British ‘Justice’ – a Cautionary Tale

On 22 May 2013, a so-called ‘British soldier,’ significantly however wearing civilian clothing, was allegedly brutally murdered and beheaded in cold-blood and broad daylight on the streets of Woolwich, London, England by two crazed, knife-wielding, so-called ‘Muslim terrorists.’

This incident was subsequently ‘in our faces’ for the next several months, splashed all over the mainstream press and the television and radio news broadcasts were totally dominated by stories of how two black-African Muslim sympathisers had brutally murdered Private Lee Rigby in ‘the name of Allah.’  Indeed the TV cameras were on the scene at the aftermath of the incident and broadcasted to we shocked, wide-eyed viewers a nightmare scene complete with body, blood and wrecked cars and as luck would have it, the cameras arrived just in time to catch one of the said ‘knife-wielding maniacs,’ blood-soaked hands and all, in the act of making a vociferous, melodramatic confession and statement about how it had all been done in an audacious attempt to persuade the British government to withdraw its troops from the Middle East and generally to cease hassling Muslim nations and their citizens.

Even more melodramatically, the ensuing chase and capture of the two ‘terrorists’ by the police, resulting in the ahem, wounding, but significantly not the deaths of the two ‘terrorists’ (fortuitously allowing us the privilege of later witnessing an elaborate ‘show trial’) caused an even greater sensation, thus guaranteeing the imprinting of the incident upon the pliant minds of the British public for many years to come.

Of course as expected and no doubt intended, the outpouring of anger and outrage directed at our two ‘anti-heroes’ and the rest of Britain’s considerable, yet wholly innocent Muslim population and the sympathy directed towards Rigby’s ‘family’ in the ensuing months was extreme to say the least, further etching the event upon the psyches of the great British public, for evermore.

However, to those of us who are a little more aware than the norm; ‘awake’ as we tend to regard ourselves, something didn’t seem quite right.  It was all a little too unreal, a little too convenient for those in whose best interests it is to constantly deceive us and manipulate our pliable minds.

In the preceding months there had been a growing clamour, for the withdrawal of British and American troops from the war-torn Middle East, and a simmering anti-war sentiment prevailed which had been preceded and possibly predicated several years earlier by the ‘one million’ march through the streets of London against the Iraq war – all of which activity of course, merited barely a passing mention in the compliant mainstream press.  But despite that fact, a sizeable cross-section of the public knew and understood that what was really going on ‘over there’ was somehow ‘not quite right.’

So, what better way to demonstrate to us all what ‘we’ were fighting against, than to bring the war to our own doorsteps and help us to understand exactly the mentality and cold-blooded, sheer inhumanity that ‘we’ were up against?  It certainly had the desired effect.  Public opinion underwent a dramatic U-turn and the government suddenly found itself in the luxurious position whereby should they wish to, they could escalate their illegal ‘war’ at will or deploy further cannon-fodder to the Middle East killing fields and all without a murmur of protest from the ‘great unwashed.’  As stated previously, very convenient for them indeed and why change a successful formula?

Chris Spivey, my friend and colleague is an increasingly popular, British alternative, investigative journalist with his own immensely popular website, an ‘in yer face,’ inimitable style and a huge, loyal following on both sides of the Atlantic and indeed worldwide.  But when Chris, shortly after the above incident, began to systematically pick huge, gaping holes in the fabric of the above narrative, unfortunately for him, it was more than just his loyal readers and supporters who began to sit-up and take notice.

Almost immediately after the publication of the first of his many excellent articles proving the impossibility of many elements of the ‘story,’ as related albeit in greatly abridged form above, his website was subjected to massive on-going cyber-attacks which his computer technician was eventually able to identify as emanating from GCHQ, the headquarters of the British government’s spy network, due to the sheer frequency and intensity of the attacks.  As he pointed-out at the time, only GCHQ would have the wherewithal to sustain such a constant barrage of hits.  So, to cut a very long story short, there then ensued a brief battle whereby the website was re-instated, then remotely disabled, re-instated again and so on until Chris, through the all-conquering medium of ‘plenty of dosh’ (which incidentally he had to raise by public donation – he is far from being a wealthy man) was eventually able to secure the skills of a computer security expert who was soon able to protect the website permanently against further, ongoing attacks.

Then, over the course of the next year or so, using his expert investigative skills, Chris was gradually able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the ‘Woolwich incident’ as it had now become popularly known, was indeed following in the footsteps of its many precedents such as ‘Sandy Hook’ and the Boston Marathon bombing incident, to name but two only, in being identified by those in the alternative media as government ‘psy-ops.’

The very first question engendered by the incident is also a very simple one… How did the perpetrators know that Mr. non-existent, ‘Rigby the hero’ was a soldier if he was not in uniform whilst also being cognisant of the fact that it was portrayed throughout as an ‘opportunistic, unplanned attack,’ by the complicit media?

Of course as with any tissue of lies, it doesn’t take a great deal of skill or trained observation to broadly identify it as such by anyone with even a smattering of common sense.  Almost every action and subsequent interaction will leave a ‘footprint in the sand’ of varying depth and dimension leading the investigator right to the real perpetrators.  However, having said that, Chris Spivey’s investigation penetrated way beyond the usual, cursory, identification of cause and bit deeply into the British government’s carefully constructed but amateurishly enacted official story, tearing away huge lumps of flesh from it and exposing all the tell-tale, whitened bones of truth, in the process.

Indeed, within the space of a few months, Chris had almost single-handedly, utterly demolished any shred of credibility attached to the ‘official narrative.’  His meticulous examination of video footage, which clearly demonstrated the use of fakery of various kinds, the heavily photo-shopped still photography from various media sources and truly laughable (were it not such serious matter) witness and authority statements soon began to reveal a very different story from the highly-fictionalised, mainstream version of events.  As one small example, Chris had soon established solid proof that Lee Rigby, if not absolutely a figment of someone in government’s vivid imagination, was at very least a ‘conglomeration’ of several people, with a totally bogus army record and neither were his ‘grieving’ family all they seemed, either.  His supposedly distraught mother Lyn, herself was caught more than once, believing herself off-camera, laughing almost fit to burst. Rigby’s alleged tangled personal relationships as depicted confusingly by the mainstream media were also subjected to Chris’s intense scrutiny, also revealing a morass of contradictory nonsense.

By examination and dissection of the plethora of photos of the so-called ‘family,’ allegedly taken in happier days and gleefully published by the media, day after day throughout the height of the feeding-frenzy, Chris was easily able to prove them to be all naïve fakes.  But of course, when these entities set-out to deceive, they nearly always underestimate the tenacity and skill of investigators like Chris – or maybe it is just simply that they have supreme confidence in their own ability to silence or whitewash any attempted exposés, further down the line.  Either explanation works for me.

Then there were the perpetrators themselves.  Chris soon proved conclusively that these were fictional characters, so-called ‘crisis actors’ if you will, as with many other characters in the concocted plot, many of whom were discovered to have long-standing affiliations with the British government in one form or another.  On and on the revelations continued through the months, each more convincing and damning than its predecessor and all culminating in Chris’s final ‘masterpiece’ around a year after the event which had absolutely ‘nailed’ and exposed the whole sorry saga, from start to finish in all its sordid, pathetic entirety.

Of course, by this time, behind the scenes in high places and government, wheels were slowly turning, resulting in other wheels within wheels being set in motion and Chris was soon being subjected to bombardment by presumed government ‘trolls’ in an ongoing disinformation campaign designed to thoroughly discredit him.  Their best efforts to derail and destroy his website had failed and so the character assassinations began in earnest in the mainstream press and via the social media, resulting in vitriolic (albeit from one side only) exchanges between Chris, his supporters and his would-be nemesis, the British establishment.  Chris at this stage, in attempting to prove his point enhancing and emphasising his points regarding Rigby’s so-called family, publicised their alleged addresses; addresses which by the way, had also been revealed in the mainstream media no less and this was to become, as we shall see, a key point in the on-going saga.  So this ‘battle’ continued apace for a little while until things suddenly escalated way beyond his control and spilled-over into very dangerous territories indeed…

In July 2014, Chris was without warning visited by the police and placed under arrest, illegally and without a warrant and detained at the local police station for questioning, apparently due to a complaint by ‘Lyn Rigby’ on mere ‘suspicion of harassment.’  Significantly, his computers were also seized and in fact they were never returned and indeed were never to be seen again.

Thus began a shocking chain of events…

Shortly after his release, Chris and his daughter received an unsolicited call from UK Social Services (aptly shortened as ‘SS’) with regard to Chris’s daughter’s baby son, all three of whom live together in a small, unpretentious apartment in a small town in the South East of England.  It transpired that these social workers had been ‘tipped-off’ by the police who had allegedly noticed that the sheet on the baby’s cot was ‘dirty.’  This was only the beginning of a long, concerted campaign by the SS to snatch the baby from this loving, happy environment and place him ‘in care.’  Of course had this been allowed to happen, then there is no doubt that as in many other instances too numerous and sadly common to mention here, that Chris and his daughter would never have seen the child again.  One can only imagine the ongoing mental anguish that this must have caused Chris and especially his totally-innocent daughter.

However, Chris is nothing if not a strong, resilient character.  He decided from that moment to take the fight to them and instead of meekly bowing down to the forces of utter evil and playing the game their way, he made sure that he understood exactly how their system worked and through the enlistment of friends and acquaintances ‘in the know,’ he began to fight back.  He would for example, insist on recording every phone call and filming every meeting, which obviously the SS were unhappy about it, but were unable to prevent as he was perfectly within his rights to do so.  Time after time he caught them out in gross, blatant lies on official documents and always demanded that his rights be reaffirmed and upheld in the face of extreme provocation and adversity.

On and on the saga dragged for many months with first one side and then the other gaining superiority and one can only imagine the mental strain that this was putting upon the entire family.  The two main protagonists, two female SS officers, by this stage having failed with all their usual disingenuous, underhanded tactics to intimidate and undermine Chris and his daughter, were now into serious ‘self-protection’ mode, realising that their best efforts were being thwarted and this in turn led to more and more distortions of the truth as they were sucked deeper and deeper into the filthy cess-pit of their own dastardly machinations.  The spider caught in his own web if you will.

But, in this case at least and after a long and bloody battle, the war was finally, eventually won and Chris’s daughter thankfully, but grudgingly on the part of the Obersturmbannführers of the British SS, kept her child, with not even so much as a brief apology for all their disgraceful actions, forthcoming.  I can only assume that after he had finished with these sorry excuses for human beings that they wished they had never crossed him in the first place, such was his tenacity and determination not to be beaten, at any cost to his own personal well-being.  ‘Scum of the earth’ is too polite a description of them and their equally sick organisation, to be brutally frank.

Meanwhile, in parallel to this, Chris continued his ongoing investigations into the wrong-doings of the upper echelons of society, not least of which is the vast ‘underground’ network of high-born, murdering paedophiles that contaminate this miserable apology for a country with their very existence.  His exposure of several high-profile figures and his public, unrestrained, no-punches-pulled condemnation of them was once more leading him deeper and deeper into the quicksand and no doubt causing palpitations at top-level… Evidently they had now realised that something, anything had to be done to silence this dangerous upstart.

So, in the October of 2014, Chris unexpectedly received another visit from ‘Essex’s finest,’ in the shape of three not-so-friendly, neighbourhood thugs-in-uniform.  This time however, he was rudely awakened by a thunderous hammering on the door in the early hours of the morning.  Naturally this is a somewhat shocking and chastening experience at the best of times, but in the wee hours, after being roused from a deep sleep, we tend to be at our least resistant and considerably more vulnerable than we would normally be – which is of course exactly the reason why they do it.  Nevertheless, despite the extreme circumstances, Chris still had the presence of mind to ask for ID and a warrant before he would allow these vociferously violent, demanding strangers into his house.  Notwithstanding this totally reasonable request, the three thugs dressed in police uniforms and thereby masquerading as public servants, proceeded to demolish Chris’s front door and window in order to gain illicit entry into his property whereupon these brave, honourable and upstanding ‘public servants’ intimidated and physically threatened Chris and his eighteen year-old daughter (who incidentally was naturally, absolutely terrified) and began a systematic ransacking of his house.

This time they removed Chris once again without warrant, to the police station where Chris was held and interrogated again for many hours – of course without being charged with any wrongdoing.  Soon after his detention though, he was led back to the interrogation room and confronted with several unsavoury (to say the very least) images, allegedly extracted from his computers which they still had in their possession, illegally of course.  These fell into two distinct categories; ones that Chris had put there himself for use in articles demonstrating the utter vileness of paedophilia and sexual perversion and all its associated trappings – and those he had never seen before.  The ones he had put there incidentally, were all ones which had previously been declared as ‘acceptable’ and as ‘art’ by the very establishment that was now accusing him of being in possession of so-called ‘indecent images.’  The double standards inherent within that action alone, have to be witnessed to be believed.  As he himself pointed out to them, why on God’s green earth would he spend weeks and months of his time exposing these scum to the wider world if he himself was one of them?  Indeed, several of the pictures were actually on exhibit in mainstream British art galleries and one was even the cover picture of a Led Zeppelin album, no less!

In addition to the above, there were several more that must have been ‘planted’ on his computer as Chris had no knowledge of them whatsoever.  How simple would it have been for the corrupt police officers to surreptitiously upload the said images whilst in possession of his computers which of course had never been returned to him?  Very simple indeed I would suggest.

At length he was then finally charged – with the possession of said indecent images and bailed to appear at court on 26 September 2015.

Miraculously, most of the images to which charges were attached have since been dropped for reasons unknown and Chris is now expected to face only two counts of possession of indecent images, one of which is a photograph already deemed legal, the original of which is now in the possession of entertainer Elton John and the other is a picture depicting mild bestiality, which was no doubt planted on his computer in a clumsy, but successful attempt to ‘frame’ him.

So now with two lengthy wars of his own behind him, one of which was maybe not exactly won but at least consigned to the background, at any rate for the time being, Chris must have thought that his position was relatively secure again.  But how wrong he was, if so.  These Satanic entities are totally relentless and will never let go once they have their long, bloody claws firmly stuck fast into your most sensitive bits and sure enough it wasn’t long before the alleged ‘harassment’ of the ‘Rigby family,’ once more reared its ugly head.  Now in English law ‘harassment’ is not a crime, it is classed merely as a misdemeanour and as such quite rightly enjoys a much lower status in the grand hierarchy of ‘anti-social behaviour.’  Usually, people accused of harassment are maybe briefly detained and warned at worst and only in the most extreme of cases involving ongoing, seriously malicious intent are people actually punished with an absolute maximum of usually a fine or some kind of a restraining order.

Chris’s harassment of the Rigby family was in fact simply his stating of the fact that they were not a real family, merely actors playing their parts, coupled with his incidental exposure of their address on social media despite the fact that said address had already been named in the mainstream media – on several separate occasions.  At no point did he repeatedly confront them or ever confront them personally with his accusations (surely one of the definitive tenets of harassment, one would have thought).  Apparently, a justifiable accusation of fakery and fraud upset them a bit for some strange reason.  One law for the tools of the establishment and one for the rest of us, of course.

The upshot of it all was that Chris appeared in court on 30 July 2015 charged with the misdemeanour of ‘harassment’ and was also denied the benefit of trial by jury, the end result of which is that he is now guilty as charged and awaiting sentence.  The totally corrupted judge’s parting volley over Chris’s head by way of a salutary warning was that he is ‘considering imposing a custodial sentence’ at the sentencing hearing, three weeks hence.  A custodial sentence for non-harassment?  This is an absolute joke, but not a particularly amusing one, not to mention utterly corrupt and totally outside the judge’s lawful or even legal remit.

The prosecution was strongly opposed to their own four witnesses, Lyn and Sara Rigby, (the ‘mother’ and ‘sister’ of Lee Rigby) Christopher Amos and Gavin Vitler having to appear in court and instead they simply wished to just ‘read out’ the four witness statements, unbelievably citing that ‘it is not in the interest of justice to have them appear.’  Why would that be then?

Maybe because all four witness statements are liberally sprinkled with blatant, provable lies, hence if they were to appear they would be committing perjury.  Moreover, these four questionable individuals are absolutely not who they claim to be, hence the blatantly biased judge agreeing to a breach of Chris’s human rights and denying him the right to face his accusers by accepting without question, the prosecution’s unreasonable demands.

Could the prosecution’s reluctance to have their star witnesses appear also possibly have anything at all to do with the fact that they may well incriminate themselves in the face of a barrister’s probing questions?  Of course it wouldn’t ‘do’ for the cat to be let unceremoniously out of its bag in that manner.  How ironic would that be?

And how is it possible to obtain a ‘fair’ trial, if it is not possible to cross-examine witnesses on their claims, which incidentally are full of lies including untruthful allegations that Chris repeatedly contacted the ‘victims?’  In fact, ten minutes before Chris even set foot in court, his barrister informed him that he was going to be found guilty.

Despite this fact, his barrister duly proceeded to totally destroy the credibility of the police witness Detective Constable Adam Coombes on the stand, who was reluctantly forced to admit that Chris had been arrested without ‘due process,’ without an arrest or search warrant and at a totally unacceptable and inappropriate time, given the nature of the alleged offence.  In any other court, one bearing no resemblance whatsoever to a common Australian marsupial, the case would have been thrown-out on that premise alone.

Indeed Chris stated to the judge at least three times whilst giving his evidence that he was not receiving a fair trial as blatant lies and bizarre claims in the witness statement that the prosecution could not substantiate with evidence were being accepted without question by the court whilst his own counter-evidence, of which there was plenty of proof on offer, was being summarily dismissed.  But of course, this was all to no avail.  Why would they consider any proof to the contrary when the outcome was already pre-determined?

The ‘judge’ even stated on record that Chris was ‘not a journalist’ thereby preventing him from using that status as a legitimate and reasonable defence from accusations of illegal actions which would have been forestalled by his capacity as a journalist in the detection and/or prevention of a crime.

So, the result was a mere formality and had in effect been decided out of court at a much ‘higher place’ than the courtroom itself.  However, the case has now been adjourned for pre-sentence reports until the 21st August after the judge stated that he was considering a custodial sentence.

Interestingly enough but unsurprisingly, two recent fairly high-profile harassment cases where the harassers absolutely bombarded their victims with aggressive text messages, both resulted in conditional discharges.  Quel surprise.  Chris, on the other hand, never contacted his accusers at all, except for one polite request to ‘Sara Rigby’ for an interview, in July 2013.  Chris harassed no-one, ever.

In addition to the above injustices and flagrant bending, if not breaking, of the law and as a result of this utterly trumped-up, frivolous charge, Chris has since been libelled and vilified in every single one of the British, national so-called ‘newspapers’ and his own, local paper since the outrageous guilty verdict, all of which hit-pieces carry his photo – and some even his address!  This has led directly to multiple death threats through Facebook and email from those brave and intelligent souls who believe everything they are told by the government and their controlled, slimy toads of the press who freely distribute their lies and deceptions.

Freedom of speech eh.  Don’t you just love it?  It has long been apparent that we are all free to say whatever we want as long as we don’t disagree with or contradict the establishment’s view.  How long will it be before they start rounding-up anyone of us who speaks-out against their subterfuge?  Who will be next, me or you?

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.  Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.  Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.”  Pastor Martin Niemöller

And never mind the law.  Chris’s case is not at all about upholding the law and admonishing lawbreakers in a wholly appropriate manner, it is all about malicious prosecution as an act of extreme revenge or an extreme warning to others who dare to stick their heads above the parapet by pointing out the ways in which we are all being deceived and/or coerced into doing the bidding of the Elite.

The greatest ‘crime’ of all would seem to be not the actual disputation of government and establishment lies per se, but more so the overt drawing of the rest of the blind population’s attention to those lies and all the underlying subterfuge embedded therein – and doing so in a pretty convincing manner.

This therefore, is the only ‘crime’ of which my good friend Chris Spivey stands guilty.  A non-crime, a travesty of justice simply conjured out of ‘thin air’ by the powers-that-be in their desperation to silence him and prevent him from exposing their grubby little and not-so-little secrets to his followers and the world at large.  This then is absolutely indicative of the society in which we all live today; a society run by despicable, morally-bankrupt, greedy psychopaths for and on behalf of other equally despicable, morally-bankrupt, greedy psychopaths.

We are all merely tiny cogs in a gigantic, well-oiled machine; a wealth-generating machine that ensures that those who hold the ultimate power over us can continue to profit at our expense in perpetuity.  But woe betide any of you miniscule cogs out there who dares to fall out of sync and jam the works, thereby potentially sabotaging the smooth-running of the entire machine.  You will be dealt with either within, or if deemed necessary, outside of the law.  It doesn’t really matter which, to our lords and masters, the end result is still the same and to them the end always justifies the means – no exceptions.  They will have no consequences of their actions to answer for, no retribution or condemnation will be forthcoming and certainly no punishments will ensue.  Only the brief, transitory mutual backslappings and congratulations of yet another job well-done will cause an almost indiscernible ripple on the surface of the Elite’s vast ocean of calm and the world will continue turning, as it always has.

Still believe that you live in a free country – or is it actually closer to being a fool’s paradise?

‘Twas ever thus.

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