How it is in Happyland


Say goodbye to duty and honor, take the bribe and shut your mouth

The way we think creates the world we experience.

Our corrupted elders taught us to think like cutthroat members of the Asian hordes who slashed their way across time and space, all the way to America, all the while creating Holocausts™ for fame and fortune for themselves and uninterrupted misery for everyone else. This is the primary reason human society is so unhealthy — the parasite is eagerly consuming its host. (Greg Felton wrote a book about this.)

In the latest Keanu Reeves movie, Jewish Hollywood has turned him into a froth-mouthed killer resembling the 1980s Charles Bronson vigilante movies (“The Mechanic” 1972) in which our antihero seeks vengeance on designated bad guys. Perhaps that was the beginning of our robotization, glorifying the act of murdering people in a trancelike state, an aching melodrama that played on the evening news repeatedly during the Obama administration’s pathetic efforts to promote gun control.

Have you noticed there are no heroes in the movies anymore? Only antiheroes, who we must love despite their repulsive characteristics. Must be a Jewish thing, eh? Teaching us to obey our killers, no matter how nasty the orders might be.

This genre of movies — as well as all the false flag terror events — are advertisements for killing your neighbor and any reason will do. All you have to do is get pissed off and drunk, take some pills eagerly prescribed by your doctor, and start shooting.

In Jewish Happyland, this is a lifestyle to be emulated, to express your rage with vehemence on the nearest bystanders, sort of the way our government does business, blowing up wedding parties in search of either imaginary terrorists or actual terrorists it has hired to make our law enforcement apparatus look good.

The rich Jewish billionaires are spending as much money as they can trying to get the race war to start.

If you are still alive today in Happyland, you’ve replaced yourself with the New World Order version of yourself.

Not a lucrative profession

If what you deduce conflicts with the prevailing philosophy of the powers that be, your reward for telling the truth is almost always that you lose everything. You’d be lucky to escape with your life, but you can forget about peace and prosperity.

So many people in this world do what they’re told to do, rather than think for themselves, and do what’s right.  You think if you can dodge the worst of it, hide behind email BCCs and use a pseudonym wherever you go, that the storm will finally blow over and you’ll be OK. They won’t come after you because you didn’t reveal yourself, you clever fellow.

All of these dodges mean you’re an unreliable ally in the fight against this giant black wraith of fear and meaningless violence that has long engulfed the world.

Don’t be a deluded loser, cowering in the shadow of Big Brother ZOG. He knows you’re there, he can count the times you go to the bathroom every day. We need you to stand up, not hide in the shadows. This is a problem that won’t go away of its own accord, and if you don’t pay attention to it, the deteriorating condition of your own control over your own life accelerates, until you have none left.

Right now you have none left.

You don’t fix anything until you fix the Jews. They control virtually every aspect of life in the world, and if you don’t comprehend that, then read no further. The Jews are here to destabilize everyone. Their self-designation of “The Chosen” indicates they are the chosen saboteurs of all life on Earth, convincing examples of how humans should never behave.

Shit, they molest their own children and cut the tips off the penises of their baby boys, and you can see the pattern clearly in the way they trumpet biotechnology over religion, and teach their children swindles rather bonding. This aids them in their mission to make everyone distrust one another, when in reality no one really needs to fight anyone because the thing everyone is really fighting — their own deaths — simply cannot be overcome except by figmented beliefs, which, though delusional, change an unhappy ending into a blissful transition when entering the non-breathing realm.

Believe it or not, believers, deluded though they may be, are comfortable, at peace with their lives; skeptics of Biblical exaggerations, over-proud of the incisive truths they have unearthed, are forever distressed, uncertain, and most importantly unproductive in the carrying out of their human duties.

When you ask the ultimate questions, the answers can get pretty ugly. The delusions of spiritual enlightenment form an anesthesia for ontological angst, allowing everyone to live a comfortable life without undue focus on their approaching termination dates.

Wrong way at the fork

We had Tesla, the real deal. But we went with Einstein, the plagiarist. That was the coronation of the intellectual frauds who now engulf us with their fantasies like dark matter and the Big Bang, pathological poseurs who asphyxiate our brains with artificial constructs that bear no relation to empirical reality.

If we paid more attention at an earlier age to the stultifying fact that one day we die, I think that we would be kinder to each other, and I know there would be fewer wars.

Who would spend their one lifetime risking their only life fighting for something they suspected was a lie? It’s these religious types who always go to war, being gulled into acting on the teachings they have been given to willingly sacrifice their lives for their country, even though their country is led by a gang of pathological killers who lie about everything they do. When they truly believe in an afterlife, they’ll get themselves killed in a heartbeat, because they know they’re going to Happyland.

Though Happyland engulfs us, we still don’t know what it is.

We don’t know if Happyland is now, or later. Mostly we never think about it until that time when the knees start to go or the heart begins to palpitate. We don’t know if Happyland is real or not, although its secondary manifestations seem to dominate human behavior.

Cynical politicians the world around constantly use it as a justification for robbery and mass murder. They are forever defending Happyland.

But we don’t know if it is real. It is only a cognitive supposition that makes us comfortable if we don’t ask too many questions about it, or look too closely at the pathetically fallible men who pretend to be its infallible leaders.

You should know that anybody who says he’s infallible is bogus.

We need to learn that we’re not going to get some eternal reward for murdering people who don’t even know what they’ve done wrong.

The destabilizers

The Jewish problem will not be solved by letting Jews off the hook.

They have reengineered consciousness on us. The constant avalanche of false flag data explodes in our minds. We don’t know what to believe. Neighbors clash with neighbors over what is actually real, whether all those children were murdered or not, whether we should be bombing half the world and turning Arab cities to rubble.

Our own cities molder into slums amid malicious reports of foreign terror that seems suspiciously directed by the Jews who control the Pentagon. Judges justify selling guns to terrorists as long as their terror aids the neocon objective. The neocon objective is to turn America into a prison camp supervised by Jews and plundered by powerful politicians whose allegiance to Israel is securely kept in place by unpublished photos of their sexual dalliances with underage children.

Realize that your security is based on blood, the blood that gives credibility to the American threat that you better obey what the puppetmasters say, or the cost will be much higher than you anticipated.

America likes dropping bombs on people, and seeing them smolder as they die. Israel really likes that, too.

Who you are — and what you have done and will do — survives solely in the hearts and minds of others.

The emulation of nature should be our only textbook. We’ve been handed a perfect system and made a total botch of it, where one gang of clever thugs has commandeered all the money and cast a net of profiteering over the totality of human perception. From there, human small mindedness, the lack of foresight, has trashed the planet.

So-called “Peace” on this planet is bought by the butchery of the less fortunate. Slick salesmen capture markets with poison products while the healthy things remain consigned to the back streets, until, like marijuana, are finally coopted by the corporations and poisoned and adulterated for the marketplace.

We need to have the humility to realize we are but a small part of life itself, a corpuscle in the bloodstream of Gaia, and what we do to some other part of life affects us significantly. This particularly applies to murder, where the stain of the action pollutes the remainder of the killer’s life with nightmares, assuming his conscience has not been blotted out by the trauma of his original injury, especially if it has been inflicted by some demonic government program.

The underinvestigated trauma of death denial lures us into arbitrary and injurious pastimes the center around the abuse of others. This need to triumph is a tangential result of the desperate need — for simple peace of mind — to deny the fact that we die.

This choice sends us down catacombs of arcane and absurd religious rituals, which further insulate us from an ability to see the damage done in pursuit of religious commands that not only insulate us from our neighbors who speak a different language, but also facilitate our way into easy killing because of the supposedly noble motive masking the ulterior motive of the action to begin with, which is almost always robbery.

See also

Kaminski: Becker’s paradox (2010)

All you have to do is remember that no matter how obnoxious your neighbors seem to be, they have two eyes, bleed red, reproduce and die. If you see they are beyond you in intellect and ability, don’t be ashamed to ask them for help. If they are below you, hold out your hand and lift them up. This way the world will remain at peace.

As long as they have enough food and a life that rewards them, humans are basically good, not evil, as the church constantly tells them. It is a scam to control you, whereas in all these instances, you need to control them so at least they don’t molest your children.

And you should remember, without doing things that benefit others you are benefitting no one, not even yourself. Who will remember what you did and how you lived when you die? That is the you who will live on forever.

Above all, respect life. Pity those who do not, and then shun them.

By John Kaminski

Reproduced here with his kind permission.

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