I Used to Believe…

That we are all born equal 

That I was born FREE

That my education gave me knowledge and wisdom

That my college degree would bring me life-long financial security

That our history books are accurate and true

That we evolved from single-celled organisms

That fluoride would stop my teeth from decaying

That vaccines would keep me healthy

That flowing electrons create electricity

That the pyramids were tombs for Pharaohs

That ancient civilisations were primitive

That our tap water was safe to drink

That food on the supermarket shelves is healthy 

That scientists know everything worth knowing

That science is the true source of all knowledge

That mathematical formulas can explain everything

That atoms are made of subatomic particles

That gravity was well defined and understood 

That we landed on the moon 

That we travelled though the Van Allen Belts

That we returned to the moon several times

That we landed a probe on Mars

That the sun is giant nuclear reactor

That we have pictures of Earth from space

That ‘junk’ DNA is just useless matter

That nothing moves faster than the speed of light

That cancer cannot be cured

That drug companies develop cures for diseases

That drugs will make me feel better

That mythology was just the imagination of people in ancient times

That Alexander was Great because he conquered the world 

That Adolf Hitler was evil because he wanted to conquer the world 

That Hitler started the war and Churchill was a saint

That we are the most scientifically advanced civilisation

That we are at the pinnacle of knowledge 

That humans are the most advanced species

That Stonehenge was built by men in animal skins

That there was an exodus from Egypt by 600,000 Jews 

That a man called Jesus was born 2,000 years ago

That our calendar is accurate, and we live in a year called 2021

That our governments are our servants

That our governments are doing the best they can for us

That armies are necessary for our protection

That JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald

That William Shakespeare wrote all those great stories

That money makes the world go round

That our banks are controlled by our governments

That economics is very complicated and only a few truly understand it

That our money was connected to our gold reserves

That two large jets flew into the twin towers

That Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction

That Hendrik Verwoerd was killed because of Apartheid

That Gaddafi was a dangerous dictator 

That royalty has some divine right to conquer and rule the world

That Nelson Mandela and the ANC freed the people of South Africa

That the Bible was the word of God

That millions of people were killed in gas chambers

That gold was necessary for human survival

That mining the planet was part of an advancing civilisation

That industrial development was the driving force behind our human progress

That rockets can travel in space

That chemtrails were just stubborn vapour trails

That there is molten iron at the core of the Earth 

That this molten iron gives our Earth its magnetic properties

That magnetism is well understood

That banks are respectable, ethical institutions 

That people need jobs to survive

That human nature is to be greedy, violent and to wage war

That all human misery is a consequence of our dark human nature

That Columbus discovered America

That the Big Bang ‘theory’ accurately describes the origins of the universe 

That the Earth moves through space 

That the Earth is a giant sphere, floating in space

That every picture shown by NASA is real

That the Earth spins at 1000 miles per hour at the equator

That nuclear weapons are real and a great danger to us all

That dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago

But today, I am not so certain about any of this, anymore.  What I do know, is that we have been manipulated and lied to for so long that it has become almost impossible to separate the lies from the truth.  I do however, realise that the deeper I dig, the bigger the lies become, and the deeper the rabbit holes are, within which they are concealed. 

I also know now that our governments are not our friends or servants, and they serve invisible masters unknown to most people and are covering up some kind of secret and knowledge, that if exposed, would cause them to lose control over the people of the world.

I suspect that it is this secret, which remains viciously guarded by our draconian dictators, that holds the key to our infinite potential as humanity to create anything we choose to.  That we are the creators of our own reality and that this potential and ability has been hidden from us through lies, propaganda and manipulations for thousands of years. 

We are ruled over by elite psychopaths who use their puppet politicians as a front to cover their insidious actions and to create a false reality that most people falsely believe is real.

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