The Gates of Hell

Firstly, who is Gates? 

Gates is the founder of Microsoft who has for some unfathomable reason (unless of course we discount his huge fortune) morphed from being a computer software guru into becoming the world expert on health, all without a single medical qualification to his name. 

Event 201 = Bill Gates

ID2020 = Bill Gates

Coronavirus Patent = Bill Gates

COVID vaccine = Bill Gates

WHO / NIAID / CDC / UN funding = Bill Gates

Imperial College London funding = Bill Gates

Fauci / Birx / Tedros funding (US) = Bill Gates

Hancock / Ferguson / Van-Tam funding (UK) = Bill Gates

New economy based on human activity (060606) = Bill Gates

What do these simple facts alone tell us…?

His Microsoft model for generating extreme profits has become the template for his new and soon to be ‘magnitudes more profitable’ scam. ie. the production of mandatory vaccines which are the alleged cure to a fake pandemic… to be the first of many more to come, as Gates himself openly admits.

The unimaginable profitability of Microsoft was centred upon a monopoly on computer operating systems, the licences of which must be renewed every year otherwise all the admin functions of our computers stop working.  And then after a few years, the entire operating systems get upgraded making the others initially obsolescent and eventually obsolete and require the purchase of a new one if we are to keep our computers from grinding to a sickening halt.

Likewise, his patents on the Coronavirus itself and the soon-to-be-introduced vaccine, allow him to operate a similarly legalised monopolistic scam and he has used his vast wealth and standing to buy out all the above influencers and institutions to facilitate this. 

In his new scam, for ‘computers,’ think ‘people’ and for ‘renewable software,’ think  ‘renewable vaccines.’  We are being mass-fed information by the complicit media to the effect that the Coronavirus Plandemic is going to be the first of many more to come.  Ask yourself how they know this?  The answer will of course be that ‘scientists’ tell us this with a great degree of certainty.  Well maybe these scientists tell us this because they have been told so, too… by certain vested interests who know this to be a fact because it is they who are actually planning for it to become a reality. 

And then if so, how convenient is this for Mr. Gates?  He has the perfect replacement (plus billions more besides) for his former Microsoft profits.  Firstly he campaigns and pays out millions to institutions and influential individuals to get them ‘on side’ and then comes up with a ‘miracle’ vaccine to stop the non-existent (or at least non-deadly) virus in its tracks.  And 7.7 billion mandatory doses would add up to how much do you reckon?…  And then of course this is just the beginning.

Once we have all been vaccinated for Coronavirus, then oh dear, along comes the next virus – or a mutation!!  Well we did warn you that it could mutate and become immune to the original vaccine you know, didn’t we?  And then maybe next time we will have a completely different virus come on the scene which will also need a new, and of course,  compulsory vaccine to neutralise it!  And so on and on this will go. 

The perfect storm in fact!  And a perfect money generating machine for Gates.  And will he stop there?  Hell no, this scam is set to run and run now.  Once they have us in their grip with this, they will never let go!!

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