Welcome to the Masquerade

Geopolitical authors and researchers John Hamer and Shannon Rowan team-up to expose a massive hoax second to none in human history.  

In this book they will take the reader on a journey deep down the rabbit hole while exploring a wide variety of political and esoteric topics—unmasking the main players and their control agendas at the heart of the world’s great masquerade of 2020-2021.

To expose the perpetrators of these unrelenting crimes against humanity, committed under the pretense of safeguarding public health, as in solving any great mystery, they pose and hope to fully answer the question, ‘Cui Bono?’ or ‘Who Benefits?’

In this dense treatise Hamer and Rowan provide unique and compelling insights into Germ Theory, the Viral paradigm, Rockefeller medicine, Big Tech and Big Pharma partnerships, eugenics agendas, social engineering programs, and financial ‘resets,’ and much more, while also providing essential information to help readers fight the New World Order regime.

Hamer’s vast knowledge of geopolitics and control agendas coupled with Rowan’s medical and technical expertise alongside her original illustrations make for an astounding collaboration not to be missed.

Get ready for a wild ride and dot connecting like never before seen!

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