Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

Poppy Day, (sometimes Remembrance Day) 11th November or to those across the Ocean, ‘Veteran’s Day’, is nothing more than a complete and utter farce.

Every time we switch on the TV in Britain around that time of year, we see presenters and guests alike, bedecked in poppies, sometimes from as early as late October.  This is allegedly to honour those who died and were maimed ‘fighting for our freedoms’ but the real reason for this charade is completely different to the one promoted by the Elite powers that be.

In the week leading up to Remembrance Day 2011, the world governing body of football (soccer) FIFA, decreed that the English football team could not wear poppies embroidered onto its shirts in the upcoming game against Spain.  Of course there was absolute mayhem and uproar as a result – all instigated of course at the behest of the controlled mainstream media in all its forms.  Apparently FIFA has a strict policy against the wearing of political emblems or insignia of any kind on the shirts of those taking part in games under its jurisdiction – quite rightly in my view.  A very sensible, fair and equitable policy one would think.

For the previous two weeks all English league games (they are not under the jurisdiction of FIFA) featured teams sporting the poppy emblem on their shirts and this bear in mind is despite the fact that approximately 50% of the players involved in these matches are not even British.  They include Germans, Japanese, Italians and many other nationalities against whom the British have fought in the past century.  Of course this is defended by saying that the poppy is to honour ALL war dead and not just those ‘on our side’.  In that case I would ask how much money the British Legion, the supposed recipient of all the money raised through the sale of poppies, contributes to its foreign counterparts in lieu of this fact?  There would be no point in doing so of course, because I already know the answer to that question and it is a very round number.

However, the ensuing venomous outcry against FIFA regarding this decree from both media sources and public alike had to be seen to be believed.  Why should this be?

I submit that it is because the general public, the sheeple, those whose lives are unknowingly controlled by those who deceive us on a daily basis, are programmed by the use of institutions such as ‘poppy day’ to behave in this way.  We are all led to believe that by buying and wearing a poppy we are somehow ‘honouring’ those who died fighting futile wars in distant foreign hell-holes in the name of expansion of the corporate interests that control and run the world.  It is merely an expedient (and a very powerful one) by which the masses are conditioned to believe that fighting these bloody, tragic wars is done for the purpose of saving us all from some deadly enemy who would soon be on our shores breaking down our doors, raping our women and killing our children or at least committing terrorist atrocities by the thousand, if we did not halt them in their tracks ‘over there’.

This is all absolute, abject nonsense of course, but a wonderfully simple, expedient way of propagandising and promoting their wars of capitalist expansion in furtherance of British and American imperialism and corporate/banking interests.  It also keeps these wars in the forefront of everyone’s minds whilst continuing to morally justify them by way of labelling their victims as ‘heroes’ and glorifying their ‘sacrifices’ for their ‘country’.  The BBC have a thoroughly despicable track record in this respect, producing programmes and documentaries by the hundred, that maintain this illusion and keep all the wars of the last century or more constantly in the public eye.  Even such programmes such as ‘Antiques Roadshow’ are not spared in this respect.  The edition of AR on Sunday 13th November 2011 was a blatant example of the glorification of war by the BBC, every item examined by the experts having some connection to war and the tragic yet glorious sacrifice of the subject’s relatives.  Words fail me really.

But back to the FIFA issue.  After being thoroughly vilified for its stance and even the heir to the throne, Prince William being involved in writing a letter to the Secretary General, Sepp Blatter, FIFA eventually compromised and decided to allow poppies to be worn by the England team on its armbands.  The power of falsely engendered public opinion never ceases to amaze.

I believe that in the weeks leading up to the event, mainstream TV stations are told that everyone who appears on screen MUST be seen to be wearing a poppy, as no-one ever is shown without one – and even more tellingly, the poppies are all of exactly the same design across most of the main stations.  This would say to me that those people appearing on screen, for the most part, do not turn up to the studios wearing their own poppy and are provided with the ‘standard issue’ poppy upon arrival and are coerced into wearing it on camera whether or not they agree with the principle underlying it all.  In one extreme instance during the ‘remembrance weekend’ in 2011, the BBC programme ‘Countryfile’ even interviewed a man who was constructing a roof and yet still sported his obligatory ‘same design’ poppy whilst doing so.  Of course who among us has not felt that same overwhelming need to show our allegiance to the heroes of our brave armed forces, whilst 20 feet up a ladder working on a roof in a force 9 gale?  Propaganda and mind control in its most ugly form, in my view.

Of course most will not understand the issue and blindly agree to wear it, but I would love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in that situation and hear a conversation between anyone with broadly similar views to my own arguing their case in the countdown to going ‘on air’.  However I strongly suspect that they would not ‘win’ and would not be allowed to appear without the poppy.  In contrast, on the 8th November 2011, three days before Remembrance Day, I appeared on the independent TV station, Edge Media Television, to discuss the ‘real’ Jack the Ripper story and refreshingly, there were no poppies to be seen anywhere, either on the presenter, Theo Chalmers or any of the technicians and staff.

Would not a better way to honour the dead and wounded be to end the raping and oppressing of poor nations and stealing their resources and call a halt to the exploitation and murder of their peoples in the name of corporate hegemony, thereby saving the lives of thousands of our ‘heroes’?

I strongly believe it would.

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