Introduction to ‘Behind the Curtain’

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt that the root of all evil in this world is not money itself, as the popular saying would have us believe, but the very small group of people who control our money, credit, government, military, courts, media, industry, agriculture, healthcare, food, education and indeed, anything else of consequence.  As incredible and absurd as it all may sound, I will present compelling evidence from the last three hundred years that will demonstrate how this whole diabolical long-term, covert plan has progressed, virtually without interference or detection and with the total co-operation of the highly complicit, mainstream media (TV, radio, and written press,) who are of course ultimately owned by the same entities as all the major banks and corporations.

Many of you, upon reading this book may be shocked by its contents.  You may think that you know exactly how the world works and who controls it.  If so, please allow me to introduce you to the real truth and make you fully aware of the crimes that the above group has perpetrated over the course of many centuries and even well beyond that, back into the mists of time.

All of us are surely aware by now that there is so much wrong with the world and that life today, for Joe and Josie Public has become more about surviving than living.  We seem to constantly lurch from one crisis or major disaster to another; endless wars, rising prices, disappearing jobs and no matter which party is in ‘power,’ the rich always get richer and the poor get poorer.  But more recently it seems, it is the so-called ‘middle classes’ that are being systematically victimised.  The things that we long took for granted; cheap unadulterated and abundant, healthy food, plentiful and affordable food and water for all, social services and proper healthcare, the right to privacy, the right to criticise authority, freedom of speech, and to be presumed innocent until found guilty, are all ever more rapidly becoming distant memories.

Through all the ‘civil’ and ‘world’ wars, the endless conflicts, illegal invasions, famines, ‘ethnic cleansings,’ epidemics, natural disasters, mass-murders and all the unrest and misery, the one single group that has not just prospered from humanity’s woes, but has actually done everything humanly possible to cause them and thereby benefit from them… is the ‘Central Bankers,’ the Elite, the Establishment.  Some call them the Illuminati and yet others, the Satanic controllers of the world or the Jewish/Zionist/Freemasonic criminal cabal.  Whatever name or label we apply to them, they are certainly the ultimate and most powerful criminal ‘gang’ the world has ever seen.

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet, but despite the popular myth that states that it is the so-called ‘1%’ that control the remaining ‘99%,’ in reality it is closer to less than one-thousandth of one per cent that firmly control the remaining 99.999% of us.

This book is my humble attempt to connect the dots that link together the crimes, including the wholesale waging of illegal wars that were all committed with a distinct pattern and a clear purpose, despite their outward appearance of having ‘random’ causes.  The indictments against these dark forces are almost literally endless; mass-murder, genocide, high treason, assassination, conspiracy, grand theft, deception, fraud, drug-running, slavery, kidnapping, paedophilia, torture, money-laundering, environmental destruction on a massive scale plus much more.  These are all disgraceful crimes against all of humanity and have been committed with impunity and with utter contempt and disregard for their fellow human beings and indeed all living entities, whilst being safe in their certain knowledge that they are immune from prosecution and until lately, even from identification as the ultimate perpetrators.

In order to deceive the world, they rely on the centuries of the instructed ‘turning a blind eye’ and lying deceptions of their controlled mass-media and of their institutionalised brainwashing and conditioning of us all, together with their deceptive, pervasive advertisements, contributions to charity and the arts and their fake patriotism.  They also trust (and with good reason) that the general populace will believe that despite all their sordid dealings and convictions for illegal foreclosures, credit-fixing, massive over-charging, usury, money laundering, fraud and racketeering in the past, they could surely never be either evil or powerful enough to control the whole world and its destiny.

But, these entities loan us and our governments our own currency at interest and literally and fraudulently create money ‘out of thin air.’  They also own and control through their thousands of inter-connecting corporations all the gold, silver, diamonds, other precious metals, minerals, oil, drugs, food-production etc. and also control all the credit and fix all prices including all the financial markets, stocks, shares, bonds, securities, FOREX etc.  It is also, maybe surprisingly to some, true to say that no-one can run for political office at ANY level without their endorsement.

“All great truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  Arthur Schopenhauer

This book will surely convince you of the greatest, if not the most vitally important truth of all which is that almost all of what we learned in school, in college and university, our history, economics, science, everything we were and still are ‘spoon-fed’ by the medical profession, the media and our so-called ‘leaders,’ indeed almost everything they instilled in us, is a total fantasy, a fairy story to keep us all asleep, unquestioning and obedient citizens.  What school ever taught us that the paper money in our wallets and purses was loaned to our governments at interest by private international bankers and not generated by the governments of the countries in which we live – or even backed by any commodity of intrinsic value such as gold?   What school ever enlightened us to the fact that these same bankers simultaneously financed the Nazis, the Communists, the left, the right, the centre, the ‘Occupy’ movement, the 9/11 Truth movement and every terrorist group you ever heard of, down the centuries and decades?

“Need I remind you again that every single dollar in this nation is now brought into existence – not as an honest store of wealth and measure of value for the goods and services created by the people – but as a debt to the bankers, most of whom are enemy aliens, to vacuum-up our wealth while creating nothing of value themselves?  Need I remind you that all of our nation’s taxes – all of them – now go directly to those bankers to pay them, forever, for money that they created out of thin air, by the stroke of a pen, as a part of the so-called ‘National Debt,’ and that all national public expenditure is now ‘financed’ by these same vampire-like alien financiers?  No people in the thrall of such slavery could possibly be called free and independent.  And no people has been more financially enslaved than the hapless Americans, most of whom don’t even have the faintest clue about how their wealth and their future has been stolen from them – and most of whom wave the flag and cheer mindlessly as their own sons are sent to die in the sand to impose this same slavery on others.  Americans, realistically viewed, are actually the opposite of a free and independent people.”  Kevin Alfred Strom, 4th July 2015

Nixon, Reagan, Thatcher, Clinton, Bush, Blair, Cameron, Obama, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin et al were all financed and/or made electable and manoeuvered into position and controlled by people who profit from death and destruction and who regard the whole world as a ‘pie’ to be carved up and devoured by their own tiny clique.  It was indeed these very same ‘banksters’ (banker-gangsters) who created many of our greatest so-called institutions of learning and funded and directed exactly what was to be written into our text books and educational curricula.  Is it surprising at all then that your mind naturally tends to reject any other premise to the contrary?

“Who amongst us has not been fooled?  We believe in our institutions, we love our country and respect our leaders.”  Mark Twain

We were all raised by our parents to respect and adhere to accepted moral values, to obey the law, work hard and prosper and to do our duty to our country when called upon.  Our parents and grandparents, teachers, religious and community leaders, newspapers, radio, film and TV all taught us that ‘good always triumphs over evil’ and that virtue is its own reward.  We were instructed to be good citizens, to respect our government and politicians, love our country, pay all our ‘debts’ and taxes and never question authority.  The baby-boomer generation, of which your author is a member, growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, were instilled with an unshakeable air of pride and optimism for the future.  ‘You’ve never had it so good,’ we were told emphatically – yet deceptively.

But it is certainly not by accident that we see all the endless global conflicts and wars, stock market crashes and massive job losses.  And it is also no coincidence that the banksters continue to enrich themselves to the detriment of us all, as everything else collapses around us.  Think about it… who else could make money out of rising OR falling share prices or could place non-losable bets (with our money) and hope that crops fail and that planes crash and explode into skyscrapers?   What research could predict what legislation would pass even before it is introduced or even heard of?  And finally, who else could get governments (or more precisely you and I) to bail them out, in effect compensating them for robbing their own customers?

Those at the very top of the pyramid about to be exposed within these pages never go to jail or are ever indicted or even named.  They hide in the shadows, protected by countless layers of flunkies, lawyers and ready-made patsies and if that is not enough, they control the legal system by utilising the same ‘bribe and blackmail’ policy as that with which they control the politicians, corporations, police and military.

When you, as they are, able to create unlimited money purely out of nothing, when you can buy-off or eliminate anyone that gets in your way, nothing that any of us mere mortals could do would be of the slightest consequence to them.  They are the ultimate masters of deceit and deception in the way that they convince us to dutifully pay taxes that are optional, to fight wars that are illegal, to get away with poisoning our food, our environment and our minds – and if they are able to do this without us realising, then a reasonable question may well be ‘what else are they capable of?’

It took the dedication and courage of a great many ‘truth-seekers,’ to uncover the evidence about to be presented to you no doubt, patriotic, empathetic and caring people from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe.  Many of these brave souls are now no longer with us it is sad to say and as you begin to realise and comprehend the full extent and implications of what they have uncovered, the reasons for this should become all too apparent.  Those among you who get your news from the free, alternative media will appreciate their efforts more than most, but of course as with the totally bankster-dominated mainstream media, you cannot believe all alternate media sources either as they, in part, have also been infiltrated, corrupted and compromised by the usual suspects too.  There are plenty of reliable sources out there, but there is also plenty of ‘dis-information’ too unfortunately and it is not always easy to tell the difference, immediately.

Certainly, some people you long respected and maybe even regarded as role models will be herein exposed as traitors to their people and totally corrupt and there will be numerous unpleasant surprises and shocks within the pages of this book.  You may feel more than just fooled as Mark Twain put it, you may even feel totally betrayed and experience more than just a little cognitive dissonance (see below.)  Unfortunately this is nothing more or less than an unavoidable consequence of ‘waking-up,’ as it is popularly known, to the stark realities of this world.

Finally… the whole purpose of this book is to enlighten people as to what is really going on in the world today, by the examination of the events of the past and relating them to the present day situation.  Unfortunately in doing so, there will inevitably be some who will be totally shocked and maybe even offended by some of the evidence presented.

That would be deeply regrettable as my sincere intention is to unite everyone in the search for the truth and not divide.  Any ‘finger-pointing’ at the collective actions of any distinct ‘group’ racial, political or otherwise, is absolutely not intended to be offensive or disrespectful in any way.  It is my sincere belief that all people of ALL races, colours, creeds and beliefs deserve respect and consideration of their views and should have the right to speak freely, live the lives they wish as long as it does no harm to others and also to believe whatever they wish.  I also sincerely believe that 99.99% of people are inherently good, decent, and genuine, caring people but wherever evil abounds, whomsoever the perpetrators, I feel it is my moral obligation to expose it, no matter whom I may upset or offend in the process.  The truth is always the truth, whomsoever it may upset.

The dangers of just dismissing all this as some looney ‘conspiracy theory,’ cannot be over-stated, but, if you prefer to be lied-to or feel a certain comfort in being told that everything is alright, that things are getting better… then without doubt, this book is not for you.  However if you are able to judge the information and evidence presented, logically and with an open mind, then maybe, just maybe, between us all we can initiate an unstoppable momentum that will eventually change the world and make it a better place, if not for ourselves, then maybe for our children or perhaps even their children.

To truly understand what is going on in the world, it is vital that we begin to think for ourselves and not simply accept what we are told by the media in all its guises, but in order for this to happen we may well have to suspend our cognitive dissonance.

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