The ‘Terrible Twins’

Polls from all around the world consistently show that Israel and the US are regarded as the two greatest threats to peace and to life on earth. Yet, these two utterly ‘lawless’ out-of-control governments pretend to be among the world’s greatest democracies. Neither government accepts any accountability whatsoever to international law, to human rights groups, to the UN, to the Geneva Conventions, or to their own statutory laws. The US and Israel are without doubt ‘rogue’ governments, throwbacks to the Maoist and Stalinist eras.

All post-World War II wars have originated in Washington and/or Tel Aviv. No other countries have such imperial, expansionist ambitions. The Chinese government has not seized Taiwan, which China could do if it so chooses and the Russian government has not seized former constituent parts of Russia, such as Georgia, which, provoked by Washington to launch an attack, was instantly overwhelmed by the Russian Army. Putin could have executed the US’s Georgian puppet and reincorporated Georgia into Russia, where it resided for several centuries and where many believe it really belongs – but he did not.

It is also a fact that these two originators of wars constantly claim to be the victims of aggression, yet it is Israel that has a nuclear arsenal that is illegal, unacknowledged, and unaccountable. It is the US that has drafted a war plan based on nuclear first-strikes. The rest of the world is correct to view these two rogue, unaccountable governments as direct threats to life on earth.

The staggering amounts of funding for all this political intrigue and naked aggression, derives from the mega-rich individuals, banks and corporations controlled by Rothschild Zionism.  Obama’s largest corporate donor was Goldman Sachs – the organisation fundamentally responsible for the engineered, global economic crash.  The global banking system was purposely crashed by Rothschild Zionists like Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke at the Rothschild Zionist-created US Federal Reserve and by Rothschild Zionist Treasury Secretaries, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, in league with Rothschild Zionist Timothy Geithner whom Obama named as his Treasury Secretary to sort out the problem that these people had created in the first instance.

It was Rothschild Zionists who were behind the NATO-sanctioned mass-murder, destruction and theft of the countries of Iraq and Libya and all their assets, aided and abetted by the British Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and David Cameron (Rothschild Zionists) and French President, Nicolas Sarkozy (Rothschild Zionist.)

Rothschild Zionists such as George Soros, bankroll front organisations like the Open Society Institute and the International Crisis Group to destabilise target countries from within, using agent provocateurs to trigger ‘peoples’ revolutions after which, Rothschild Zionist puppets assume power.

Evgeny Morozov, a former fellow of the George Soros Open Society Institute, recently appealed to Google and other search engines to issue ‘warnings’ about websites that contain ‘conspiracy theories,’ including the truth that ‘climate change’ is not caused by human activities. Rothschild Zionist, Cass Sunstein, Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, has also called for ‘conspiracy theories’ to be banned. Running scared eh?

Soros has warned of coming violent riots, financial collapse and government clampdowns because he knows that this is the Rothschild Zionist agenda anyway.  Soros is often referred-to as a financial speculator, but since when does the word ‘speculator’ refer to someone who knows what is coming and bets that it will happen?

It is also the Rothschild Zionists who were the architects of political correctness, chemically-infected food and water, Internet censorship, the list is endless. Political correctness is the new censorship, it is intolerance disguised as tolerance. Originally emanating from the Stalin era of the Soviet Union and later embraced by the Rockefeller-funded ‘Frankfurt School,’ it is part of the broader NWO agenda of cultural Marxism aimed at surreptitiously eroding freedoms. It operates on the premise that if people are offended, insulted or even irritated by certain words or language, then they have the ‘right’ to ask the State to outlaw that language.

“Political correctness presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules … I’m not sure silencing people, or forcing them to alter their speech, is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.” George Carlin

It is certainly the case that political correctness works by using guilt and shame to restrict us to using certain words or phrases, and not using certain others, often against common-sense and reality, with a verbal ‘sleight of hand.’  It is a subtle way of forcing people to police themselves, and to control the spectrum of allowable thought and speech. It should be exposed as such and resisted by all freedom-loving people.

Another oft-used defence mechanism is to condemn anyone who points out the ‘elephant in the room,’ as ‘anti-Semitic,’ a phrase which actually means anti-Arab, but that is quite another story.  And now they are spoiling for a war with Iran that is designed to lead to a Third World War involving NATO and its members in conflict with Russia and China. How much more are we going to take? Do we have to wait until the world is nothing but a smouldering nuclear wasteland?  Of course by then it will all be too late.

The Rothschild Zionist banksters’ strategy for an attack on Iran is straight from the blueprint already successfully applied to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and long underway in Syria. Find or create an excuse to demonise the current regime, enforce an interim period of sanctions to weaken their resolve and then send ‘the boys’ in.  Once sanctions have been instigated, then we know it is only one small step from the ‘button being pressed’ and we are now at this stage in Iran, with the Western oil embargo and other sanctions imposed that will harm the desperate economies of the West as well as that of Iran.  But this is a ‘bonus’ for the Rothschild Zionists who crashed the global economy in 2008 and plan to do so again with even greater consequences to provide a Problem-Reaction-Solution to a new, and even more controlled, structure of world finance based on a World Central Bank. And if a conflict with Iran leads to the blockading of the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow passage and key oil-tanker route between Iran and the United Arab Emirates/Oman, the effect on global oil prices and the economy in general would be catastrophic.

The entire propaganda attack against Iran is based on the unproven mass-media claims that Iran is developing a nuclear capability – whilst they remain totally silent about the vast nuclear stockpile at Dimona, in Israel. Iran has not attacked anyone for 200 years and has one of the lowest military budgets in the Middle East, whereas Israel is the most ‘trigger-happy’ country on Earth with one of the world’s best equipped militaries – largely thanks to the US taxpayer. The US spends trillions of dollars to fight wars for Israel, while 47 million Americans are at poverty level. Over 42 million are without health insurance, unquantifiable millions remain unemployed (do not believe the unemployment statistics,) and tens of millions have no prospect of retiring before the age of seventy.

By now, it should be apparent that it does not matter who is ‘in office.’ The faces change but the game remains the same, the world over.  Obama promised to remove troops from Iraq immediately, then he said he would do so in six months after taking office. Then he said two years but instead, he sent more troops, ordered bombings which killed thousands of innocent women and children and was therefore awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Before World War III can be fought using Syria and Iran as an excuse, the people must be subjugated totally, because no rational person would agree to participate in a nuclear war. The sides are drawn and the relative strengths of each side are established. Each side is currently jockeying for position as they attempt to manoeuvre the other side into their battleground of choice. In short, the world is poised to begin a conflict which will destroy economies, devastate entire regions of the world and it will in all likelihood, kill millions if not billions of innocent people, whose only hopes and desires are to be left in peace and to live their lives in comfort.




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