The Police – To Protect and Serve… the Elite

The recent, ongoing spate of police brutality is no accident and no coincidence; it is exactly the way that society is deliberately being steered and the increasing militarisation of the police is a carefully contrived phenomenon designed to slowly ensnare us all in a spiders-web of oppression and fear.

There are many, many examples of the police taking the law into their own hands and remaining unpunished for doing so.  Some of these are listed in the introduction and here for good measure are a couple more.

In 2010 in the USA, a student was tasered by police for persistently asking questions of the politician John Kerry at a public meeting.  To be unscrupulously fair, Andrew Meyer, the student in question was possibly behaving a little too disruptively for his own good and was eventually tasered several times when he mentioned ‘Skull and Bones’, the secret society of which Kerry is a fully-paid-up member along with the entire Bush family.  However, his behaviour certainly did not warrant his being subjected to 50,000 volts and surely, simply ‘poor behaviour’ does not give licence to the police to use ultra-excessive force.  The fact that the police actually tasered someone who was already subdued and lying on the ground under arrest is utterly reprehensible and inexcusable by any standards, let alone those of they who are supposed to ‘serve and protect’ us.  When there are six officers surrounding a suspect who should have simply been ejected peacefully, there is absolutely no need to taser him, at least not in my view.

And then there was the case of the wheelchair-bound schizophrenic.  Police officers said they arrived to find Ms Delafield in a wheelchair, armed with two knives and a hammer and that she was swinging the weapons at family members and police.  Within an hour of the 911 call, Ms Delafield, a wheelchair-bound woman certified with mental illness, was dead.  Her family attorney, Rick Alexander said that her death could have been prevented and that there were four things that stood-out to him about the case.  “One, she’s in a wheelchair.  Two, she’s schizophrenic.  Three, they’re using a taser on a person that’s in a wheelchair and then four is that they tasered her 10 times for a period of two minutes.”  Alexander said.

According to the police report, one of the officers used her taser gun nine times for a total of 160 seconds and the other officer discharged his taser gun once for a total of no more than five seconds.  Obviously this was no doubt a difficult situation, but was it absolutely necessary to taser an elderly woman in a wheelchair?  Surely a person unable to walk can be restrained fairly easily by other less deadly methods?

In my considered view this all points to a larger problem in our society and this is that the police are almost completely out of control and more significantly, this is exactly the state of affairs planned for us by the Elite.

There is a common misconception about police, throughout the world at large.  Some people, it has to be said, mostly white, middle-class people, think that the police are here to ‘protect and serve’ everyone, but it is worth pointing-out that nowhere does this motto say anything about protecting everyone, or even treating everyone equally.  This small point is totally conspicuous by its absence, in fact and the simple truth is that the police are paid to protect and serve the Elite and only the Elite, and the group from which the Elite mostly need protection is the 99%, we the ‘underclasses’, the useless eaters.

The western world, especially Britain and America are societies that are riven in two by a huge ‘class-divide’ despite all the false claims by some, that America is the ultimate classless society and this class division is as stark as the difference between black and white.  Poor and dispossessed people naturally get angry and sometimes even violent when they realise that their own situation is completely hopeless.  No amount of hard work will make them rich or powerful when their only skills are street-sweeping or toilet-cleaning.  So, sometimes the poor take matters into their own hands and steal from the rich and that is when the police intervene.  If they steal from a house or steal a car they will obviously be arrested, but, what happens when the rich steal from the poor as we have seen with all the recent bank bail-outs, banker-bonuses and white collar crime such as the MPs’ expenses scandal in the UK in 2009?

Usually, the answer is ‘nothing at all’.  The Elite can almost literally write their own laws with a few well-placed political campaign contributions or some intensive lobbying of politicians.  They ghetto-ise our inner cities, outsource our jobs to the third-world, make beneficial medicines and drugs illegal, send our children to die in pointless wars, kill anyone who stands in their way of their obscene profiteering and terrorise the world with their wars and there is virtually nothing that any of us 99% can do about it.

Aside from occasional high-profile cases such as the Enron scandal in the 1990s, the Elite are completely free to do as they will and mould society to their own designs in whatever ways they may choose.  In other words, the rich are free to do whatever they want, when they want but the poor and middle classes must be monitored constantly and harassed or arrested instantly, often violently if they step out of line in any way at all.

The police are obviously aware of this, maybe not overtly however.  They do know that becoming a police officer grants them immense power over others, but they know not to abuse this power where the Elite are concerned.  We rarely see people in Aston Martins, Bentleys and Rolls Royces being detained by the police and that is not simply because they never break the law, but the police know better than to bother with the rich.  After all, the rich are no easy target unlike the poor.  They tend to have expensive lawyers, they have friends in high-places, they often have unlimited resources and most importantly, they often know politicians who will put pressure on their superiors to get them reassigned to plodding ‘the beat’ again, should an officer fall foul of them.  Of course, poor people have none of these connections or resources and so by default become ‘fair game’.

It is not a problem with the Elite if the police wish to oppress the poor; in fact it is actually actively encouraged.  The rich know that by granting the police special privileges they can help secure their loyalty to their cause and so the police are permitted to act more or less as they please just so long as they do not step on the toes of the Elite, who are after all the only people who ‘out-rank’ the police in the ‘power games’ being played-out in our twisted society.

So, the real role of the police in society is to protect the Elite from the underclasses, which also includes the middle class.  However, the middle classes tend to be less disruptive as they are usually pacified by the plentiful distractions on offer from today’s society, such as 24/7 entertainment, sports and other leisure activities that are well-within their economic grasp, unlike the lower classes and dispossessed.  The police are thus free to amuse themselves by harassing the poor to their hearts’ content, just so long as they do not harrass the powerful.  The Elite have manufactured a situation whereby the police are hated and feared by the poor and respected and feared by the middle class.  This in effect gives them a free reign since the police only fear and respect the upper class; the one social group more powerful than they, themselves.

The militarisation of the police

Street-gang members regard the police as just another gang; a more powerful one, but a gang nevertheless, but the people who actually control the police, the Elite, are increasingly arming them in much the same way as a military force.  The full-scale militarisation of the police has been slowly imposed upon us over the last 50 years and this situation is encouraged and enhanced by two fake ideological wars, the ‘war on drugs’ and the ‘war on terror’.

In fact, the police services in most major first-world cities now (even in England where the standard arming of police is still not quite with us yet) have sufficient firepower and armaments to invade and occupy a small country.  They could probably have been sent to Afghanistan and Iraq and probably would have done a better job at subduing the populace there since they are more thoroughly trained in those tactics than are the military.  This is no accident, the police are an army of sorts, the private army and mercenaries of the Elite and their enemy, lest there be any lingering doubt about it, is you and I, our families, friends and acquaintances.

This is all actually an integral part of the plan for the New World Order; ie. to transform the entire world into a communitarian state.  The momentum is now very much increasing and as they have both gained and been given strength by draconian new laws, both in a physical and psychological sense, should this trend continue, then the end result is inevitable; a police state.

Yes, I am afraid that the Elite control and run society as though it is their personal fiefdom, which in many ways it is of course, because they hold the purse strings and thus the power.  When there are demonstrations, labour disputes or strikes, even if peaceful, they simply call in the police and the police will, if necessary and often even if not, use extreme violence against the ranks of the demonstrators and/or striking workers and either force them to disperse or force them to return to work for their pitiful wages.  I am sure many British readers can remember the miners’ strike of the mid-1980s where police brutality was rife and an everyday occurrence.  Of course the controlled media always dressed it up as if it was the miners themselves who instigated the violence, but most people could see the real truth.

In many, many demonstrations the police will use undercover agitators to incite the demonstrators to violence and this then provides the excuse for them to use brute force in order to quell the ‘riot’ as it often becomes.  The idea that the police can act as an arm of the Oligarchy is unfortunately not a new one.  The situation had become slightly better throughout the early decades of the twentieth century, but now we seem to be right back to where we were a hundred years ago and earlier, when police and militia brutality was often the norm.

But the accompanying propaganda is many magnitudes more powerful today.  Most people believe that the police are there to protect everyone, but that is quite simply not the case.  In many poorer neighbourhoods, if the police are called, they may arrive four hours later if the caller is lucky, if at all.  The ‘better’ the neighbourhood, the quicker the response and indeed many poorer people sadly do not even bother calling the police at all and this, again, is not a new phenomenon.  In fact, this is how the Mafia came to prominence in America.  The Italian and Irish gangs were formed simply because a person of Italian or Irish descent could not expect to be treated fairly under the law and they knew that they had to take care of each other because no-one else would.  Indeed, the police were more likely to arrest them than to listen to their tale of woe.  The growth of the Mafia was also made possible by the staggering profits made through prohibition, with the sale of ‘bootleg’ liquor. When such a popular product as alcohol is made illegal, it can be extremely lucrative for those on the wrong side of the law; so much so that they will ‘buy’ influence on the other side of the law and corrupt the entire system in the process.

The weapons a police officer are allocated are paramount to his power over others.  Everyday citizens are obviously not allowed to openly carry dangerous weapons around and an officer’s gun identifies him as a member of a powerful group and symbolises his social superiority over the masses.

The police now use Tasers almost indiscriminately because it easy to do so.  Much easier than for example trying to subdue a miscreant by the use of a baton and it should be noted that Tasers are most definitely not ‘non-lethal’; they are ‘less-lethal’ maybe, but for that matter so is a knife compared to a gun.  In no way are Tasers harmless despite propaganda to the contrary, they have been and continue to be, responsible for many thousands of deaths in the last few years.  Between Tasers, pepper-spray and batons, the police now have several ‘less lethal’ devices to ensure our submission.  Add in handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles and the heavy artillery used by SWAT teams this constitutes enough firepower to subdue a major rebellion, which of course may well be the plan.

The Elite seem to be expecting trouble from us, the unruly populace.  Unsurprisingly really as they know only too well how oppressive their policies are.  If so, they can no longer plead ignorance to our plight and they are in fact responsible for it.  They have no love for democracy and clearly prefer fascism as it is so much more convenient for their purposes and the police see their badge as a license to take the law into their own hands and even to kill if that suits their purposes.  In other words, if you do not like someone for whatever reason or even simply feel like it, taser them, there will be no comeback or consequences, no investigation or inquiry.  It is all made too easy for them, but if any of us did the same things (even to each other) we would quickly end up in jail and for a very long time.  This is the justice that we have today, justice Elite-style.

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