The Pharmaceutical Industry (Big Pharma)

It is certainly not by accident that the giant, multi-national pharmaceutical companies have completely infiltrated and now in effect control, all of the important healthcare organisations from cancer research charities such as the huge American Cancer Society (ACS) to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to the British and American Medical Associations (BMA and AMA), Britain’s Cancer Research, MacMillan and even medical education establishments across the Western world. Indeed, many of the pharmaceutical super-giants (Big Pharma) have at their disposal, substantially more financial power and resources than many medium to large-sized countries and the totally corrupt FDA, far from acting as the protector of people’s health and well-being from greedy corporate interests, as is its mandate, is provably culpable for allowing highly-profitable yet highly-toxic, substances into the food chain in what can only be described as at best, irresponsible and at worst, criminal activities. The upper echelons of the FDA and Big Pharma would also appear to operate a ‘revolving door’ policy whereby senior executives from both sides of the supposed ‘divide’ regularly trade positions. Obviously no conflict of interest to be seen there then.

‘Big Pharma’ is also responsible for the wholesale, mass propaganda affecting not just the layman, but even medical personnel – from the highest-paid professor of medicine to the lowliest trainee nurse. It is this propaganda which implants the seemingly now ‘received wisdom’ that cure is better than prevention and illness and disease can only be effectively treated by artificially manufactured petrochemical, pharmaceutical products (which they are of course, very happy to supply at grossly inflated prices), rather than natural foodstuffs and a healthy diet. Unfortunately there are no vast profits to be made in the prevention of disease by proper nutrition and nor would a happy, healthy population be in their best interests. Vitamins and mineral supplements and other ‘natural’ and dietary remedies are under such severe attack by these organisations and their lackeys, that we are now seeing them increasingly being made illegal or legislated against as ‘untested’ or ‘un-approved drugs’ via organisations such as the Codex Alimentarius committee and the aforementioned FDA.   It can even be shown from readily available evidence that indeed, Big Pharma is actually responsible for ‘inventing’ many new diseases simply in order to profit from their ‘cures’. Impossible you say? It is not only possible, but provably true.

“I would like to dispel the myth that the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of health care and healing. Because, in fact, what the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of, is disease maintenance and symptoms management. They are not in the business of curing cancer, Alzheimer’s or heart disease or anything else, because if they were, they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business and that does not make sense…. The pharmaceutical industry does not want to cure people.” Gwen Olsen, former senior pharmaceutical industry insider and author of ‘Confessions of a Drug Pusher’

However, perhaps the single, greatest criminal act of the pharmaceutical cartel is the great cancer hoax. Cancer is not incurable or unpreventable as their extensive propaganda through the mainstream media makes widely believed, but all forms of cancer can be treated and prevented very effectively, easily and inexpensively using simple, readily available nutritional supplements and vitamins and if this statement is untrue, why then would they cause such unnecessary suffering on such a grand scale by spending millions fighting and suppressing these proven remedies as they do? Several reasons spring to mind. Firstly, we cannot exclude the fact that cancer is a huge destroyer of human life and as such is a valuable tool in their self-admitted goal of large-scale human population reduction. There is also much truth in the premise that ageing populations are extremely expensive for governments to maintain and so how much better for them that people should die on average ten to twenty years sooner than they naturally would and thus reduce the overall financial burden on the state? However, the primary reason for this cruel deception is the great god of profit.

Cancer is absolutely without doubt a multi-trillion-dollar industry employing millions worldwide in the form of researchers, charity workers and carers, before we start on the vast armies of medical personnel dependent on cancer for their careers or livelihoods. Take away the disease and you remove the huge annual profits associated with its useless and deadly drugs in the form of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also surgical procedures. Significantly, in a recent, mainstream-ignored (of course) survey, 91% of oncologists said that they would not undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy if they were ever diagnosed with the disease or indeed allow family members to do so as these treatments ‘poison the system’. In addition, there is also the vast, vast amount of money that is siphoned from us through our generous contributions to cancer research ‘charities’ each year, often in the face of extreme emotional blackmail, the vast majority of which never even reaches the medical research teams anyway. Big Pharma spends many millions per annum in the perpetuation of this hoax through the infiltration and ‘incentivising’ of such organisations as medical societies, the medical profession itself, medical education and ACS, Cancer Research, MacMillan etc.

I have no doubt that there are many decent, caring people in these organisations who are striving hard to discover a pharmaceutical-based cure against all odds, but they and humanity as a whole are being duped by these truly evil organisations on a grand scale.



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