases in abundance and mud-covered landscapes meaning that no crops of any kind could even be attempted to be grown anywhere. Virtually every living thing was either killed instantly or died shortly afterwards and those lucky few that did somehow survive, abandoned the country altogether, leaving behind an entirely unpopulated, empty land.

This barren wilderness lay empty for around eleven years according to contemporary reports but eventually, people slowly began to venture into the devastated land as nature took its course and life once again started to regain a foothold in the previously barren earth. It was indeed the emptiness of Britain that led to the Saxon invasion at this time and to their colonisation of most of the British mainland as conditions slowly returned to normal and plant and animal life re-asserted itself once more.

It was also as a direct result of the disaster of 562AD, that as related in the earlier chapter on the discovery of the American landmass, that Prince Madoc ap Meurig led expeditions to seek out new homelands for the Khumry and resulted in his settlement of certain areas of what is now the United States.


Prince Madoc’s Colonisation of America

Whilst many of the few survivors among the population of the British Isles made the short sea journey to sanctuary in France or Gaul as it was still known at this time, as stated, a large group of hardy people under the leadership of the Khumric Prince Madoc ap Meurig, the brother of Arthur II, embarked on what must have been at the time a formidable and dangerous expedition westwards across the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. Were they aware that this landmass existed and were determined to escape the devastation they left behind by travelling to the furthermost known outpost of the earth or did they simply depart more in hope than expectation that they would find a more hospitable environment somewhere? We will never know for sure, but to simply head in a westward direction not knowing when or even if they would ever reach their ‘promised land’ would seem rather a prohibitive risk to take, to my mind. However, this is what they indeed did.

There are several detailed references to Madoc’s voyage in epic Khumric poetry of the time and also significantly in 1625, George Abbott, the Archbishop of Canterbury wrote a history in which he describes in detail the fact that a Welsh prince discovered America in the late 6th century. This was also the date ascribed to the event by Reuben T. Durrett of Kentucky in his book on ancient voyages to the Americas published in 1908.

In 1981 Wilson and Blackett decided to switch their focus from Ancient Egypt and Asia Minor to America in order to investigate Madoc’s alleged presence in that country and the results were absolutely conclusive. Evidence of Madoc and his people was to be found almost everywhere they looked. Their American colleague, Jim Michael of the ‘Ancient Kentucke Historical Association’ supplied a mass of information and data, photographs of likely sites and inscriptions upon rocks, cave walls and cliffs relating to the possible influence of the Khumry presence. These were inspected, examined and translated by Wilson and Blackett from the ancient British Coelbren alphabet which each site was found to possess in abundance. Michael also supplied many examples of ancient Native American records of a tribe or nation of ‘powerful White Men’ who seized their lands in what is now Kentucky. In addition to all this documentary evidence there were also the abundance of earth-banked hill-forts designed in typically British style that added their weight to the argument as also did the many Khumric-style tumuli, liberally scattered around the areas in question.

And as if that were not enough evidence to form an opinion as to the veracity of the story, many artefacts and rock-carvings were also discovered, written in Coelbren, bearing what were obviously Christian inscriptions and symbols, all of which were carbon-dated to the sixth and seventh centuries AD.

Madoc did not stay in America, however. He returned in about 572AD when the effects of the comet devastation were slowly starting to subside. His account of this vast new ‘unknown’ land were disbelieved by many and so the King sent out Admiral Gwenon to check Madoc’s incredible story of a land of huge rivers, mountains and plains. Gwenon indeed returned a year or two later and verified everything that Madoc had claimed to be true. As a result of this, a major expeditionary force was raised and set out in 574AD to return to the American continent.

So this is the account discernible from both the written records and the surviving artefacts of how America was really discovered by the Europeans, but the Normans and their successors, inhibited by the restrictions of fundamental Christianity imposed upon them by their Elite masters conspired to conceal the truth for a millennium to protect a huge lie. For the truth being brought into focus we owe much to the oft-maligned, Wilson and Blackett along with their colleagues such as Jim Michael. The catastrophe that was the Comet of 562AD and its aftermath were inconvenient episodes which did not fit into the decreed history and therefore were always dismissed out of hand or simply ignored.

The pattern continues apace.


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