The Rothschilds and the Romanovs

In the early 19th century, the Rothschilds established their own exclusive courier network, one that also operated as an intelligence network.  They utilised both carrier pigeons and fast dispatch riders who were allowed to travel freely between warring nations, unhindered by either side, in order that they may be kept abreast of any developments ahead of time and could thus profit extensively from this ‘foreknowledge’ of events.

Even though the outcome of a conflict is often predetermined, the banksters are not pre-disposed to any unnecessary risk and so it was therefore, that Nathan Rothschild despatched a trusted courier named Rothworth to the battlefield at Waterloo where he observed the events unfolding from a safe distance.  Once the outcome of the battle had been decided, Rothworth immediately set-out for England and brought the news of Wellington’s decisive victory to Rothschild a full day ahead of Wellington’s own, official courier.

Then Rothschild made his bold move; he immediately gave instructions to his staff to begin selling his stocks and bonds.  When the other traders noticed this, being aware of how the Rothschilds always seemed to have foreknowledge of events, they too began selling, panicked into believing that the British had lost the decisive battle.  Thus the stock market plummeted and at which point Rothschild and his trustees began surreptitiously buying-up all the bonds they could.  Subsequently when the news of the British victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, which effectively ended the ongoing war, eventually arrived and the value of the stock and bonds re-bounded exponentially, Nathan Mayer Rothschild had realised an immense profit of greater than twenty times his original investments.

At this time Nathan Rothschild openly boasted that during his time in England he had increased the initial £20,000 stake given to him by his father, 2500 times over, to £50,000,000.  He also said this…

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets, the man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire; and I control the British money supply.”

In 1915, the New York Times ran a story stating that Nathan Rothschild’s grandson had attempted to secure a court order to suppress a book containing the, what we would call today an ‘insider trading’ story.  The Rothschild family claimed that the story was untrue and libellous, but the court denied the Rothschild’s request for damages and ordered them to pay all the court costs.

And thus, stock market manipulation became another Rothschild bankster tradition.  With their vast majority ownership of bonds, the Rothschilds now had control of not only the British economy, but the financial capital of the world itself, the ‘City of London.’  Indeed they used this advantageous position to infiltrate the Bank of England and in addition, they advocated the discontinuance of the constant shipping of gold around the world, in favour of using their own five European banks for a system of issuing paper debits and credits.  In fact the exact same system we use today, albeit now digitised for the new ‘age of information.’

It was also in 1815, during the Congress of Vienna that the Rothschilds first attempted to set up a world government, using the debt of the European nations as leverage.  The scheme actually failed, but they were at least successful in having Switzerland declared forever a neutral sovereignty in all future wars, in order that the funding of both sides could continue with impunity and unimpeded by the conflict.  Even then, they could already visualise the millions of pound and dollar signs representing wars yet to come.

In fact, their ambitious one-world government plan only failed because Tsar Alexander I of Russia refused to be bullied by the Rothschilds.  He immediately recognised their machinations as a devious plot to enslave not only his own country, but the world itself.  Afterwards in a fit of anger, as is so typical of these people, Nathan Mayer Rothschild vowed that one day either he, or his descendants, would destroy the Tsar’s whole family or their descendants.  How prophetic.  It was in fact, just over a century later in 1917, that Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and all their children were indeed brutally murdered by the Rothschild-sponsored Communist, Bolshevik thugs during the so-called Russian Revolution.  These people are nothing if not patient in their seemingly never-ending quest for ultimate power.

In 1869, Albert Pike predicted that there would have to be ‘Three World Wars’ in order to bring to fruition the bankster/Illuminati plans for the so-called New World Order (NWO.)  A chain of events therefore had to be created to set the scene for all the unnecessary death and destruction that was to follow.

In June 1914, the first steps in bringing about the long awaited, pre-planned World War was through the use of Serbian Nationalists.  It was an NWO secret society known as the ‘Black Hand,’ possibly working in tandem with the ‘Young Turks,’ that plotted the murder of the ruler of Austro-Hungary, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  Serbia at this time was an independent, orthodox Christian nation under the protection of Czarist Russia but many Serbians also lived under Austro-Hungarian rule (in Bosnia) instead of under Serbian or Russian rule.  This arrangement had always been controversial and caused incessant friction, both within Austro-Hungary, and also between Russia and Austro-Hungary.

Franz Ferdinand (1863-1914) was heir to the Hapsburg family throne of Austro-Hungary and whilst travelling through the Bosnian city of Sarajevo on an official visit with his wife Sophie, a bomb was thrown at the Archduke’s open car.  However, he deflected the bomb with his arm and it exploded behind him, injuring several onlookers. Then, contrary to all advice, the royal couple insisted on visiting the injured at the hospital.

However, during the return trip to the palace, their driver turned onto a side street, where a young member of the Serbian sect, the ‘Black Hand,’ Gavril Princip, opened fire on them.  Sophie was mortally wounded in the stomach and Franz, in the neck.  Franz was still alive when witnesses arrived to give aid and his dying words to Sophie were Don’t die darling.  Live for our children.”  They both died shortly afterwards.

By the 29th June 1914, anti-Serbian riots had begun to erupt in the Austro-Hungarian city of Sarajevo (now Bosnia,) no doubt instigated by the agents of those whose best interests would be served by the world becoming involved in a bloody conflict and its ensuing profit opportunities.  However profit, whilst a strong motivator was not the prime mover in this case.  The banksters wanted more than anything else to re-order the world map, particularly in Europe and in the process destroy the ‘upstart’ nation of Germany and Czarist Russia in order to fulfil the Rothschild’s threat to the Romanov dynasty, a century previously.

On the 7th July 1914, Austro-Hungary convened a council to discuss the Serbian situation which was now getting out of hand and later that month the Zionist-bankster-controlled, Austro-Hungarian press began to add propagandistic fuel to the fire of escalating anti-Serbian sentiment.  False reports of a Serbian conspiracy against Austro-Hungary began to circulate but in an attempt to calm the situation, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany encouraged his ally, Austro-Hungary, to try to settle the matter using diplomacy.

But as is often the case, blind patriotic fervour and propaganda won the day and so on 28th July 1914, Austro-Hungary totally succumbed to the prevalent, totally manufactured hysteria and declared war on Serbia, closely followed, the very next day by Russia mobilising its armed forces in solidarity with its ally, Serbia. Then, as planned, one by one, the giant dominoes began to topple all across Europe as treaties were invoked and five weeks after Franz Ferdinand’s death, the world was thrown into complete turmoil as the bankster’s largely conscripted armies prepared to face each other on the battlefields of Europe to act out yet another deadly game initiated by the banksters for their own devious ends.

In the early hours of the 17th July 1918, the Romanov Family was awakened, ordered to dress and then herded into the cellar of the house in which they were being held.  Moments later, Rothschild-sponsored, Jewish-Red assassins stormed-in and gunned-down the entire family, their doctor and three servants in cold-blood.  Some of the Romanov daughters were stabbed and clubbed to death when the gunfire failed to kill them outright.  News of the brutal murder of the Romanovs sent shock-waves throughout Russia and all of Christian Europe.

With the Russian Civil War raging, the Communist International, known as the ‘Comintern,’ was established in Moscow.  The Comintern stated openly that its intention is to fight:

“…by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international ‘bourgeoisie,’ the entrepreneurial class and for the creation of an international Soviet republic, Communist world government – aka the New World Order.”

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