The Covid Psy-Op and How to Fight Back

Perhaps the only weapon that ‘we, the people’ have at our disposal in the face of the totalitarian system being forced upon us in these dark times, is absolute and total non-compliance and non-violent defiance of the current rules on mask wearing, movements and social interaction.

These ‘rules’ (significantly not laws, although they are presented as such) are allegedly there for our protection and to curb the spread of an alleged, yet non-existent virus
Dr Lorraine Day – The Germ & Virus Theory & The inversion of truth ( which we are falsely led to believe will result in many, many deaths unless we consent to obey their draconian lockdowns and severe restriction of our inalienable right to freedom of movement.

But what do I mean by ‘non-compliance’ precisely?

Peaceful non-compliance is simply:

Refusing to wear masks where designated as compulsory.

Driving to wherever you choose, whenever you choose.

Visiting friends or relatives whenever you choose.

Congregating in whatever numbers you choose.

Opening your own businesses whenever you wish.

This of course will necessitate some of us dealing with the spectre of false arrest by the police or a government enforcement officer of some description.

To guard against this eventuality it would be wise to be fully prepared.  To this end it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with the process outlined below.  You may still be unlawfully arrested in the very worst case scenario, but this is usually sufficient to deter that outcome.

Common Law is the ‘real’ law of the land and not the fake ‘maritime’ and corporate law that they use against us to further their own nefarious ends and to control us illegally.

They are only able to make an arrest without a warrant if there is evidence you have committed a Common Law offence.  This in effect therefore means that we cannot be arrested for breaking Covid ‘rules.’

So, record all encounters with enforcers (police or others purporting to have the authority to order you to comply with their wishes).

Always answer any question with another question. DO NOT give your name or any form of ID or directly answer any question.  If the enforcer does not answer, simply say; “with respect, please answer the question” and then ask it again.  Example below…

You – “Do you need any assistance, officer?”

Them – “Where are you going?” / “What is your reason for being here?” / “What is your name?” / “Can I see some ID?” etc.

You – “With the upmost respect officer, am I obliged to contract with you today?”

The answer is actually ‘no!’ although they may not fully comprehend what you are asking or flatly refuse to answer.

If they say ‘no you are not,’ then great!   Reply; “That is correct, and I don’t wish to contract with you today, so am I free to go?” and leave if they allow it.

If they will not answer, try this questioning tactic three times after which you can answer for them, explaining that you are not obliged to contract with them and you do not wish to contract with them so you will be leaving now!

If they then attempt to entrap you by suggesting you are obstructing them, or if they cite any supposed law you are in breach of such as Covid regulations (which are Acts, statutes, legislations etc., NOT laws) or that they have reason to believe that you may have committed a crime and you must identify yourself etc., simply state:

You – “OFFICER(S) PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: I am NOT refusing your request to contract/disclose my private information – I simply require proof of Claim.  Your offer to do business is returned and any attempt to create joinder, construe consent through performance or lack thereof is refuted and denied – no permission is granted.”

“You are now being SERVED and put on NOTICE with this lawful and binding NOTICE of Conditional Acceptance of your offer.”

“Please now provide me with your name(s), number(s) and indemnity insurance number(s) as you are lawfully required to do.”

In the very unlikely event that you are arrested, make the arresting officer aware that you do not comply or consent and that you are submitting under duress, and state they will be presented with a formal complaint and claims for damages, effected in their private capacity as an individual and not as a police officer. 

At the station, do not comply, do not consent to any of the procedures such as fingerprinting, but if they are forced upon you state, “I am submitting under duress” and say nothing else.

They will likely attempt to coerce and scare you into complying with their requests, DO NOT acquiesce!  They can only hold you for up to 24 hours without charge and they have no-one to charge as you have not provided them with a legal fiction/name and accompanying trust account to attach charges to/extort currency from, to pay for your lodgings while they hold you in custody.  They will have no choice other than to release you without charge and your stay has just cost them money, so thank them for it and leave knowing that you can now pursue the arresting officers within their private capacity for the damages, harm, and loss you have endured. Likely assault, battery, kidnapping, potentially forced commercial intercourse, your time, emotional distress and so on. 

You may wish to state that… “Under the protection of Magna Carta 2020, you are hereby notified that everything you say or do will be used as evidence against you in a Common Law court, where you will be charged with crimes ancillary to fraud, treason and genocide, should you choose not to immediately cease and desist in your unlawful aggression against the people.”

REMEMBER!  Police officers are simply glorified bailiffs. Commercial agents extorting for, and enforcing the commercial policies of, corporations.  The crown, the government, the police force, courts etc. are all private corporations and their laws are only applicable between corporations, (NOT living men and women) and should be treated as such. Without standing surety to, or identifying as, the legal fiction (your legal name/ID) they cannot interact with you and their ‘laws’ therefore DO NOT apply to you!

However, I do believe that against all the odds, real resistance is now rising, and I have no doubt that the people will prevail, no matter how long we have to fight to restore our freedoms.

Remember that if we all stand together in peaceful, mass non-compliance, they cannot arrest us all and the futures of all our children and grandchildren depend upon our willingness to be brave and stand up to these bullies before the forces of evil begin eliminating those that they deem to be ‘a national security risk.’

Fuck the New World Order, fuck covid, and fuck the banksters’ ‘Great Reset.’

And… above all else, do not be afraid.  We will prevail.  Long live the resistance!! 

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