Mainstream Religion

A substantial part of the control mechanism used as a tool for centuries by the ruling Elite to facilitate the keeping of the masses in their places has always been mainstream religion (as opposed to spirituality). Through Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and all the other ‘isms’ and their minor variations and offshoots, we have been managed very effectively and efficiently and thus prevented from gaining access to the real truths of the Universe.

Indeed, through the ages and even today to a large extent, religious dogma has been largely responsible for the suppression of real truth, real history and even real science in an attempt to prevent the common herds from gaining knowledge of both themselves as spiritual beings and the Universe around them. Of course, that kind of knowledge would be far too dangerous to the control systems and the Elite power-base to allow it to become widespread. The only way that the few can control the many is by deception and deception on an unimaginable scale.

ll mainstream religions teach us (broadly speaking) that there are only two courses open to us after death, paradise or the eternal fires of hell. Allegedly, only those of us who are good citizens and obey the religious edicts and civil laws and believe in the one true God (choose any one) will live forever in paradise and the rest will be condemned to a burning pit of fire or similar, for eternity with no hope of redemption. In bygone days when the masses were totally uneducated and illiterate, one can only imagine the impact that this edict had upon the way they conducted their lives. Living in fear of eternal damnation at every turn is a difficult psychological burden to bear, but a wonderfully simple expedient by which the ruling classes, through their brain-washed priests and religious hierarchy could keep the ‘great unwashed’ in check.

I do not mean to condemn or vilify those many genuine, decent and caring people who follow these religions. Many people find comfort in their religion and there are also caring and charitable people of all religions who are serious about and adhere to their religious values, some of which to be fair, do advocate noble, humanitarian practices. However, it is the imposition of rigidly-structured, restrictive controls by the religious hierarchies that is responsible for the misery and ‘imprisoning’ of the minds of their adherents that I find problematic.

In order to comprehend the basis upon which all religions were founded, we need to go back in time to the Babylonian and Phoenician eras. All the major religions stem from one great premise – sun worship, the original ‘religion’ of most of the ancients. If one can understand the original sun worship and its attendant symbolism, then it is possible to understand the basis of all current religious beliefs. All sun symbolism has a basis in the Zodiac, representing as it does the Earth’s annual journey around the sun. As we may see from the diagram below, the Zodiac can be bisected horizontally and vertically and this I believe is the true origin of the cross symbolism in Christianity.

Many pre-Christian deities had their ‘birthdays’ as 25th December because of this symbolism. The winter solstice occurs on the 21st/22nd December, the point at which the sun is at its weakest in the Northern hemisphere and the point at which the sun had symbolically died according to ancient traditions. By the 25th December each year, three days later, it became observable that the sun had been ‘re-born’ and had re-commenced its climb back to its absolute zenith on 21st / 22nd June the following year.

Thus, the ancient peoples regarded the sun’s ‘birthday’ as 25th December, the day it was born again, Jesus died on Good Friday, which incidentally has no fixed, definitive date and was resurrected (re-born) three days later on Easter Monday. The Christian Christmas festival is purely and simply a Pagan festival reconstituted, as are they all. Below is a shortlist of other religious ‘deities’ among many others, whose claimed birthday is 25th December:

Horus (c. 3000 BCE)

Osiris (c. 3000 BCE)

Attis of Phrygia (c. 1400 BCE)

Krishna (c. 1400 BCE)

Zoroaster/Zarathustra (c. 1000 BCE)

Mithra of Persia (c. 600 BCE)

Heracles (c. 800 BCE)

Dionysus (c. 186 BCE)

Tammuz (c. 400 BCE)

Adonis (c. 200 BCE)




It is a perhaps little known fact that all the major religions tell us the same stories, myths and legends, albeit using slightly different characters and names which nevertheless are often recycled for mass consumption.

For example, of the above list of commonly known ‘deities’, many are attributed similar legends to that of the Jesus ‘myth’ or even the myth of Moses. They are variously and collectively said to have died and been resurrected three days later, become great teachers at the age of 12, been purveyors of ‘miracles’ some of which are also attributed to Jesus, such as the turning of water into wine, walking on water and the healing of the terminally ill. They all had 12 disciples, fasted for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness, were born of a virgin birth and died at the age of thirty three, whilst yet others were found in a basket in water and brought up by royalty as with the Moses story etc. etc and on and on with broad similarities too numerous to mention.

“There is nothing holy about the Bible, nor is it ‘the word of God.’ It was not written by God-inspired saints, but by power-seeking priests. Who but priests consider sin the paramount issue? Who but priests write volumes of religious rites and rituals? No one, but for these priestly scribes sin and rituals were imperatives. Their purpose was to found an awe-inspiring religion. By this intellectual tyranny they sought to gain control and they achieved it. By 400 BC, they were the masters of ancient Israel. For such a great project they needed a theme, a framework and this they found in the Creation lore of more knowledgeable races. This they commandeered and perverted – the natural to the supernatural and the truth to error. The Bible is, we assert, but priest-perverted cosmology.” Lloyd Graham, ‘Myths and Deceptions of the Bible’

The Christian religion itself was finally shaped into the format with which we are so familiar today at the conference at Nicaea (in what is now modern-day Turkey) in 325AD. This was achieved amongst much conflict, violent disagreement and compromise until eventually ‘modern’ Christianity was born and evolved from this event. The conference was also characterised by its lies, distortions and misinformation on a grand scale – all in the name of creating a control mechanism for the masses which was acceptable to all the minor creeds and offshoots of the previous broad base of the religion. In short, Nicaea was a PR exercise and an attempt to sanitise and package for broad consumption, a system of ‘belief’ that had previously been unacceptable or even unpalatable to so many.

“Real consciousness is as much an anathema to religion as critical thinking is to academia.” Robert Bonomo, 13th October 2011

Please understand that the main function of organised religion is to destroy spirituality and to prevent people from making the connection to the consciousness of who we are as a species and as an individual. Given that religions were created in the first place to enslave the population, is it any surprise that they attempt to destroy everything for which they purport to stand?

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