The Truth About Diseases and Viruses

‘Viruses’ and ‘diseases’ do NOT exist.

They were both created by the Rockefeller-controlled medical industry in league with ‘Big Pharma’ who use the so-called ‘germ theory’ in order to sell medication and vaccines to the people for monetary gain and population control.

If ‘germ theory’ was correct there would not be a single human alive anywhere in the world today.  Germs, bacteria, fungi, pathogens and even ‘viruses,’ which are in reality protein-based exosomes within everyone’s RNA, are everywhere.  The bodies of all living creatures are made up of them. 

So called ‘diseases’ are just symptoms of an underlying toxicity within the cells and so-called ‘viruses’ are manufactured within our own bodies as a protection method against external toxins of all kinds.  When we are suffering from a dangerous level of toxicity of any kind, our bodies create a defence mechanism which we refer to as ‘flu’ or ‘cold’ or ‘pneumonia’ or any number of other named ‘viruses’ in order to expel these often deadly toxins.

Therefore viruses are not contagious.  We do not ‘acquire’ them externally and nor do they get ‘passed on’ from person to person. 

The only way you can ‘catch’ a virus is to be injected with one via a vaccine.

You have been warned!

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  1. That’s not entirely true.

    Bacteria exist everywhere and does get spread into your body if you drink water/food thst is poisioned or if you have lots of wounds and get dirt into them, you might get inflammatory deceases. Other rhan that I Agree.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are absolutely correct! I will be updating this article in the next few days.

  2. Good succinct article John…that’s how I see it too re viruses..and yes Tulos, we can experience entry of bacteria requiring immune system attention… to re-establish our well-being. I reckon same applies re parasites which have invaded our bodies by whatever means…

  3. Everything that is mentioned here is accurate…. the message needs to be passed to everyone that has so badly been brainwashed by the medical institutions. If you take the time and read a book by two researchers that took ten years in putting this book together, the proof is there. The book is on Kindle titled “What Really Makes You Ill?” I highly recommend reading this book with family and loved ones. It’ll be an awakening to the medical fraud that has been going on for a very long time.

    1. Mathew – The only way to ‘catch a cold’ is by being in the same toxic environment as someone else who has that cold. Colds – or any other so-called virus, do not exist in the way we are told. Viruses are our own body’s way of dealing with toxins – which could be electromagnetic or chemical in nature. They come from within our cells and not externally as the medical industry would have us believe.

      For a much fuller explanation please see my book, The Falsification of Science.’

  4. I don’t have a medical background and don’t doubt most of your article but I know for certain to have caught cold/flu symptoms from others.

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for your comment. Interesting. How do you know ‘for certain’ that you caught cold/flu from others and not from the general environment?

  5. exosome theory is believed and taught by the very top scientists …. the powers that be are trying to keep a lid on it for obvious reasons…. colds and flu are caused mainly by the bodies reaction to extreme changes in temperature and getting soaked when it pissed down ?…. If people think back long enough they will remember getting a cold because of this when they have been in contact with no one with a cold.

    The idea of asymptotic transmission has been totally trashed by top scientists on youtube… then when I went back to share this video with fellow science buffs the video was removed for breeching community standards….

    All this censorship only started when the scamdemic did…. and yet people see this and still can’t put two and two together…. go figure….

    1. “top scientists… on YouTube”


      That incredible, peer reviewed source: YouTube! ?


  6. Everyone should read “The Contagion Myth” by Tom Cowan MD

    Also listen to Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman on bitchute, odysee etc etc

    Dr vernon coleman “the old man in a chair” on brandnewtube

    You’ll be amazed and enlightened.

  7. Cancers are fungi.
    Fungi are the apex predator that will eventually consume us all.
    Viruses aren’t alive, they are solvents that destroy different things depending on their natural disposition (including fungi). Our bodies are capable of producing 320,000 different varieties of these solvents, without which, we would succumb to an unfashionable hairstyle and drop dead on the spot.
    Thank you John, for your continuing efforts.
    I sincerely appreciate them.
    Warmest regards, Carl.

  8. Just read an excellent book on the Subject (of many) called Virus Mania.
    Deals with the ‘scientism’ of the creation of the ‘virus’ fallacy.
    Worth a read.

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