Unelected Presidents of the USA

Whilst the fairly recent, undemocratic seizure of the US presidency (on two occasions) by Bush the lesser was perhaps a most spectacular example of the uninhibited corruption abounding at high levels within western societies today, there are many other examples of this practice going back through the decades and centuries, all of which have either been air-brushed from official history or the facts have been distorted to protect the guilty.

Illegally disenfranchising voters and rigging the Diebold electronic voting machines, as happened in the Bush elections, are just two ways of achieving the ends of the unscrupulous Elite but there is another equally effective strategy that has been regularly employed.  However, assassination is no bloodless coup, unlike the fixing of elections.

Almost from the beginning of the American republic, assassination has been used as an integral tool of control by those who enslave us, often resulting in the appointment of men who are in effect unelected leaders.  It is a fact that Elite agents poisoned and killed William Henry Harrison on 4th April 1841 and Zachary Taylor on 9th July 1850.  These two Presidents had opposed admitting Texas and California as slave-owning states and William Harrison was the first President ever to die in office, serving only 31 days and according to Wikipedia he died of ‘pneumonia’.  On the 3rd July 1850, Zachary Taylor threatened to hang those ‘taken in rebellion against the Union’ and the very next day, the President fell ill, vomited a ‘blackish’ substance and died within one week on the 9th July 1850.  In fact Kentucky state authorities recently dug up Taylor’s body in a search for evidence of arsenic poisoning, however none was found – or so they said.  James Buchanan was also similarly poisoned in 1857 but he fortunately survived against the odds.

All three were obstructing on-going Elitist, Rothschild plans for the US Civil War (1861-1865).   Later, Abraham Lincoln was famously assassinated by a single shot to the head at close range by John Wilkes Booth a 33rd degree freemason and Elite stooge at Ford’s Theatre, Washington in 1865.  Lincoln had recently introduced the debt-free currency ‘greenbacks’ thus bypassing the monopoly of the Bank of the United States (a forerunner of the Federal Reserve).

In fact, Booth was merely the front-man for a much wider conspiracy, a fact that was widely acknowledged at the time but has been conveniently ignored and/or deleted from history now.  Four additional co-conspirators were hanged for the crime and two more received life sentences in jail.  Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson, had just taken office as VP literally weeks before the assassination, replacing Hannibal Hamlin.  Incidentally, Booth is commonly believed (according to official history) to have been silenced when he was killed whilst resisting arrest.   According to a recent article by Mark Owen on the website henrymakow.com, Booth was actually killed by the ‘outlaw’ Jesse James a fellow high-ranking freemason, in 1903 for the heinous crime of breaking his masonic oath – a far worse transgression of course for freemasons, than assassinating the legally elected leader of a country.

According to Owen…

“Booth’s heavy drinking combined with his continual boasting of exploits within the KGC [masonic Knights of the Golden Circle] eventually brought him to the attention of Jesse James.  It was also reported that Booth regularly partook of laudanum, an opium derivative. This is when he would become particularly verbose.  Again we have to rewind…  The outlaw Jesse James was not killed by Bob Ford in 1882.  Jesse faked his death as an expedient way to throw off Pinkerton agents, assorted railroad barons, gun fighters and the bounty hunters scouring the country for him.  He and Ford would become partners in many business ventures spanning decades.  James operated under more than 50 aliases in his long life before dying at the advanced age of 104 under the alias ‘J. Frank Dalton’ in 1951 in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Jesse James was a 33rd degree Freemason and a high-ranking Knight of the Golden Circle.”

But, to get back to the main story…  In every instance, the unelected Vice Presidents were swiftly drafted into office and duly ‘played the game’ as dictated to them by their Elite puppeteers.  There is most definitely no room for independent thinkers in politics.

In 1901 Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was placed in office by ‘default’ by the assassination of President William McKinley.  McKinley was shot and allegedly killed by an ‘anarchist’ Leon Csolgosz in Buffalo, New York.  Two bullets struck the president, one in the abdomen and the other grazed his ribs, however neither was deemed to be fatal but regardless of this fact, McKinley surprisingly died eight days later, supposedly as a result of gangrene.  Roosevelt at this time was just beginning his first term as vice-president, having recently replaced McKinley’s previous VP, Garret Hobart but just six months later, Roosevelt assumed the presidency.  Csolgosz the assassin, in the usual, standard tradition of American ‘lone nut’ gunmen, was rapidly dealt with.  With seemingly indecent haste (within two months) he had been indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed.

In 1923, Calvin Coolidge was similarly handed the office of President by virtue of the assassination of Warren G. Harding.  Although the official cause of death was listed as an ‘embolism’ by his doctor, no autopsy was ever performed and so the correct diagnosis of the actual cause amounted to something akin to a remarkable feat of detection.  Unsurprisingly, the good doctor suffered a similar fate less than a year later.  According to a report in the New York Times at the time, the doctor’s death ‘was almost identical with the manner of death of the late Warren G. Harding when Doctor Sawyer was with the President in San Francisco’.

Then in 1945, Harry S. Truman became the next unelected incumbent upon the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was also probably an assassination.  Allegedly, Roosevelt suffered a headache, lost consciousness and then simply died. But whether this was from natural causes is highly debatable.  Roosevelt had obviously felt well enough to begin an unprecedented fourth presidential term and did not appear overtly to be in failing health regardless of the fact that this is now exactly what history has been manipulated to state.  In a similar vein to Teddy Roosevelt, Truman had only just taken the office of VP, replacing Henry Wallace.  Less than 3 months after becoming VP, Truman was holder of the ultimate office and in position to influence the final negotiations shaping the post-war world in the form demanded of him by the Elite.

Then in 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson assumed unelected executive office following the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy.   There is obviously no doubt that Kennedy was assassinated, the only dispute being regarding by whom and why.  Was it carried-out by the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Mafia, the Mossad, pro-Castro Cubans, anti-Castro Cubans, neo-Nazis, the Republican party or possibly even another ‘lone-nut’ by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald?  Of course, Oswald was tried, convicted, sentenced and executed two days later by a another ‘lone-nut’ named Jack Ruby who just ‘happened’ to have been a colleague of Oswald in the same CIA section as well as having un-reported connections to the FBI, the KGB and the Mafia.

Five years later, the assassination of Robert Kennedy was an important factor in the presidential election victory of Richard Nixon.  Kennedy was by far the strongest candidate and Johnson realising this fact had decided not to seek a second term of office.  However, through Kennedy’s untimely demise via the ‘lone-nut’ gunman strategy again (why change a successful formula?) Nixon was thus presented with almost a fait accompli.

However Nixon was soon playing the role of the victim himself as a result of an internal party power-struggle.  Although it was dressed-up as an impeachment proceeding, evidence clearly suggests that what actually occurred was a CIA-directed coup, albeit bloodless, where Nixon was the victim of a set-up regarding the so-called Watergate affair.  Watergate was without doubt a CIA/military intelligence operation, both the deliberately bungled burglary and the leaking of the fact afterwards.  It is probable that Henry Kissinger was the driving force behind it in order to install his compliant stooge, Gerald Ford into office.  It worked.  As with the Bush coup in 2000, it resulted in yet another unelected president being sworn-in, namely Gerald Ford.

Ford was unique in that he was directly ‘appointed’ President without first becoming VP.  He was just instantly elevated from Congress, where his primary duty had been to funnel covert, unaccountable funds to the CIA.  In order to bypass the VP at that time, Spiro Agnew had to be disposed of by some means or another.  Here is what Agnew himself had to say about it…

“…his remark sent a chill through my body.  I interpreted it as an innuendo that anything could happen to me; I might have a ‘convenient’ accident.  What had Haig meant when he said ‘anything may be in the offing’?  I was close enough to the presidency to know that the office could exert tremendous power.  I was told… ‘Go quietly, or else…’  I feared for my life.  If a decision had been made to eliminate me through an automobile accident or a fake suicide or whatever, the order would not have been traced back to the White House.  The American people should know that in the last hectic year or more of his residence in the White House, Richard Nixon did not actually administer all the powers of the presidency.  As I have stated earlier, it was General Haig [a military officer of NATO – JH] who was the de facto President.”  Spiro Agnew, former US Vice President, in his book ‘Go Quietly… Or Else’.

Agnew eventually resigned as the result of a trumped-up financial scandal.

And then lo and behold in 1975 Gerald Ford himself was almost assassinated.  He was shot at by another ‘lone-nut’, this time a woman, Lynnette Fromme who was part of the Charles Manson group of followers who as it happened, all turned out to have very shady, dubious backgrounds including covert links to the CIA, but she ‘fortuitously’ missed her target and Ford lived on to complete his presidential term and died in 2006 at the age of 93.  He was one of the few lucky ones.  Fromme is widely believed to have been a ‘Manchurian Candidate’, a product of MK Ultra, the mind-control branch of the US government implicated in many an assassination conspiracy.  Had Fromme been successful, Nelson Rockefeller would have been raised from his position as the vice-president to become the second consecutive unelected president and the latest in a long, long list.

Moving on swiftly now to 1981 and the puppet-President Ronald Reagan and his controllers, the Bush crime-family.  In that year, Reagan was the subject of an assassination attempt by another ‘lone-nut’ gunman, John Hinckley.  Strange is it not how assassinations are never politically motivated?  They are always carried-out by ‘crazies’, acting entirely alone and with ‘crazy’ motives.  Anyway, Bush senior had, like Teddy Roosevelt and Truman before him, only just become vice-president at the time of the attack on Reagan and came extremely close to being the next in a long line of unelected presidents.  The fact that the Hinckley and Bush families were known by many to be close friends, indeed still are and that this fact went unreported at the time and indeed ever since, is probably just another of those remarkable coincidences and nothing at all to be unduly concerned about.

Covert coup d’états have always been a prominent part of the American political arena. Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Johnson and Ford, achieved the highest office in this manner in the last 100 years alone and Nixon appears to have done so by violently eliminating his major competition (RFK) or by someone doing it on his behalf at least.  There were also unsuccessful attempts at assassination such as for instance when two men allegedly attempted to assassinate President Truman in November 1951, as plans were being made for the 1952 presidential election campaign. The attempt failed, but Truman then, perhaps not unexpectedly, decided against running for a second term of office, effectively leaving the way clear for Eisenhower to become president.

In fact interestingly, every president who has taken office this past century as a direct result of assassination has inexplicably declined to seek another term of office at the subsequent elections.  And this leads us neatly to the next phenomenon regarding the seemingly ‘cursed’ position of US President.   Commencing in 1840, every president prior to Reagan elected in a twenty-year cycle has ‘died’ in office.  In chronological order:

William Harrison – elected in 1840, assassinated in 1841

Abraham Lincoln – elected in 1860, assassinated in 1865

James Garfield – elected in 1880, assassinated in 1881

William McKinley – elected in 1900, assassinated in 1901

Warren Harding – elected in 1920, assassinated in 1923

Franklin Roosevelt – elected in 1940, assassinated in 1945

John Kennedy – elected in 1960, assassinated in 1963

Ronald Reagan – elected in 1980, survived assassination attempt in 1981

Had Reagan succumbed to his wounds, he would have joined this list, proper.

What a shame it is now though that the cycle has been broken after 170 years, with the 2000 incumbent, ‘Dubya’ missing out.  Could this be because the true rulers of the world have now completely gained control after two hundred plus years of chicanery and double-dealing in their attempts to bring the office of presidency under their influence?  This would certainly appear to be the case, hence the lack of need for future assassinations barring rogue presidents usurping their authority.

Given the depth of corruption inherent within the US political system, there is strong reason to believe that the US (or indeed any Western government) should not be taken seriously as a democracy and there is a conspicuous pattern of Elite-Rothschild control throughout US history.  To deny this fact would be ludicrous in the extreme.   In fact the United States was actually created to advance the Elite’s New World Order based on the Rothschild control of world finance.  So-called ‘American ideals’ of freedom and democracy and the advent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were designed to con the masses into believing that they are ‘free’, not to be actually realised.

The founders, signatories of the Declaration of Independence and heroes of the US were mostly high-ranking freemasons including such luminaries as George Washington, John Hancock, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones and Benjamin Franklin as was Francis Scott Key who wrote the US national anthem, Stars and Stripes.

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