Autism is caused by Vaccines

Controversy has raged for years over whether mercury received through vaccines is sufficient to cause harm to children. Virtually all studies absolving mercury-containing vaccines of safety deficiencies have been conducted by vaccine insiders with a financial stake in the outcome, rendering them in effect, worthless.

Chronic neurological disorders, especially autism, have increased rapidly during the past two decades in correlation with increases in vaccines and total mercury exposure. In July 1999, CDC, the American Academy of Paediatrics and vaccine companies agreed to remove mercury from all childhood vaccines ‘as soon as possible’, but at the time of writing it still remains in 16 licensed vaccines, 5 of which are still given to infants.

The CDC claims there is ‘no convincing evidence of harm’ that vaccines cause significant neurological damage or autism and cites a number of studies claiming to exonerate mercury.

“The studies they reference are all deeply flawed, and, as was the case with decades of ‘tobacco epidemiology,’ were deliberately manufactured to hide the truth,” Jim Moody, director of SafeMinds

Data from the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink first revealed an association between mercury and brain damage, but these findings were later suppressed and the data were manipulated to exonerate thimerasol. This scientific manipulation was first revealed through documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, leading to a best-selling book, Evidence of Harm and to a published retraction of any “no cause” interpretation by the study’s lead author Thomas Verstraeten (who by then had left CDC for the vaccine manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline). The most recent study of VSD data by Young et al. made additional findings that vaccine mercury caused not only autism but several other neuro-developmental disorders. Despite criticism from the Institute of Medicine and Congress, CDC still refuses to grant access to VSD to private researchers and the Justice Department refuses to permit petitioners in Vaccine Courts access to these crucial data.

Big Pharma has been under pressure to remove mercury from all its vaccines for more than a decade now, but still shows no actual intent to do so. What further evidence do we need that there is a conspiracy to maintain the status quo and continue to poison and kill on an industrial scale? The very fact that governments remain complicit and do not intervene also speaks volumes and adds fuel to the fire of conspiracy.

It is obviously in everyone’s interests (except the 99.99% of course) that things remain as they are and the cull should continue.

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