The King James Bible – 17th Century Social Engineering

In my view, the translating and transforming of the existing biblical texts prior to 1603 into what was to become the ‘King James’ version of the bible in 1611, is nothing more or less than a work of social engineering by the English Elite of the day. This was undertaken for the sole purpose of manipulating the masses into a form of unconditional servitude to Luciferianism / Rosicrucianism, rather than Christian Protestantism as its apologists will claim and also away from true spirituality, whose tenets presented a clear danger to the establishment of those times and as they still indeed do in the present day.

It is also true to say that most foreign (ie. not English language) versions of the bible have been derived from the English language version of the King James Bible and therefore these deliberate falsifications are compounded many fold for distribution and consumption worldwide.

It is more or less accepted universally that there are a mass of so-called ‘translation errors’ in the KJV, but what if anything, may be significant about that fact?

Consider this for a moment… In the late 16th century, immediately prior to the KJV becoming the de facto standard bible, Sir John Dee, that Elizabethan master of intrigue and deception was an Enochian black magician of the highest standing. And it is a fact that he, along with Francis Bacon the ‘father’ of the New World Order and the author of ‘The New Atlantis’ were both instrumental in the process that culminated finally in the production of the KJV. As the Bible itself exhorts us to stay away from occult and witchcraft practices, it is contradictory to say the least, that Christians cherish such a work, mastered as it was by such high-ranking members of the occult.

As well as being Queen Elizabeth’s ‘spymaster’, Sir John Dee was a prominent member of The Worshipful Company of Mercers, which are in fact Masonic Lodges by another name, led by a Worshipful Master and are therefore in effect little different to the Luciferian Masonic Lodges spread throughout the world today. Had the Puritans of the 16th and 17th centuries had the power to do so, they would probably have burned adherents of the KJV at the stake for witchcraft!

Freemasonry was always Luciferian in nature even before the forming of the Ancient Scottish Rite even though Freemasons themselves will always claim otherwise. But if that is really the case we should ask them why the first three (blue) degrees of the order up to Master Mason, are absolutely identical to the initial lower orders of witchcraft?

The Worshipful Company of Mercers is responsible for much of today’s society – along with all the other secret societies that abound in our culture. Both Gresham College and the Royal Society derived from this organisation and from these two abominations we have had both today’s pseudo-science and an era of Luciferianism foisted upon us through the gradual creation of a scientific dictatorship which totally decries religion and spirituality of any kind.

But back to the main thrust of the story… The official KJV scholarship committee completed their work in 1610 and passed the manuscript to King James I. The King then involved Sir Francis Bacon and his cohorts, who kept it in their possession for around a year, until 1611, when the manuscript was returned to the King, who promptly sent it to his official printers for printing and distribution. We may never know exactly what happened in that intervening period but the end result was the King James version of the bible, we know today.

“The secret hand signs of the Illuminati are thought to work magic, to evoke supernatural beings, and of course, to communicate messages … The handshake, or grip, is a sign of unity, oneness of purpose and allegiance or devotion to a joint cause. It is considered a bond or seal of acknowledgment between Illuminist brethren. The Masonic authorities speak of a ‘mystic tie’ or spiritual union. Certainly, demon powers do congregate together and enjoy one another’s foul company.” (Texe Marrs, Codex Magica, p. 145)

Therefore, I believe it to be of great significance that many Satanic symbols and what are now Freemasonic motifs were originally placed within the pages of the 1611 KJV Bible. The Rosicrucians who created them absolutely believed that they were creating symbols which would emanate demonic power and I further believe that Bacon and King James firmly intended to create a Rosicrucian Bible filled with these occult symbols which were designed to seduce the entire English-speaking peoples of the world into the ‘mystic Christianity’ of Rosicrucianism.

These pagan Rosicrucians and Freemasons influenced and controlled by Sir Francis Bacon added page upon page of Rosicrucian/Masonic artwork, some of which tells a hidden story, whilst some are simply symbols. The Masonic handshakes are extremely significant as they provide proof that Bacon and King James conspired to produce a totally Rosicrucian ‘handbook’.



Depiction of masonic handshakes from the original KJV

There is no doubt in my mind that the KJV was regarded by Bacon and his compadres to be the perfect complement to the Shakespearean plays (well known to be esoteric masterpieces – but definitely not written by William Shakespeare) in popularising the new Elizabethan English with the ordinary people of England. In the opinion of one Masonic author, Bacon contemplated how to ‘popularise’ this new English and concluded that two different approaches should be undertaken.

Firstly, the arts and entertainment were to be subverted and ‘occultised’ which was partly achieved initially through the Shakespearean plays and secondly popular religion was to be hijacked and subverted through the new ‘People’s Holy Book’ – hence the King James Version of the Bible.

Thus, this two-pronged attack on humanity was meant to propound the insidious agenda initiated by Dee, Bacon, King James and their many adherents. However, unknown to them they were to be in for a rude awakening. Their new Bible was almost unanimously rejected by the religious hierarchy of the time. It was almost completely reviled and shunned due to the Satanic symbolism present, which was of course instantly recognised for what it was. Indeed Anglican pastors rebelled and absolutely refused to replace their existing texts with what they regarded to be the work of the Devil.

Eventually, around the year 1650 a ‘toned-down’ version of the KJV was produced with all overt occult references removed, but nevertheless the significant ‘translation errors’ remain – in abundance.

For example, the scriptural Hebrew word (which means ‘so be it’ or ‘verily’) is ‘Amein’ and not ‘Amen’. Likewise, the Greek equivalent is also ‘Amein’. The Egyptians had been worshipping Amen-Ra, the great sun-deity for more than one thousand years BC and before he was known as Amen-Ra, he was known simply as Amen.

Amen was the god of life and procreation in Egyptian mythology and only later identified as ‘Amen-Ra’. Smith’s Bible Dictionary agrees with this statement.  Have we been misled down the centuries to invoke the name of the Egyptian sun god at the end of all Christian prayers?

Indeed almost every page in the KJV has arguably been subtly amended. Then there is also the case of the Bible’s ‘missing’ books. Only a few have been published, such as the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher but they are still regarded as missing as they do not appear in the bible.

Some more missing books:

* Book of the Wars of the Lord (Num. 21:14)

* Book of the Acts of Solomon (1st Kings 11:41)

* Book of Samuel the Seer (1st Chr. 29:29)

* Book of Gad the Seer  (1st Chr. 29:29)

* Book of Nathan the Prophet  (1st Chr. 29:29)

* Prophecy of Ahijah (2nd Chr. 9:29)

* Visions of Ido the Seer (2nd Chr. 9:29)

* Book of Shemaiah (2 Chr. 12:15)

* Book of Jehu (2 Chr. 20:34)

* Sayings of the Seers (2 Chr. 33:19)

* An Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 5:9)

* An Epistle to the Church at Laodicea (Col 4:16)

* Other prophecies to Enoch (Jude 1:14)

One inevitably wonders exactly what Sir Francis Bacon knew about these works. The KJV Bible credits King James by stating that this Bible was ‘diligently compared and revised by his majesty’s special command’.

What was King James’ ‘special command’? Could it perchance have been Bacon and his 54 secret scholar / translators? We do know that after the first five Books of the Bible (the Pentateuch) that the Bible is no longer written chronologically. It was King James’ and his employees who decided that this should be the case. Today, some Bible scholars firmly believe that these important works are missing because the messages they contained did not agree with the proscribed version and thus did not convey Bacon’s intended edicts.

Bacon’s ‘New Atlantis’ propounds a technological Utopia based on Atlantean myths and legends and as such is often regarded as a blueprint for the New World Order.

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