Charities – Another Fraud

So-called ‘charities’ for the most part are nothing more or less than a means of extracting even more money from the masses to swell the already overflowing coffers of the mega-rich.   We need to collectively realise that we are being scammed on a massive scale and every time we respond to the emotional blackmail emanating from these highly dubious institutions 24/7, we are no more contributing to a ‘good cause’ than we are in buying the corporate rubbish masquerading as ‘consumer goods,’ which largely originate from the same sources, as the large charities are more often than not, simply a thinly-disguised front for propounding the corporate policy and interests of our Elite masters.

It very much goes ‘against the grain’ to actually even attempt to write this piece, such is the power of the propaganda directed at us, but write it and fight the internal conflict I must, if we are to spread the word regarding this hoax. But firstly let me state for the avoidance of doubt, that I have nothing but admiration, except maybe tinged with a little sadness, for the millions that freely give what little spare time they have as voluntary workers for many of these utterly unscrupulous organisations. These people are some of the most selfless on the planet and yet they are being deceived on a monstrous scale by the Elite bloodsuckers who perpetuate this state of affairs without even so much as a mild attack of conscience.

Whether we are being almost literally accosted in the street by someone thrusting a collecting box at us, or subjected to massive multi-million pound advertising campaigns in the media, the name of the game is indeed emotional blackmail of the most insidious yet persuasive kind. There is something innate in the human psyche (apart from those psychopaths who prey upon us) which engenders in us a need to show others that we are essentially, ‘good’ and ‘caring’ people and it is this desire that is subtly turned against us to perpetrate the hoax of charitable donations.

I do not include within this category, small local charities, run by and for victims of various kinds of suffering or injustice, but all those world-wide and nationwide, household-name type charities, whose names with whom we are all so familiar.

We should also consider the more basic issue of why these grand-scale charities are needed in our supposed enlightened times, anyway. Are we not supposed to be civilised beings? Or are we so un-civilised that we cannot or will not adequately feed and otherwise generally care for every under-privileged member of our species? Have you even ever asked yourself the question as to why this may be the case? If the mega-rich really wanted poverty and hardship to end, they could do so almost overnight by expending a small amount of the daily interest from their enormous fortunes. The very fact that they do not, speaks volumes to me. Put another way, why should we, those of us who are strictly speaking just above the poverty line, contribute from our meagre disposable incomes, whilst the rich sit back and happily allow this state of affairs to continue?

Then there is the question of the patronage of charities. The patron of a charity is usually a high-profile personality, whose names are highly sought-after for patronage in the full knowledge that as this is a so-called ‘well-respected’ person, ensuring that the charities will attain an even higher profile and thus attract even more of the public’s money. For example, the Queen of England is patron to over 600 charities. Yes, that is correct – over 600! Do you really believe that this woman, head of the most ruthless family on the planet and personally responsible, directly and indirectly (along with the rest of her genocidal brood) for millions of deaths worldwide in her own lifetime, actually cares a damn about starving children for example, or victims of the wars that her and her ilk are responsible for causing in the first place? I think not somehow.

Indeed some charities have been with us for centuries and so it is blatantly obvious to me that the reasons for the charity’s founding in the first place have not been solved. So realistically speaking, that charity has failed in its objectives to ease or end the problems it was set-up to counteract. If a charity did succeed in solving the problems it was created to fight, then it would in effect be responsible for its own demise, logically, would it not? Of course this is a paradox that will never be reconciled whilst charities continue to so successfully deprive the masses of their hard-earned funds, whilst reaping huge profits for its principals.

Here are some examples from many instances.

Live Aid / Live8

Whenever funds need to be raised to feed the starving millions, to bring clean water to those without, to build homes and habitats for those in need and to help rescue the victims of natural disasters or famine, one person always seems to be prominent – none other than ‘Sir’ Robert Geldof himself, the original 1970s ‘teenage rebel.’

Geldof and others such as Bono of the rock band U2 have almost made new careers of being figureheads of poverty charities whilst reaping the benefits these events provide them, that is name and face recognition.  For instance, in November 2008, Geldof was paid $100,000 in Australia for a brief speech addressing Third World poverty whilst Bono was recently implicated in a scandal relating to his own charity and its total lack of actual monetary contributions to the causes it is said to support, despite its $20m per annum turnover.

Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC, said that people like Geldof and Bono should dip into their own bank accounts, as do the members of AC/DC and give without publicity, rather than being ‘…pop impresarios of poverty’.

Michael Chussodovsky scathingly dissected Geldof’s role in this financial charade, thus… “Most casual observers might assume that the money generated by corporate sponsors, DVD sales, performance royalties and direct contributions would be funnelled into various charitable organizations aiding the poorest people of developing nations around the world. They would be wrong.”

Instead, as Chussodovsky illustrates, the money raised in almost every instance, is used to pay off the corporate creditors of indebted countries. In effect, the entire focus of the money generated by Live8 was to provide direct funds to corporations to which these grossly impoverished nations were ‘indebted’.

As if that were not sufficiently outrageous, the reality is actually much worse than that.   Those same monetary amounts contributed by Live8 to these private corporations to provide more relief to them for the money they had lent to these third world nations was then deducted from the direct aid packages and social service programmes formerly contributed by the G8 to these countries.

As Chussodovsky also clearly states, “For each dollar of ‘debt cancellation’ to the international financial institutions, the G8 will reduce the flow of foreign aid to these countries. In other words, the foreign aid earmarked to finance much needed social programs will now go directly into the coffers of the IMF and the World Bank.”

Moreover, the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank and The African Development Bank never write-off their debts. So what was being promoted and touted around the world as a way to help some of the poorest countries on the planet was actually a covert exercise in paying off international financial institutions for aid they had previously lent these nations, whilst guaranteeing the reduction of the same amount in future funding for these very programmes.

In effect, Live Aid and Live8 were nothing more or less than gigantic propaganda pieces and financial con tricks to repay private institutions and their criminal friends at the IMF and World Bank.  Live8 acted as a direct reimbursement process for the creditors of the poorest countries on the planet, while further binding these countries, their industries and exports to the future predations of the World Bank and IMF.

This allowed them to impose even more social control on their political processes by insisting on ‘democratic reforms’ commensurate with the same sort the West has imposed on Iraq, Afghanistan and now Egypt and Libya, thereby allowing Western governments to control the election process and the officials who will come to power in these countries while insisting on ‘free market reforms,’ all of which does nothing more than to diminish their sovereignty while transferring ever more overt socio-political control to nations outside these countries and the corporate predators that lurk there ever-ready to exploit new markets.  This arrangement also makes it impossible for these countries to default on their debt, perpetually keeping them in the cycle of debt-repayment and financial servitude.

Sick frauds like Geldof have promoted this Elite, globalist charade, enjoying the fame and royalty income which their appearance on world-wide television provides, whilst at the same time turning a cynically blind eye to the financial sleight of hand going on behind the scenes which does nothing more than to keep these countries and peoples steeped in poverty whilst reducing the social services these countries so desperately need.

Geldof supposedly organised all of the Live8 concerts (the 20th anniversary of Live Aid) in 2005, on his cell-phone. This is a very interesting concept considering the fact that he is supposed to be ‘Mr. Anti-establishment’ and a ‘champion of the poor and hungry.’ If that is indeed the case then the question needs to be asked as to how he managed to get several major governments to co-operate with him and endorse his plans so easily? Why did these governments not just tell him politely to ‘go away’ or indeed any other two-word phrase with the same implication? Actually, I can almost guarantee that if Bob Geldof really was assisting starving Africans to the detriment of the money-interests in the ways popularly described, then he would almost certainly have ended-up the same way as John Lennon, JFK, RFK and MLK and others whose motivations were against the best interests of the Elite, let alone being fêted as a saintly figure.

Ever wondered why ‘Sir’ Bob was given an honorary knighthood (as an Irishman he is not entitled to a ‘regular’ knighthood)? Was it for helping the world’s poor and oppressed perchance? Or was it more likely to be for his contribution to the financial bottom-lines of the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements – all run and owned by our Royal and Elite masters? Geldof was used by them as the ‘good guy’ to promote their greed as a charitable event and good old Bob, for his part was only too willing to comply. Did he do it knowingly or unknowingly? Was he paid for his services or did he give all his free time willingly and without thought of remuneration? I know where my vote would be cast on that particular issue.

The sheeple, as usual were fooled yet again because they had already been indoctrinated and conditioned into accepting that Geldof possesses saintly qualities and that Live8 was another blow for the poor against their heartless oppressors. There is only one way to prevent a repetition of this scam, for scam is exactly what it is and that is to make sure that we never, ever contribute a penny to these ‘charities’ as doing so I am afraid, will only exacerbate the situation and further contribute to the utter misery being deliberately inflicted on the helpless peoples of the Third World.

The Red Cross

The International Red Cross, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, is an Elite-controlled front organisation whose true purpose is the complete opposite from their stated purpose.

The IMF tells the world that they are there to ‘help’ countries recover from economic difficulties (which incidentally the IMF and World Bank blatantly created in the first place) but in reality, the IMF breaks countries and ruins their economies. The same could be said of the Red Cross.

The moment a ‘natural’ disaster such as for example Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake or the Japanese Tsunami occurs; radio and TV ads flood the airwaves seeking monetary donations to be sent to the Red Cross. With music full of pathos playing in the background, the announcer tells us that the Red Cross is ‘always there in time of need’ and now that the poor victims are suffering terribly with this appalling tragedy, ‘won’t you please open your heart’ and make a ‘generous donation’ to this ‘worthy cause’?

These people, who in my humble estimation are thoroughly beneath contempt, have totally mastered the science of extracting money from the unthinking masses.   For example, the dust from the World Trade Centre collapses had not even settled (literally) before the Red Cross was appealing to us all to give blood and money to help the victims and the families of the ‘terrorist’ attack. Thousands of people gave blood and even more gave millions upon millions of dollars and pounds to the Red Cross. It would maybe have been pertinent to ask ‘blood for whom’? Everyone was dead (there were few injuries, relatively speaking) so why was the Red Cross asking for blood donations day and night for a week or longer?

The answer is reflective of the true purpose of the Red Cross. Sad to say the Red Cross is a disaster ‘racket’ which is in the business of making money from people’s misery, especially with totally engineered disasters such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. They sell and profit from the blood of course, but they apparently also use the blood for other things to which the public is generally not privy and one could legitimately ask where does all the money go and to whom? For the most part, they keep it for themselves as do the vast majority of major, household-name charities. The families of the victims of 9/11 had to badger, harass and threaten the Red Cross in an attempt to obtain $11 million that they would not release to the families, as long as one year after the event – and that is just what we were told in the media, so my guess would be that it will be a pretty safe bet that the actual figure was much, much higher than this.

The CEO of the Red Cross and other senior administrators receive obscene salaries and other massive perks, all of which are paid directly from the man/woman in the street’s direct contributions to these supposed ‘good causes’. In 2012, the salary of the president, Marsha Evans was $651,957 per annum and the total revenue of the Red Cross was well in excess of $3bn per annum (three billion dollars!).

“As the aftermath of hurricane Katrina continues to wreak mayhem and havoc amid reports of mass looting, shooting at rescue helicopters, rapes and murders, establishment media organs are promoting the Red Cross as a worthy organization to give donations to. The biggest website in the world,, displays a Red Cross donation link prominently on its front page. Every time there is a major catastrophe the Red Cross and similar organizations like United Way are given all the media attention while other charities are left in the shadows. This is not to say that the vast majority of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in need”. Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones, 1st September 2005

In fact, the Red Cross has been caught ‘red-handed’ many times in withholding money in the wake of terrible disasters that require immediate release of funds. In the name of the ‘Liberty Fund’ for 9/11 family relief, the Red Cross collected $564 million in donations from around the world and yet only actually distributed around $150 million. Its explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help ‘fight the war on terror.’ In other words, this means that the money was spent bombing third world countries like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities and not put towards helping the families of victims to rebuild their shattered lives.

The then Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy arrogantly responded when accused of withholding of funds by stating, “The Liberty Fund is a war fund. It has evolved into a war fund. We must have blood readiness. We must have the ability to help our troops if we go into a ground war. We must have the ability to help the victims of tomorrow.”  

At whose behest or say-so may I humbly enquire? Does the official mandate of the Red Cross now extend to collecting donations under false pretences and in lieu of possible future wars instigated by the Elite? Evidently it does, with nary a word of condemnation from those who either contribute their hard-earned cash or those who are supposedly its intended recipients, let alone government, in whose best interests this sorry state of affairs appears to be perpetuated.

However, the scandalous activities of the Red Cross extend way back, long before 9/11 in fact. Following the disastrous San Francisco earthquake in 1989, the Red Cross donated only $10 million of the $50 million that had been raised, and kept the rest. Similarly, following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the Red River flooding in 1997 many donations were also withheld. In fact the Red Cross has a long, long sordid history of stealing cash donations intended for disaster relief. Even as far back as the Korean War the Red Cross was plundering soldiers’ relief packages, the famous ‘Red Cross Parcels’ from home. In fact the Red Cross is very adept at stealing money and looting mail and has been exposed in this respect many times but it has been allowed to escape sanctions, punishment or exposure because the organisation is so closely allied with and indeed is inextricably linked with the Elite establishment. It is without doubt an organisation run by Elite insiders whose purpose is to gather intelligence and steal from the poor, underprivileged and needy to further line the pockets of the rich.

And these are just a few examples of its ongoing highly deceptive and fraudulent activity. Several minor charities that were involved with the 2004 Asian Tsunami relief project expressed outrage in public to say that large charities like Red Cross and Oxfam were engaged in secret negotiations that resulted in a large amount of the public-donated money being withheld from those most affected by the disaster.

It is abundantly clear that the Red Cross and other large so-called charities are in actual fact merely fronts for collecting funds on behalf of the Elite military-industrial complex. Some respected historians have even alleged that the Red Cross was used as a Skull and Bones cover to overthrow the Russian royals and pave the way for the rise of the Communism and to be frank this would not surprise me in the least.

The message here should be clear to all. Under no circumstances donate money to major charitable organisations unless you would like your money to go to benefit the Elite’s expansion of their empires and the fast-developing police state in your own backyards. Find smaller independent charitable organisations that you know to be reliable and trustworthy and make your donations to them.

“Charities swung into action after the September 11 terrorist attacks, raising more than $1 billion. But questions are being raised about where and how and how much of that money is being distributed. Bearing the brunt Tuesday during a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight panel was outgoing Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy. The Red Cross has raised more than $564 million for the Liberty Fund, which was set up in response to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. While the agency states on its Web site that it is spending more than any other relief agency responding to the terrorist attacks, it has distributed only $154 million. Healy was hammered by one New York official for the Red Cross’ decision to put aside nearly half of the money raised for future needs that may include terrorist attacks. ‘I see the Red Cross, which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars that was intended by the donating public to be used for the victims of September 11 — I see those funds being sequestered into long-term plans for an organization’, testified New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.” CNN, 3rd January 2005

WWF (The Worldwide Fund for Nature – formerly the World Wildlife Fund)

 This organisation is another complete and utter sham. Purporting to be active in protecting all flora and fauna throughout the world, it is merely another Elite front for extracting our money under false pretences and for furthering the aims of the multi-national corporations in the rape and exploitation of the natural resources of the third world.

All around the world, in under-developed countries, children are being kidnapped and forced into schools and churches against their will and that of their tribes. Poor people in such diverse regions as South East Asia, South America and throughout Africa are being forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands into shoddy, crumbling shanty towns with poor sanitation and little food. These people ask for nothing more than to be able to stay in their own homelands where they have existed for many generations, living as they choose, in peace and with no so-called ‘civilised’ nations and their malignant gangs of corporate thieves and their mercenaries dictating to them how they should conduct their lives.

Unfortunately for them, in many instances, the land where they happen to live is rich in minerals and trees coveted and therefore ripe for theft by the mega-corporations. Would it surprise you to learn that the WWF is often the facilitator of these crimes – all over the world? Behind their cosy, homely, defenders-of-all-things-natural image and their cute little panda logo (above), lies an evil organisation that would give Attila the Hun and his marauding hordes a good run for their money.

The WWF was created 50 years ago when serious wildlife trophy hunters such as the former Nazi and one of the original Bilderbergers, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the Elite place-man Julian Huxley, senior industrialists, bankers and top politicians realised that one of their most beloved all trophies, the tiger, had been hunted to the edge of extinction. It was funded originally by the Rockefeller foundation via the World Bank. What more proof of it being a complete and utter sham does anyone need than that? Prince Bernhard became the first WWF President, since followed by that great defender of all wildlife, the royal trophy hunter himself, Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, prince consort to the head of the family ‘firm.’

From the very beginning, the WWF has received much appreciation from all governments on earth and even substitutes in many nations as a de facto ministry for the environment, for some if not all of the following reasons…

WWF serves to enhance a government’s ‘respecter of the environment’ image.

It helps to protect very small, hugely restricted areas as nature reserves and therefore creates space for the indiscriminate destruction of the huge remaining areas of land, by industrial and commercial/corporate interests.

Its stand on ‘illegal’ logging is merely a distraction to cover up the 95% of logging by multi-nationals that is ‘legal.’

WWF helps to develop remote places with large areas of unspoilt environments and obtain control over it. As these remote areas are generally tribal lands of non-assimilated peoples, WWF assists governments to assume control of them and to assimilate them into the mainstream – almost always against their will.

As a result of all this, the losers are indigenous, tribal peoples and as paradoxical as it may seem at first glance, Mother Nature in general due to the sacrifice of most of the land to the corporatocracy. As usual, the ultimate beneficiaries are the Elite and their bedfellows.

The oppression of traditional, tribal people by nature conservationists has never been a subject for mainstream debate and the results of nature conservation activities have always been ‘spun’ to imply that the damages done to the native tribes were properly redressed. In much the same way as the Native American ‘Indians’ were confined to their oppressive ‘reservations’ following the theft of their traditional homelands and hunting grounds, shanty towns and modern consumerism are by no stretch a replacement for thousands of years of local tradition and culture. The main point here is that compensation is highly irrelevant anyway, since these people should not have been forcibly removed from their own lands in the first place and no amount of cash can compensate for the loss of an entire way of life. The argument about compensation is in fact a ‘red herring’ to divert attention from the ongoing genocide being conducted upon them by non-governmental organisations that pretend to support human rights.

For example…

In Namibia the Hai’om Bushmen have been driven out of their ancestral lands, the Etosha Pan, which WWF was involved with securing as a conservation area. Conservation of what you may be entitled to ask, when ‘conservation’ involves so much complementary, wanton destruction.

In consultation with the WWF, the government of Botswana declared in February 1996, that the 3000 last remaining Bushmen, in their traditional hunting and gathering lifestyles, had to leave their ancestral land and their traditional lives. The reason given being that their ancestral land is now proposed as a new ‘game reserve.’

In South Africa the 40 last remaining Bushmen have been forced out of their ancestral land which is now largely used as the Kalahari Gemsbock National Park. The WWF has been and still is involved in this criminal activity in cahoots with the corrupt South African government.

Whilst in India, the Gujjar nomads in Uttar Pradesh, are victims of a ‘nature conservation’ project, where the WWF is also directly involved and the last few aboriginal people belonging to the Negrito race, have been victimised by National Park projects in the Nilgiri mountains where the WWF was and still is active in promoting ‘wildlife projects.’

There are many, many more cases, too numerous to mention here of small groups of traditional, native peoples victimised by joint governmental and WWF ‘nature conservation’ activities and policies and as with most other conservation programmes, this is a simply a front for corporate expansion and destruction of the environment in the name of obscene profiteering.   These downtrodden groups have very few friends left and virtually no-one to champion their just causes. If the process of ‘civilisation’ and globalisation is allowed to destroy the last remaining non-western cultures, we will be left with a human monoculture and if biodiversity is important, then human diversity is also. We must make alliances with and give support to these last bastions of hope for the future of humanity.

Cancer Research

Cancer research charities throughout the world today, only ever undertake research that involves chemotherapy, radiotherapy and invasive surgery. If their ‘treatments’ don’t involve butchery, poisoning or radiating your body to such an extent that your immune system becomes shattered and healthy cells being destroyed along with the cancerous ones, then they are not interested. Sometimes this destructive course will lead to an apparent ‘cure’ but this is often very short-lived as the disease returns to destroy what little is left of a devastated immune system, killing the patient long-term anyway but without that person’s death appearing in the statistics of ‘cancer victims.’

The myriad of charities and research institutions that make up the ‘cancer Industry’ exist only to support the profits of the criminal, Elite-controlled pharmaceutical industries. In fact, billions of pounds/dollars worldwide are siphoned from us, the poor deluded masses, into the coffers of the already mega-rich through highly persuasive, guilt-enhancing and fear-mongering advertising techniques as the controlled global media report one false ‘breakthrough’ after another with monotonous regularity. The simple truth is that there are cures for cancer but we are not allowed to know about them or if we do become aware of them – to actually use them.

Indeed there is very impressive, certifiable evidence from former cancer patients who, having exclusively used ‘outlawed’ treatments, have won their battles against cancer successfully with no side-effects whatsoever. The question we must therefore ask ourselves is, why do the cancer research charities not spend our donations testing the efficacy of all possible cures and not just ones that fulfil their own twisted agendas?

The answer to this question is fairly obvious really. There are no mega-profits to be made out of ill health by promoting so-called ‘alternative’ or natural medicine and therefore it follows that in conventional medical research, there is no ‘level playing-field’ for those who wish to explore the efficacy and effectiveness of these apparently safe and proven treatments. Unfortunately the Elite are completely in control of our medical profession, from medical education through to the highest-paid consultants and heads of the medical establishment themselves, meaning in effect that even the majority of well-meaning, decent doctors and scientists are dictated-to by a system they do not fully understand and which they blindly serve without realising how they are being deceived on a massive scale. Cancer research charities are in effect a complete and utter sham and a means by which huge sums of money are stolen every year from the people that they purport to be there to serve. A strong case could easily be made against them for causing appalling and unnecessary harm to people’s, health, wealth and happiness rather than aiding them.

Their experts in cancer care may only advise patients to look at alternative therapies in order to help mitigate the dangerous and unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and on no account are they allowed to view them as a way of curing and beating the cancer itself.

Poppy Day / Remembrance Day / Veterans Day

Poppy Day, (sometimes Remembrance Day) 11th November or to those across the Ocean, ‘Veteran’s Day’, is nothing more than a complete and utter farce.

Every time we switch on the TV in Britain around that time of year, we see presenters and guests alike, bedecked in poppies, sometimes from as early as late October. This is allegedly to honour those who died and were maimed ‘fighting for our freedoms’ but the real reason for this charade is completely different to the one promoted by the Elite powers that be.

In the week leading up to Remembrance Day 2011, the world governing body of football (soccer) FIFA, decreed that the English football team could not wear poppies embroidered onto its shirts in the upcoming game against Spain. Of course there was absolute mayhem and uproar as a result – all instigated of course at the behest of the controlled mainstream media in all its forms. Apparently FIFA has a strict policy against the wearing of political emblems or insignia of any kind on the shirts of those taking part in games under its jurisdiction – quite rightly in my view. A very sensible, fair and equitable policy one would think.

For the previous two weeks all English league games (they are not under the jurisdiction of FIFA) featured teams sporting the poppy emblem on their shirts and this bear in mind is despite the fact that approximately 50% of the players involved in these matches are not even British. They include Germans, Japanese, Italians and many other nationalities against whom the British have fought in the past century. Of course this is defended by saying that the poppy is to honour ALL war dead and not just those ‘on our side.’ In that case I would ask how much money the British Legion, the supposed recipient of all the money raised through the sale of poppies, contributes to its foreign counterparts in lieu of this fact? There would be no point in doing so of course, because I already know the answer to that question and it is a very round number.

However, the ensuing venomous outcry against FIFA regarding this decree from both media sources and public alike had to be seen to be believed. Why should this be?

I submit that it is because the general public, the sheeple, those whose lives are unknowingly controlled by those who deceive us on a daily basis, are programmed by the use of institutions such as ‘poppy day’ to behave in this way. We are all led to believe that by buying and wearing a poppy we are somehow ‘honouring’ those who died fighting futile wars in distant foreign hell holes in the name of expansion of the corporate interests that control and run the world. It is merely an expedient (and a very powerful one) by which the masses are conditioned to believe that fighting these bloody, tragic wars is done for the purpose of saving us all from some deadly enemy who would soon be on our shores breaking down our doors, raping our women and killing our children or at least committing terrorist atrocities by the thousand, if we did not halt them in their tracks ‘over there.’

This is all absolute, abject nonsense of course, but a wonderfully simple, expedient way of propagandising and promoting their wars of capitalist expansion in furtherance of British and American imperialism and corporate/banking interests. It also keeps these wars in the forefront of everyone’s minds whilst continuing to morally justify them by way of labelling their victims as ‘heroes’ and glorifying their ‘sacrifices’ for their ‘country.’ The BBC have a thoroughly despicable track-record in this respect, producing programmes and documentaries by the hundred, that maintain this illusion and keep all the wars of the last century or more constantly in the public eye. Even such programmes such as ‘Antiques Roadshow’ are not spared in this respect. The edition of AR on Sunday 13th November 2011 was a blatant example of the glorification of war by the BBC, every item examined by the experts having some connection to war and the tragic yet glorious sacrifice of the subject’s relatives. Words fail me really.

But back to the FIFA issue. After being thoroughly vilified for its stance and even the heir to the throne, Prince William being involved in writing a letter to the Secretary General, Sepp Blatter, FIFA eventually compromised and decided to allow poppies to be worn by the England team on its armbands. The power of falsely engendered public opinion never ceases to amaze.

I believe that in the weeks leading up to the event, mainstream TV stations are told that everyone who appears on screen MUST be seen to be wearing a poppy, as no-one ever is shown without one – and even more tellingly, the poppies are all of exactly the same design across most of the main stations. This would say to me that those people appearing on screen, for the most part, do not turn up to the studios wearing their own poppy and are provided with the ‘standard issue’ poppy upon arrival and are coerced into wearing it on camera whether or not they agree with the principle underlying it all. In one extreme instance during the ‘remembrance weekend’ in 2011, the BBC programme ‘Countryfile’ even interviewed a man who was constructing a roof and yet still sported his obligatory ‘same design’ poppy whilst doing so. Of course who among us has not felt that same overwhelming need to show our allegiance to the heroes of our brave armed forces, whilst 20 feet up a ladder working on a roof in a force 9 gale? Propaganda and mind control in its most ugly form, in my view.

Of course most will not understand the issue and blindly agree to wear it, but I would love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in that situation and hear a conversation between anyone with broadly similar views to my own arguing their case in the countdown to going ‘on air.’ However I strongly suspect that they would not ‘win’ and would not be allowed to appear without the poppy. In contrast, on the 8th November 2011, three days before Remembrance Day, I appeared on the now sadly defunct independent TV station, Edge Media Television, to discuss my article on Jack the Ripper and refreshingly, there were no poppies to be seen anywhere, either on the presenter, Theo Chalmers or any of the technicians and staff.

Would not a better way to honour the dead and wounded be to end the raping and oppressing of poor nations and stealing their resources and call a halt to the exploitation and murder of their peoples in the name of corporate hegemony, thereby saving the lives of thousands of our ‘heroes’? I strongly believe it would.

The above, scant examples are by no means a definitive list of the great charity deception that blights our life daily and until we collectively resist contributing to these evil monsters and instead where we are able, give directly to those in need, no doubt this disgraceful state of affairs will continue unabated and unreported by the unspeakable, craven cowards and shills of our controlled mainstream media.





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