The ‘Liberation’ of Paris – 1944

After the German surrender of Paris on the 25th August 1944, there was another kind of invasion of France; on this occasion by the vengeful and humiliated, ill-disciplined forces led by Charles De Gaulle.  As soon as the American forces had made it safe for the ousted French general and his followers, these brigands – for that is precisely what they were – sought revenge for their earlier humiliation at the hands of the Germans.

The most appalling massacres of civilians began, whilst American and British troops stood idly by. Generally the British media ignored these awful events but one English journalist among others of various nationalities, recorded these sad, desperate events…

“There has never been, in the history of France, a bloodier period than that which followed the liberation of 1944-1945.  The massacres of 1944 were no less savage than the massacres of Jacquerie, of St. Bartholomew, of the revolutionary terror, of the Commune, and they were certainly more numerous and on a wider scale…  The American services put the figures of ‘summary executions’ in France in the first months of the liberation at 80,000 and a former French Minister, Adrien Tixier, later placed the figure at 105,000.”

With the collapse of the Vichy French regime, de Gaulle and the bankster-sponsored, Communist sympathising French, imposed a new ‘Reign of Terror.’  Cruel punishments were meted-out against those labelled as ‘Nazi collaborators,’ whose only crime was in making peace with Germany, or to have fought against the Soviets on the eastern front as foreign members of the German SS units.  The ‘Gaullists’ murdered as many as 40,000, and imprisoned 100,000 of their countrymen and French women who dated German soldiers during the occupation were humiliated by having their heads shaved.

Less than one-quarter of 1% of the French people wanted anything to do with the ‘Resistance.’  The Resistance movement had a total membership of 100,000 at its height, whilst France had a population at that time of over 40 million.  From this we can deduce that 99%+ accepted or supported the German occupation, which in any case was confined only to those territories that would facilitate an Allied invasion.

Throughout the war, American prisons held 16,000 conscientious objectors.  This ‘conscientious objection’ was widely publicised and denounced, presumably to deter others from taking the same decision and yet, there was no publicity given to the 20,000 or so American servicemen who went AWOL as soon as they landed on the French beaches.  Many lived rough and subsisted by occasional sorties back to their encampments and stealing their own Army’s supplies.

American renegade black-marketeers sold whole trainloads of clothing, food, fuel and other essential commodities.  Indeed, the American revisionist author James J. Martin said… “No army is ever free of looting but it is questionable if any other army ever looted itself on the scale of ours.” He also recounted how… “US Army trucks were backed up the whole length of the Champs-Elysees with GIs selling gasoline and cigarettes openly to the French populace.”

In total, over 40,000 Americans ‘deserted’ during WWII, and some 100,000 British.  As in all wars, it is a phenomenon only to be expected but the cruel, shameful irony was that the banksters made it a crime to refuse to kill your fellow man or die in the name of their profits and power.  Conscripted into a mass-murdering conspiracy of evil, those that refused to take part in it were forever branded ‘cowards’ or ‘traitors.’  They were meant to do their ‘duty’ and obey without question whilst feeling honoured to serve the cause.  This is exactly what their fathers had done, and their father before them and so on, ad nauseum, into the past.

The ‘liberators’ disregard for French social norms led to their having sex in public with prostitutes and sexually assaulting women, openly on the streets.  Immediately following D-Day, the conditions for the ensuing tragedy were perfect.  The Allied bombing had killed more French than the Germans had and most of the young men of France were in German prisons or in hiding.  The country had fallen to the Germans in an embarrassingly short time and suffered occupation for four years.  Then finally, the American conquerors arrived, handsome, well-armed, and comparatively speaking, rich.  One look at the beautiful French girls, and the GIs thought they were in heaven, but the honeymoon-period did not last very long.

France was by this time, starving.  American soldiers possessed an endless supply of food, and especially chocolate and cigarettes, which the deprived natives craved and as a result, almost overnight, sex became the currency and French women quickly realised that offering sex was practically the only way to survive.

As a result, the French came to be regarded as an immoral, subservient people and in the summer of 1944, all the women of France in effect, became prostitutes for the benefits the practice brought, and to stay alive.  Americanisation had turned hungry women into nothing more than tarts.  The generals ‘looked the other way’ whilst American military authorities tried their best to ignore both the disastrous effects on French society and the escalating incidence of venereal disease among their troops.  The Army privately believed that sex was good for fighting men, but had little regard for the women who were reluctantly providing this ‘relief’ to their soldiers.

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