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More than eleven million flights depart and/or land safely from the United States each year and statistically, for even a single plane to suddenly fall out of the sky, is a very unusual event.  Nevertheless, between 1996 and 2001, there were no less than four instances of this, and in all four cases, the doomed airliners had just departed from the same airport in New York, JFK International.  The most ridiculous explanations imaginable were offered for the four tragedies, each of which appears to be connected to the ‘usual suspects.’

On 17th July 1996, flight TWA 800, aboard a Boeing 747 headed for Paris, 230 were killed by a ‘spontaneous explosion caused by a mechanical failure,’ according to the official story.  However, more than one hundred eyewitnesses provided sworn statements stating that they saw a missile streaking through the air and striking the plane.  Of course this evidence was ignored and conveniently hidden.

The independent documentary ‘TWA Flight 800′ related the story of how politics intervened to prevent an honest federal assessment of the causes of the disaster.  The FBI and the CIA immediately assumed control of the investigation, pre-empting the role of a number of career professionals working under the auspices of the National Transportation Safety Board.  Clinton appointed a ‘Commission’ to cover-up the missile attack and blame it on ‘mechanical failure,’ whilst the ‘conspiracy community’ was also kept busy by dis-info regarding an ‘accidental’ US Navy missile launch during a nearby training exercise.  Well, why not?  It works every time.

The authors of the NTSB’s final report followed the lead of the FBI and the CIA in treating the large body of eyewitness accounts as ‘irrelevant’ to their final conclusions.  Yet some of the eyewitnesses spoke on camera of a second and third missile-like object ascending towards Flight 800 and exploding near the aircraft.  The commentaries of the aviation experts featured in the documentary corroborated the eyewitness accounts pointing to the core conclusion that it was ‘explosions outside the aircraft that brought Flight 800 down.’

Then on 2nd September 1998, on Swissair flight 111, 229 were killed when ‘…the plane just caught fire and then the pilots lost control of it,’ again according to the official story.  Not long after departing from JFK Airport, the plane simply lost radio contact for 13 minutes before crashing into the ocean.

Interestingly, not to mention co-incidentally (!) at this precise moment in time, Switzerland was embroiled in a bitter controversy with the World Jewish Congress, headed by Edgar Bronfman.  The WJC claimed that Swiss banks were withholding ‘stolen Jewish gold’ from the Holocaust.  The Swiss, who were neutral during World War II, were strongly resisting the unfounded allegations, so it was perhaps inevitable that the Swiss would be punished and have a message sent, in effect warning them to ‘pay up, or else!’

However, shortly after the Swissair incident, Switzerland suddenly came around to the Zionist’s persuasive arguments and paid-out more than $1.8bn to ‘Holocaust survivors.’  Paul Volcker, the Zionist, former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, headed the Commission which carried out the Swiss coup.

On 31st October 1999, 217 were killed aboard Egypt Air flight 990, when the co-pilot decided to commit suicide and take a plane full of passengers down with him.

Egyptian protestors in Egypt rejected the ‘pilot suicide’ claim and accused Israel and the US of deliberately bringing down Flight 990.  Israel certainly had a motive (again!)  Egypt Air 990 was carrying 33 officers of the Egyptian military; among them were 2 Brigadier-Generals, a Colonel, a Major, and four other senior Air Force officers.  This would then eliminate senior officers who could possibly stage a coup against Egypt’s US-Israel puppet president, Mubarak.

Without a shred of evidence, ‘pilot suicide’ became the official version of events, blaming one ‘deranged’ individual for the plane’s sudden plunge into the Atlantic.  The Egyptian government ordered the censorship of all news stories publicising the presence of so many senior military officers on the plane, but nonetheless, ‘conspiracy theories’ still continue unabated.

Then on 12th November 2001, on American Airlines flight 587, 260 were killed just two months after the 9/11 attacks, when yet another departing flight from JFK, destination the Dominican Republic, ‘suddenly fell from the sky.’  According to the official fairy-tale, sorry, explanation of events, flight 587 was ‘broken-up by wake air turbulence,’ created by another plane that had just departed.

This was despite the fact numerous eye-witnesses saw the plane catch fire and explode in a fire-ball, before it crashed into a Long Island residential neighbourhood.

Please note that at this point in time, five Israeli Mossad Agents were still being held in custody over their extremely suspicious behaviour and possession of a truck full of explosives on 9/11.  This group was the infamous, ‘dancing Israelis.’  How better to secure the release of the Israelis, than with the threat of even more ‘falling’ airliners and the destruction of the reputation of America’s air travel industry.

With not even a shred of evidence, ‘wake turbulence’ (caused by a plane miles away) was immediately blamed for the sudden crash.  The higher echelons of the US government intervened and the five Israelis were released less than one week after the mysterious crash.  This was the fourth plane in just five years to fall out of the sky shortly after leaving the very same airport; an astonishing ‘coincidence,’ with each succeeding explanation growing even more ridiculous than the previous one.

Totally unconnected with the previous four incidents, on 8th March 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 from Malaysia to China literally disappeared after its transponders were firstly shut-off, suggesting that the plane did not crash at all, but was hijacked and landed at an unknown destination.

In December 2013, a Malaysian Tribunal had declared Israel guilty of war crimes in association with Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in 2008-9.  Could their motive possibly have been to punish Malaysia for its unsympathetic stance on Israel’s crimes whilst also punishing China, (the majority of passengers were Chinese) for its support of Syria, Iran, and Russia, and pin the blame on its enemies?

Indeed, Israel and its Mossad have been behind so many terrorist acts, usually in association with MI-6, CIA and other intelligence agencies around the world; but very often for its own goals.  They are certainly masters of false-flag events, and the blaming of their perceived enemies for their own insidious behaviour.

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