The Clinton Body-count

There are some very dirty secrets that may explain the otherwise inexplicable rise to power of those who would otherwise remain obscure.  A case in point, is William Jefferson Clinton.

Seldom mentioned, yet an indisputable fact is that the Rockefellers virtually ‘own’ and operate Arkansas, a very poor and backward, yet, geographically large state with a relatively small population.  Several terms before Bill Clinton held that position, Winthrop Rockefeller was Governor of Arkansas.  Winthrop was the grandson of John Davison Rockefeller, founder of what some refer to as the evil-empire of Standard Oil and a major elite / bankster player.

It is only possible therefore, to become Governor of Arkansas with the blessings and approval of the Rockefellers but because of his ‘close ties,’ it was a virtual certainty that Clinton would at some stage accede to that particular role.  Bill Clinton’s maternal grandmother, believed to be quite a beauty, and reportedly having links to British royalty, allegedly had a great love affair with Winthrop Rockefeller and hence, Clinton is thought to be the illegitimate great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller.

“President Clinton has ‘full-blown’ multiple personality disorder and is an active sorcerer in the Satanic mystery religions.  This is also true of Al Gore, as well; I have known Clinton and Gore from our childhoods as active and effective Satanists.”  Phillip Eugene de Rothschild

As well as Clinton being a serial philanderer and even a rapist, as many have alleged, he and his wife, the very lovely Hillary Rodham Clinton, have been accused many times of the murder of political opponents or of those that have stood in the way of their joint, ‘vaulting ambitions.’  And whether it was being involved up to his fat neck in large-scale drug-smuggling and dealing, sex with secretaries, political aides, hookers or porn stars, either rape or consensual, Bill Clinton was always free to do whatever he wanted, with impunity, confident in the knowledge that he would be protected by his masters.

Along with the drug deals and sex scandals, there is no end to the depravity and utter evil of Clinton.  The selling of HIV and Hepatitis C-laced blood of Arkansas prison inmates to Canadians, is just one more example of his many crimes.  Over 20,000 Canadians were infected with Hepatitis C and a thousand more were infected with HIV, thanks to deadly, tainted Arkansas prison blood. Prisoners sold their blood for $7 in scrip, per pint of blood and the state of Arkansas and Bill’s political friends in turn sold it for $50 per pint to blood brokers.  That is real ‘blood money.’

It had become a living hell for the Canadian people infected with Hepatitis C and HIV from Arkansas jails and the journalist Suzi Parker, blamed this tragedy on a combination of Clinton’s incompetence and greed. Much of the symptoms could be abated after using products from the best brand best sarms. But that was not enough. After she had written her exposé on this tragedy and detailed the involvement of Bill and his profiting political friends in this disaster, Suzi soon began receiving threatening phone calls in the middle of the night which had upon it all the fingerprints of the Clinton intimidation machine.  She also said that she was being watched and followed at a press conference by infected haemophiliacs.  In May, 1999, the clinic owned by Arkansas whistle-blower Mike Galster was burned to the ground and the same night the haemophiliac group’s office in Canada was burgled. After the arson, the burglary, being watched and followed, and many threatening ‘early hours’ phone calls, Suzi Parker understandably stopped covering the Arkansas blood scandal… out of fear for her life.

The day Clinton announced his presidential candidacy, Meredith Oakley wrote a brief but derogatory assessment of the man, in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

“His word is dirt.  Not a statesman is he, but a common, run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen politician, a mere opportunist.  A man, whose word is fallow ground not because it is unwanted but because it is barren, bereft of the clean-smelling goodness that nurtures wholesome things.  Those of us who cling to the precepts of another age, a time in which a man’s word was his bond, and, morally, bailing-out was not an option, cannot join the madding crowd in celebrating what is for some, Bill Clinton’s finest hour.  We cannot rejoice in treachery.  The bleaters who care more for celebrity than veracity are basking in a false and empty light.  They trumpet the basest form of political expediency, for they revel amid the debris of a broken promise.”

An extensive ‘bimbo patrol’ was established to threaten, buy, or otherwise disarm, those hundreds of women who had had illicit sexual encounters with Clinton.  The campaign used private investigators in an extensive operation that was treated with mild amusement at the time, but later would be regarded as a form of blackmail as well as psychological and physical intimidation.

A former ‘Miss Arkansas,’ Sally Perdue told the UK’s Sunday Telegraph that state troopers often ‘dropped Clinton off at her place in his jogging gear’ and said later that she was visited by a man who described himself as a ‘Democratic Party operative’ and who warned her not to reveal specifics of the affair.  She also said…

“He said that there were people in high places, who; were anxious about me, and they wanted me to know that keeping my mouth shut would be worthwhile… If I was a good little girl, and didn’t kill the messenger; I’d be set for life: a federal job, nothing fancy but a regular pay check… I’d never have to worry again.  But if I didn’t take the offer, then they knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my ‘pretty little legs.’”

As the Clinton’s ‘oldest and most trusted friend,’ Vince Foster was certainly the most prominent name on what has become known as the ‘Clinton Death list,’ or to be fair, the highly- suspect / monumental-coincidence-death-list. In addition to those mentioned, there were many others, below is just a sample…

Suzanne Coleman – Rumours were circulating in Arkansas of an affair with Bill Clinton, when he was the state’s Attorney General.  She was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head at 7½ months pregnant.  Death was ruled as ‘suicide,’ but no autopsy was performed.

James Bunch – Died from a gunshot suicide.  It was reported that he had a ‘black book’ of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas.

Larry Guerrin – Was killed in February 1987, while investigating the INSLAW case.

Kevin Ives and Don Henry – Were two teenagers who somehow became caught up in the Mena Airfield drug conspiracy.  In a rural community just south of Little Rock, in August 1987, police officers allegedly murdered them because they witnessed a police-protected drugs drop.  The drop was part of a drug smuggling operation based at a small airport in Mena, Arkansas.  The Mena operation was set-up in the early 1980’s by the notorious drug smuggler, Barry Seal who was linked strongly to the Clintons.

Keith Coney – Keith had important information on the Ives/Henry deaths.  He died in a motorcycle accident in July 1988, with unconfirmed reports of a high speed car chase.

Keith McKaskle – Keith had information on the Ives/Henry deaths.  He was stabbed to death in November 1988.

Gregory Collins – Greg also had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He died from a gunshot wound to the face in January 1989.

Jeff Rhodes – He had information on the deaths of Ives, Henry and McKaskle.  His burned body was found in a dump in April 1989.  He died of a gunshot wound to the head and there was some body mutilation, leading to the speculation that he was tortured prior to being killed.

James Milam – Milam had information on the Ives and Henry deaths.  He was decapitated.  The state Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, initially ruled death due to natural causes.

Richard Winters – Winters was a suspect in the deaths of Ives and Henry.  He was killed in a ‘robbery’ in July 1989 which was subsequently proven to be a setup.

Jordan Kettleson – Kettleson had information on the Ives and Henry deaths.  He was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup in June 1990.

Alan Standorf – An employee of the National Security Agency in electronic intelligence.  Standorf was a source of information for Danny Casalaro, who was investigating INSLAW, BCCI, etc. Standorf’s body was found in the back seat of a car at Washington National Airport.

Dennis Eisman – An attorney with information on INSLAW.  Eisman was found shot to death.

Victor Raiser II – Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund-raising organisation died in a private plane crash.

Montgomery Raiser – Also involved in the Clinton presidential campaign.  He died in the same plane crash as Victor.

Paul Tulley – Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock.  Described by Clinton, as a ‘dear friend and trusted advisor.’

Ian Spiro – Spiro had supporting documentation for grand jury proceedings on the INSLAW case. His wife and 3 children were found murdered in November 1992, in their home.  They all died of gunshot wounds to the head.  Ian’s body was found several days later in a parked car in the Borego Desert.  Cause of death was reported as the ingestion of cyanide.  FBI reports claimed that Ian had murdered his family and then committed suicide.

Paula Grober – Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death in December 1992.  She died in an unwitnessed single-car accident.

Jim Wilhite – Wilhite was an associate of Mack McClarty’s former firm.  Wilhite died in a skiing accident in December 1992. He also had extensive ties to Clinton with whom he spoke by telephone just hours before his death.

Sergeant Brian Haney, Sergeant Tim Sabel, Major William Barkley, Captain Scott Reynolds all died 19th May 1993 when their helicopter crashed in woods.  Reporters were barred from the site, and the head of the fire department responding to the crash described it by saying, “Security was tight, with lots of Marines with guns.”  A videotape made by a firefighter was seized by the Marines.  All four men had escorted Clinton on his flight to the carrier Roosevelt shortly before their deaths.

James Wilson – Wilson was found dead in May 1993, from an apparent hanging suicide.  A former Washington DC council member, he was reported to have ties to Whitewater.

Jon Parnell Walker – Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corporation. He allegedly ‘jumped to his death’ from his Arlington, Virginia apartment balcony in 1993.  He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal.

Stanley Heard and Steven Dickson – Members of the Clinton health care advisory committee.  They died in a small plane crash in September 1993.  Heard was Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee, Steve Dickson was his attorney.  Dr. Heard personally treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather and brother.

Jerry Luther Parks – Parks was the Chief of Security for Clinton’s national campaign headquarters in Little Rock.  He was gunned down in his car in September 1993.  Parks was shot through the rear window of his car.  The assailant pulled around to the driver’s side of Park’s car and shot him three more times with a 9mm pistol.  His family reported that shortly before his death, they were being followed by unknown persons, and their home had been broken into (despite a top quality alarm system.)  Parks had been compiling a dossier on Clinton’s illicit activities.  The dossier was never found.

Ed Willey – Willey was a Clinton fund raiser, found dead November 1993, deep in the woods of a gunshot wound to the head.  Death was ruled as ‘suicide.’  Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed that Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House.

Gandy Baugh – Attorney for Clinton’s friend Dan Lassater, died by ‘jumping’ out of a window of a tall building in January 1994.  His client was a convicted drug distributor.

Hershell Friday – Attorney and Clinton fund raiser, died March 1994, when his plane exploded.

Ronald Rogers – Rogers died on 3rd March 1994, just after releasing sensitive information on Clinton to a London newspaper.  Cause of death undetermined.

Florence Martin – Martin was an accountant subcontracting to CIA, and related to the Barry Seal case.  Died of three gunshot wounds to the head in 1994.  Martin had the documents and paperwork, including the PIN number for an account that had been set up in the name of Barry Seal for $1.5m at the Fuji Bank in the Cayman Islands.

Kathy Ferguson – Ex-wife of Arkansas State-trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head.  It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases beside her, as though she was planning to leave in a hurry.  Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit.  Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

Bill Shelton – Arkansas State Trooper and fiancé of Kathy Ferguson.  Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancée, he was found dead in June 1994, of a gunshot wound at the grave site of his fiancée.  His death was also ruled a suicide.

Alan G. Whicher – Oversaw Clinton’s Secret Service detail. In October 1994, Whicher was transferred to the Secret Service field office in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  The warning that was given to the other BATF agents in that building somehow did not reach Alan Whicher, who died in the bomb blast.

Neil Moody – Died 25th August 1996, following Vincent Foster’s murder.  There were other reports that Neil Moody had discovered something very unsettling among his stepmother’s private papers and was threatening to go public with it just prior to the beginning of the Democratic National Convention.

Doug Adams – Died 7th January 1997.  Adams was a lawyer in Arkansas who got involved trying to help the people who were being swindled out of their life savings.  Adams was found in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head.

Mary Caitrin Mahoney – A US Secret Service Agent assigned to checking doors at the White House, opened a door one night and found Hillary Clinton in a compromising sexual position with 25 year-old Mahoney, a known lesbian since her high school days.  Hillary was furious and hit her in the head with a metal ashtray.  Mahoney was shot to death at a Starbucks Coffee Shop, in the heart of Washington DC, a short time later.  She was hit five times at point blank range, including at least once in the face.  The final bullet was delivered to the back of her head after she’d already fallen.  The murder happened just before she was about to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

Johnny Lawhon Jr – Lawhon aged 29, died in March 1998.  The Arkansas transmission specialist who discovered a pile of Whitewater documents in the trunk of an abandoned car on his property and turned them over to Kenneth Starr, was killed when his car supposedly hit a utility pole.

Daniel A. Dutko – Dutko aged 54, was the co-chairman of Leadership 2000, the Democratic National Committee’s main fund-raising effort.  He held many other high-level political positions, including vice chairman of finance for Clinton-Gore in 1995.  His death on 26th July 1999, was attributed to a bicycle accident in which it was claimed he struck his head on the concrete twice.

Tony Moser – Moser aged 41, was killed as he crossed a street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on 10th June 2000 ten days after being named a columnist for the Democrat-Gazette newspaper; and two days after penning a stinging indictment of political corruption in Little Rock.  Police filed no charges against the unnamed driver of the 1995 Chevrolet pickup which hit Moser.

Barbara Olson – Olson had just recently finished writing a tell-all book The Final Days, about Clinton’s last days in office.  She was the wife of Ted Olson who was US Solicitor General on 9/11, and represented George W. Bush in the US Supreme Court case, Bush v. Gore to assure Bush would be installed as President.  Olson was, more than coincidentally, on the American Airlines Flight 77 plane that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon on 11th September 2001.  She also supposedly made the famously convenient (for the official story) ‘box-cutters’ phone call to her husband from the alleged American Airlines Flight 77 originating from Dulles, Virginia.

Coincidences all?  As always I will allow you, dear reader to decide.  But regardless of all that, it was only after his invitation to attend the 1991 Bilderberg conference in Baden-Baden Germany, that the hitherto unknown Governor of Arkansas was suddenly catapulted into prominence, as so often seems to be the case.  But if we are to believe the bankster-controlled media, the Bilderberger group has no authority or political standing whatsoever.  Yeah, right.

Clinton’s most significant contribution to Globalism was to embroil the US in The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA.)  NAFTA, whose true purpose was to subsume the US into an economic bloc with Canada and Mexico, in exactly the same way as European ‘free trade’ deals, led to the formation of the European Union.

On 8th December 1993, this death blow, struck at the industrial heart of America.  Think of it as Clinton’s early quid pro quo Christmas present to the banksters who bankrolled his run for the White House.  NAFTA was enacted by both Houses of Congress as ‘law’ in the United States because there were not enough votes to ratify it as a treaty.  This effectively means that NAFTA does not exist constitutionally, since it is a treaty that had to be ratified by two thirds of the Senate. Since Congress could not get the votes they needed to ratify NAFTA, they bound the people of the United States to a treaty that was enacted as a simple law by a 51% majority.  NAFTA is a ‘treaty’ in Mexico and Canada.  The economic demise of the United States had now officially begun, but sadly, no one noticed.

Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades were no less prominent than those of JFK or indeed, most senior politicians for that matter.  What was more unusual however was that Clinton’s infamous brush with impeachment, otherwise known as the ‘Monica Lewinsky affair,’ represented one of the Mossad’s most successful operations leading to Clinton’s impeachment yet subsequent acquittal by the Senate.  Israel had welcomed into their fold, a number of former Eastern bloc intelligence agents during and after the Cold War, which led to the use of both female and male sex agents, known as ‘ravens’ and ‘swallows.’  Successful intelligence ploys used by the former KGB and East German Stasi had thereby mutated into a potent form of ‘sexpionage,’ through the use of sexual favours by foreign spies to obtain information or concessions from governments.

Israel’s Mossad keeps thousands of dossiers on all western politicians, any of whom may become targets for blackmail, should they prove ‘troublesome’ or uncooperative to Israel’s cause.  This means that extensive profiling always takes place in order that the prospective patsy can be comprehensively silenced in the event of their stepping-out-of-line which of course then involves learning his / her sexual preferences and character traits, as a pre-requisite.

In Clinton’s case, there are conflicting reports as to the reasons why such an operation was undertaken.  One suggestion was that Lewinsky’s primary mission was to blackmail Clinton in order that he release the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard whilst another propounds the belief that the Mossad were bugging the Watergate apartment telephone of their agent Lewinsky who had fostered the affair with Clinton as ordered.  They were then able to obtain material which was used to blackmail the Clinton administration into shutting down a probe of widespread Israeli espionage in Washington.

The investigative journalist, Kevin Dowling reported that his sources in Tel Aviv told him that… “…full transcripts of more than 30 sexually explicit conversations between Clinton and Lewinsky are held by the Israeli foreign intelligence service, the Mossad.  By coincidence, [maybe!] the Likud Prime Minister and ardent Zionist, Benjamin Netanyahu had met with Clinton at the White House whilst the scandal was in ‘full swing.’ And as a backdrop to Clinton’s entrapment we had …the assassination of President Clinton’s partner in the Middle East peace process, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, on November 4, 1995, which opened the path for Netanyahu becoming Prime Minister in May 1996; and Netanyahu’s visit to Washington in mid-January 1998 – just as the Lewinsky affair was breaking in the US news media.  On this visit, Netanyahu publicly insulted the President by meeting with Bill Clinton’s worst enemies, the ‘televangelists’ Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.”

The telecommunications network in the United States had already been subverted by Israeli agents for some years and this, during the early Clinton era, was extended into the White House itself.  The outside contractor involved in the modernising of the administration communications systems was (surprise, surprise) the Israeli company Amdocs which had “…unfettered access to White House telephone lines and other super-sensitive communications equipment.”

The Mega Group was made up of 20 top level banking and corporate CEOs, and directors worth billions of dollars who ostensibly wished to create a Jewish ‘philanthropic enterprise.’  Hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt Edgar Bronfman, then chairman of the World Jewish Congress; Charles Bronfman, Edgar’s brother and a top executive of the family’s flagship Seagrams Corporation; Laurence Tisch, chairman of Loews Corporation; Leslie Wexler of Limited, Inc.; Leonard Abramson, the founder of US Healthcare; bagel magnate Max Lender; Charles Schusterman, chairman of Samson Investment Co; Harvey Meyerhoff, real estate magnate and Max Fisher, the Detroit oil magnate and Republican Party donor.

It was said that the Mega operation ran a number of Israeli agents, including US Navy spy Jonathan Pollard.  ‘Mega’ also refers in FBI terminology to shared information between the Mossad and the CIA.  Some researchers also claim that Rahm Emanuel was the notorious ‘Mega’ spy deep inside the Clinton administration who passed top-secret documents about Iran, to the Israeli government, causing a great deal of chaos among the various intelligence agencies.

Rahm Emanuel, nicknamed ‘Rahmbo,’ is an American, ‘Israel-first’ orthodox Jew who was educated in a Talmudic yeshiva and served as a volunteer in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF.)  He is a dual citizen of Israel which is perhaps unsurprisingly the only nation that Americans can apply for and obtain citizenship thereof, without automatically renouncing their US citizenship.  Emanuel has been described as a ‘dangerous, psychopathic pit-bull,’ totally ruthless and without conscience.

It was Emanuel’s father who directly plotted the assassination of Count Bernadotte, a Swedish diplomat and United Nations envoy who tried to broker peace in Palestine.  But of course, Irgun did not seek peace treaties, it instead sought racial cleansing and genocide.

Rahm Emanuel recently shot to even greater prominence as the ‘mentor’ of Barack Obama.  When Obama scraped and grovelled at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention in June 2008, it was Emanuel who escorted him to meet the executive board afterwards.  But perhaps worst of all, Emanuel is a rampant warmonger.  In his book ‘The Plan: Big Ideas for America,’ he wrote… “We need to expand the US Army by 100,000 more troops.”  No doubt to better serve Israel’s predatory policies in the Middle East.

Emanuel was eventually identified as a Mossad agent, by the late FBI counter-terrorism Assistant Director FBI agent John O’Neill but later, O’Neill was forced to retire after being set-up in a smear operation.  O’Neill and another FBI agent discovered that Emanuel, a ‘special adviser’ to Clinton, had acted as the liaison to former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in operating an espionage and blackmail operation against the Clinton presidency.  They also discovered that Emanuel had recruited the Israeli Mossad agent, Monica Lewinsky, to the Clinton White House as an intern in order to seduce President Clinton, for the sole purpose of espionage and blackmail, in order to sabotage Clinton’s proposed Middle East peace deal.

John O’Neill had become a major problem for the Zionists.  He was fast connecting the dots of their treacherous acts and false-flag terrorism and was clearly a man who knew too much – and where the ‘bodies were buried.’  More of him shortly.

In her sworn testimony before the Office of Independent Counsel, Monica Lewinsky state that… “President Clinton suspected that a foreign embassy was tapping his telephones and proposed a cover.  He told me that if I was ever questioned, I should say that we knew our calls were being monitored and that the phone sex was just a ‘put-on.’”

Lewinsky was reportedly groomed from an early age to become a latter-day ‘Mata Hari’ and to use sex to infiltrate the White House.  From all known facts, I am convinced that she was an asset of Israeli intelligence, the Mossad.  In addition, the acting deputy chief for North America for the Mossad was Rahm Emanuel, on and off for six years, Clinton’s Senior Advisor.  Lewinsky’s father was originally from Central America.  He was ostensibly a ‘sleeper’ agent for the Mossad.  That is, an intelligence asset pressed into service as and when needed.

Of course, there was absolutely no mention of Rahm Emanuel, Mossad spying, or Israel, in the whole Lewinsky-Clinton scandal.  And no mention whatsoever of it being a planned Zionist, honey-trap.  As far as the world was concerned, it was all about the over-sexed Bill Clinton taking advantage of the young and innocent, Lewinsky.

After Clinton’s public denial of the affair, Hillary stood by her husband during an appearance on the Today Show when she also famously claimed that the accusations were the product of a “vast, right–wing conspiracy” that had been going after her husband since he was elected.  Charged with perjury, the House of Representatives deemed Clinton to have committed an impeachable offence and articles of Impeachment were duly brought against him in 1998.  Following a 21-day trial, Clinton was acquitted of all charges and remained in office to finish his second term.

However, the ‘televangelist’ Jerry Falwell could not resist finally admitting the truth, which was that he and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu did conspire, at a critical time, to specifically use the pressure of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to force Clinton to abandon pressure on Israel to withdraw from the occupied West Bank.  Of course, Falwell’s confession did not appear in the national news.  Instead, the confession finally came to light, buried away in a lengthy story in the December 2005 issue of Vanity Fair.  Entitled ‘American Rapture,’ the article by Craig Unger, described the long-standing and still-flourishing love affair between American dispensationalist evangelicals such as Falwell and the hard-line Jewish extremist forces in Israel then (and again now) under the leadership of Netanyahu.

The admission by Falwell confirmed precisely what the author Michael Collins Piper first revealed in a story published in The Spotlight on 9th February 1998, and later recounted in a lecture before the Arab League’s official think tank, the Zayed Centre, in Abu Dhabi, in March of 2003.  Although, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL,) the blindly pro-Israel lobby group, denounced the assertion by Falwell that the public unveiling of the Lewinsky affair forced Clinton to pull back on pressuring Israel, as a ‘bizarre conspiracy theory,’ this confirmed exactly what was reported in documented detail in The Spotlight in an international exclusive.

In addition, Piper pointed-out that at least six days before the first news of the Lewinsky scandal began breaking in the media at midnight on Tuesday, 20th January 1998, an advertisement appeared in the Washington Jewish Week newspaper accusing President Clinton of having ‘turned his back on Israel.’  What made the advertisement so striking was that it used a rear view of President Clinton (first captured on video in 1996) that had never been published previously, but which, in the wake of the Lewinsky scandal, became very familiar.  It was a view of the president, his back to the camera, clearly taken from the video in which he was seen hugging the soon-to-be infamous Miss Lewinsky, when she was in a ‘receiving line’ at the White House some two years previously.  This was an image that Miss Lewinsky had boasted about to her associates prior to the time that the scandal broke.  So clearly, Clinton’s critics among the hard-line pro-Netanyahu forces in the United States-who sponsored the advertisement in question, were already aware the fact of the Lewinsky-Clinton liaison, and of the fact that it was soon to be unleashed against the president in order to undermine him.

Piper revealed for the first time, that two figures at the very highest level of the Clinton White House were personally given copies of The Spotlight’s articles regarding these matters and that, at the time, they quietly acknowledged that the articles were “probably right.”

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